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Mouse n Joypad (Jun 02, 2014)
Watch Dogs is a game that has delivered on so many fronts only to be given bad press for doing so. I am not going to bamboozle you with fancy words to describe how it performs, or how it fails in the eyes of others. I am here to give you my opinion. Watch Dogs is a hell of a game, a technical masterpiece, that creates a stunningly beautiful world and fills it with interesting content for players to enjoy. It gives gamers something for everyone, a host of multiplayer options, a single player campaign, side missions, shooting, driving, hacking, stealth and the freedom to try all of these as and when you want. If you cut through the bullshit of others, and play the game before forming an opinion you will be surprised in may ways by what Watch Dogs has to offer.
Gaming Nexus (May 27, 2014)
With a deep storyline, plenty of side content, and a gorgeous rendering of Chicago to explore, Watch Dogs brings a lot to the table and truly unlocks next-generation graphics in a whole new way. Watch Dogs is a beautiful, mesmerizing title.
Shacknews (May 27, 2014)
Watch Dogs could've easily been Grand Theft Auto with tech equipment. But Ubisoft Montreal has managed to flesh out this experience as something more, making fantastic use of the technology and applying it just right to deliver a remarkably deep experience. Furthermore, the presentation is quite good on newer game machines, and all the aspects click--albeit with somewhat inconsistent driving controls and AI. This game may have been a long time coming, but it's been worth the wait.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (May 27, 2014)
Själva hacker-delen gör att Watch Dogs särskiljer sig helt från genrekonkurrensen och det är befriande att se hur Ubisoft Montreal valt att porträttera ett modernt övervakningssamhälle med små, subtila medel snarare än att klampa in med stora Skynet-domedags-profetian som en del av mig hade förväntat sig. Detta handlar om hämnd. Om ren och skär hämnd och om alla de ofrånkomliga intrång i våra privatliv genom nyttjande av vardagsteknologi som mobiltelefoner och övervakningskameror. Och i slutändan pratar vi om en otroligt skickligt sammansatt produkt.
90 (May 27, 2014)
Ubisoft Montreal debutta quindi in modo convincente, con un gioco che pur senza mostrare i picchi sperati getta delle solidissime basi per un promettente futuro. Watch Dogs convince infatti grazie a un gameplay vario e solido, all'ottima longevità e al buon comparto tecnico. Per raggiungere il livello di Grand Theft Auto, però, Ubisoft deve trovare quella spregiudicatezza e quel coraggio che rendono unici i giochi di Rockstar, quella voglia di stupire e di far discutere che rende immortali certi personaggi e certi dialoghi.
TrueAchievements (Jun 06, 2014)
Ultimately, if you’re coming into the game filled with hype, you may feel a little bit disappointed that it isn’t all that you hoped for, but that doesn’t make Watch_Dogs a bad game. It’s a solid experience throughout, but just misses "must-play".
90 (May 29, 2014)
Gameplay original et convaincant, level design intelligent et immersion garantie, Watch Dogs est un très bon jeu en monde ouvert qui n'a pas à rougir face à la concurrence. Il se distingue toutefois avec une approche souvent plus subtile et un univers entièrement tourné vers le hacking, qu'il s'agisse de détruire les véhicules, récupérer des missions annexes ou encore infiltrer les systèmes de sécurité. Certes, on pourra lui reprocher un scénario sans grande surprise ou quelques impairs techniques, mais ce serait bien vite oublier les nombreux effets de qualité qui accompagnent avec brio votre aventure dans les rues de Chicago. Quant aux amateurs de nouvelles expériences, ils pourront aussi apprécier le mode multijoueur qui pose les jalons d'un nouveau modèle taillé pour la next-gen. Pour un premier épisode, Watch Dogs aura en tout cas atteint son objectif : proposer un gameplay et un univers original qui se distingue des GTA-Like. Et ce n'était pas gagné d'avance.
Vandal Online (May 27, 2014)
Un entretenido, grande y variado juego de acción en mundo abierto con mecánicas muy interesantes y originales, que se convierte en un notable primer episodio de una saga con mucho futuro.
MondoXbox (Jun 01, 2014)
Watch Dogs dimostra di essere un titolo estremamente solido grazie ad un ottimo gameplay, caratterizzato da una gradita sfumatura stealth, ed un'altissima varietà di cose da fare: tra i tanti tipi di missioni principali e attività secondarie non vi annoierete di certo. La prima avventura di Aiden Pearce presta però il fianco ad una storia priva di mordente ed un protagonista scarsamente caratterizzato, oltre a non riuscire a distinguersi sufficientemente dagli altri titoli dello stesso genere. E' comunque un ottimo titolo ed un buon inizio per il franchise, capace di tenervi impegnati per molte ore: merita sicuramente il vostro tempo.
