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Roundabout Credits (Xbox One)

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Roundabout Credits

No Goblin LLC

Georgio ManosKate Welch
BethJillian Carol
Mickey the MechanicEric Neustadter (E)
RonaldoPsychedelic Eyeball
The NarratorZak Dali
Charles MaximilianChandana Ekanayake
Danny StephensDan Teasdale
Disco SylvainSylvain Dubrofsky
Nae CooperNae Morris
The SupplierDavoham
Canadian / Swedish TouristDanny Baranowsky
PriestRichard Rouse III
DMV Instructor / CoachKyle Stadler
Georgio OperationsGeop
Ranger DanielleDanielle Dadashi
Date GuySteve Kim
Date GirlCeline Kim
SchoolkidsBea Murray, Theo Murray
Silent Drunk GroomMisterfuzzles
Farmer PopeEric Pope
Receptionist / MotherGlenda Morgan
Jeffrey the SkeletonMedibot
Game DevelopersDan Teasdale, Panzer
FMV EditorJonh Teasdale (Beagle)
French TranslationPaul Ragny
Our huge incredible thanks toOur pals who contributed to the game
Our amazing Steam emoticonsSteve Kim
French pun consultationRagdad
Work on the Ryan Davis Memorial StatueMichael Yates
Rad testing skillsJack Marshall (at Tofu Testing)
Incredible build breaking abilitiesJames Reed, Nick Cummings
Kicking ass as our PAX East official community street teamGlenda Morgan, Brian Silva, Josh Sands
The Voices of RoundaboutJustin McElroy (Hoops), Ian Kelly, Josh Sands, goggalor, Tuskin, Deviled, Jetgrind, Akogare Zephyr, lolitime, Captainesque, Durp, Compufreak99, James Reed, Paul Ragny, The Mad Welshman, Aubrey Browne, Bohampscious, Emily Martin, D. Gallagher, Fargle, Sola Shin, Geop, Rob Glesne (Robogles), Kevin M, IlluminatusVespucci, James Espinoza, My Name Is Kaz, Laurence Chu, 2Joe90, Starblade, Spencer Guy, Wordybird, Chaos Argate, The Infamous Infernox, Chris Bowman, Jeff Hibbert, D. W. O'Boyle, Shira Giloff, Benjamin Follett, Striking Yak, Bob Baker, Bryusov, Andy Manka, Joey Hufton, Yoake, Alex Panait, Adam Currie, Amber Rose, Joseph Whitman, Matthew Lerner-Lam, robowitch, Asy Wayling, Jacob McCourt
Special thanks for your support and/or harassmentSusan D'ath Weston, Murray D'ath Weston, Panzer's Mom and Dad, Nick Cummings, Richard Rouse III, Chris Foster, Sylvain Dubrofsky, OatmealRaisin, Everyone at Twisted Pixel, Everyone at GI, John Drake, Dave Lang (Turnover), Dr. Tracksuit and his professional game press entourage, Wolfshirt, Ikks, All of the Scottish Drop crew, Slowbeef, Diabetus and the Retsupurae crew, The Posse, The GYCL, Kaubocks, The Something Awful Let's Play Forum, UberBeth and the Pax EAST Enforcers, Cassie
'Bass groove 01'Brendan O'Shea (By), Licensed under a Creative Commons License
Thanks for providing the base tracls for some of our music

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (533297)