Worth Playing (May 27, 2014)
Ultimately, Watch Dogs feels a lot like what you'd get if you asked the Assassin's Creed team to make a game in a similar vein as Deus Ex: Human Revolution. While it doesn't quite hit the high points that Deus Ex does, Watch Dogs smartly combines elements of the two franchises into something that's certainly worth playing.
XboxAchievements (May 31, 2014)
Watch Dogs is an unmitigated triumph, that’s for sure. Considering the game is a new IP, it does a lot of things incredibly well and lays the foundation for a franchise that has the makings of being a potential Assassin’s Creed beater. Despite a few puzzling design decisions and an almost glacial start to the campaign, Watch Dogs is worthy of your time. There’s no doubt about that.
games xtreme (Jun 02, 2014)
Watch_Dogs might not be perfect, but it's a good game non-the-less and worth your money if you can get past the issues with the writing and suffer a few false starts with some of the missions. It has a lot of ambient life, atmosphere, great gameplay and value in the package.
85 (May 30, 2014)
Gamers may have had impossibly high hopes for Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs before the delays and other bad buzz moments dragged them down, but I’m happy to say that most reasonable hopes have been thoroughly satisfied. With new twists on the open world action format and a storyline that keeps you wondering, impressive visuals and a world of things to do this game is one that will keep people involved for quite a long time. Sandbox games may sometimes feel like they’re all different flavors of the same thing, but at least here Ubisoft has at least found a flavor that works.
3D Juegos (May 27, 2014)
Watch Dogs. Dos palabras que, desde el anuncio de lo nuevo de Ubisoft, se han convertido en uno de los mayores generadores de hype del mundillo. Aiden Pearce desembarca en PC y consolas con su mágico teléfono móvil dispuesto a hacer justicia. ¿Y el juego? Una aventura espectacular que no ha logrado igualar sus desaforadas expectativas, pero que ofrece mucho y aparatoso entretenimiento.
IGN (May 27, 2014)
The slightly lower resolution is the only noticeable difference between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Watch Dogs, and I doubt I’d have picked up on it if I hadn’t just come from playing the PS4 version. I did quickly disable the trigger vibrations in the options menu -- they appear to happen when your car shifts gears (which is automatic), which I found to be useless and distracting feedback.
Destructoid (May 27, 2014)
Despite the fact that Watch Dogs hasn't made any meaningful impact on the genre, I found myself having a ton of fun with it. Between the deep levels of customization and the sheer breadth of content, there's no shortage of things to do. If Ubisoft can take the game's core fun factor and marry it with an actual "next-gen" experience the next time around, they'll have something truly special.
Digitally Downloaded (May 28, 2014)
In a day and age when Internet and personal privacy appear to be very liquid ideas, Watch Dogs resonates with just a little more impact as you guide Aiden on his quest for revenge. The overall package is a good one, with a lot of care and features that make Watch Dogs feel like a more sophisticated Grand Theft Auto. It is not quite the revolutionary title people were hoping for, but Watch Dogs is still an excellent game in its own right.
GameSpot (May 27, 2014)
Aiden's soul is still locked away, too, even though I spent dozens of hours with him. But while I can't say who Aiden truly is, I can confidently say that Watch Dogs is a lushly produced and riotous game with an uncanny ability to push you from one task to the next, each of which is just as fun as the last. This version of Chicago is crawling with a hyperbolic number of degenerates, and I didn't mind squashing pyromaniacs and slavers under my tires as I plowed through the streets chasing after a hacker, hip-hop beats blasting from the radio. After all, the struggling mothers and homeless beggars wandering Chicago deserve some peace of mind, and doling out some street justice is a good first step.
80 (May 27, 2014)
Voltando à questão inicial, será que Watch Dogs corresponde às expectativas? Como um jogo apresentando e prometido para a nova geração de consolas, fica uns centímetros abaixo do que estávamos à espera, particularmente quando nos lembramos do que a Rockstar conseguiu alcançar com GTA V. Mas a comparação é injusta. Watch Dogs é um jogo de início de geração e seria impensável que tão cedo teríamos um jogo a roçar a perfeição. As suas falhas são menores, não passam despercebidas mas não também não incomodam muito. E quando digo que Watch Dogs não corresponde às expectativas, não me refiro apenas à parte tecnológica, novos conceitos e ideias são a parte fundamental. Neste aspecto, está encaminhado num bom caminho, alias, é importante sublinhar que temos aqui um jogo que na maioria das vezes é muito bom, mas ainda há potencial para explorar no futuro.
Polygon (May 27, 2014)
As an open world game, Watch Dogs provides “enough” — enough sidequests, enough space, enough of a playground — to qualify, but it doesn’t quite place. Other games have nailed a better balance in optional activities and large-scale ambiance, including other games from Ubisoft Montreal itself. But when Watch Dogs focuses on the things it does better than anyone else, it finds an identity worth developing. As a hybrid open-world stealth-action game, it’s in a class by itself.
Meristation (May 27, 2014)
Ubisoft se lanza definitivamente al género sandbox con Watch Dogs, un proyecto que ha costado cinco años de desarrollo y diversos dolores de cabeza pero que se postula como otro nuevo contendiente atractivo para un género con cada vez más propuestas. Sale este 27 de mayo a la venta en PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 4 y Xbox 360. En Wii U más tarde.
Whatever Ubisoft decides to do with a sequel, one thing is apparent: Watch Dogs is a great start to what will almost certainly become a beloved franchise, given time. It capably imagines an alarming near future and wraps that in solid gameplay mechanics that give even the Grand Theft Auto games a run for their money. I'll be interested to see what happens next. I'm pretty sure Ubisoft already knew that, though, because I had my Kinect camera enabled the entire time I played…
Gamegravy (Aug 16, 2014)
If you have a lot of spare time and want to experience a futuristic style hacking open world adventure game give Watch Dogs a try. If you go into it with no expectations, you will most definitely be entertained.
73 (May 30, 2014)
Dennoch kann man dem Open-World-Abenteuer in Chicago den Spaß nicht absprechen. In einem Moment fühlt es sich an wie Assassin’s Creed, dann wieder wie Saints Row oder Sleeping Dogs. Kurz darauf springt das Abenteuer auf den Splinter-Cell-Zug, nur um das Ganze mit einem Schuss Batman zu garnieren und sich viele Anleihen bei GTA zu holen. Und das einzige Element, mit dem Watch Dogs in der Welt der offenen Welten ein Alleinstellungsmerkmal hätte, das Hacken, wird in den meisten Fällen nur oberflächlich genutzt, anstatt z.B. der Gesellschaft des Überwachungsstaates einen Spiegel vorzuhalten. Sporadisch geht man zwar in die richtige Richtung, aber am Ende verlaufen die meisten Fäden im Sande. Und genau hier liegt das größte Problem: Anstatt als erstes Spiel mit offener Welt auf den Highend-Systemen die Marschrichtung vorzugeben, wird Watch Dogs zu einem von Anfang bis Ende unterhaltenden Mitläufer.
70 (UK) (May 27, 2014)
Watch Dogs doesn't have that promising kernel. It certainly entertains, but mostly through borrowed concepts, and the central notion that could have made it stand out - the hacking - is the most undercooked of all. It doesn't get anything horribly wrong, but nor does it excel at any of the genre beats it so faithfully bangs out. It's good, and yet that always feels like a criticism when a game comes weighed down by this much hype. You won't regret the time you spend in Aiden Pearce's world, but nor will it be saved as a precious memory when you reboot.
70 (May 27, 2014)
Am Ende sind es solche Momente, für die man Watch Dogs mag, ein so ambitioniertes Spiel, das trotz aller Mühe nie vollends da ankommt, wohin es wollte. Das seinen gut gestalteten Missionen nur wenige komplett verachtenswerte untermischt und sonst kaum etwas halsbrecherisch falsch macht. Eines, das aber auch zu bequem ist, zu Beginn der neuen Generation nur einen müden Finger zu rühren und zu zeigen: Dort, dort geht es lang mit offenen Welten. Was Ubisoft hier mit millionenschwer beladenem Buckel präsentiert, ist mehr ein Best-of thematisch verwandter Spiele, eine über alle Maßen unterhaltsame, hochwertig produzierte, quer durch die letzten Jahre „Open-World" pflügende Diashow. Ich kann nicht behaupten, dabei nicht ein paar Mal sehr zufrieden und glücklich geseufzt zu haben. Doch manchmal ist das eben nicht genug.
Giant Bomb (May 27, 2014)
Even though I feel its story is often weak and its action isn't that different from other games in the genre, I still enjoyed my time with Watch Dogs. It turns out that the old stuff still works, and the strong-but-standard mission design kept me entertained, most of the time. It's rough around the edges, though, so if you don't settle for anything less than the best, you'll probably be disappointed.