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atari breakout

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Jeuxvideo.com (Apr 29, 2017)
En s'attaquant à un monument de la ludothèque Master System, Lizardcube a pris un véritable risque. Dans le cadre d'un remake, il n'est pas rare de voir les matériaux d'origine être modifiés, voire dénaturés. Avec The Dragon's Trap, les développeurs sont parvenus à respecter l'ensemble de l'œuvre 8-bits tout en apportant un esprit bande dessinée à tomber à la renverse. Oui, le jeu est court et ses fondations reposent sur des éléments qui peuvent paraître caduques aujourd'hui. Mais en dehors de ça, sa réalisation somptueuse, ses thèmes musicaux, son gameplay bien réglé et ses multiples personnages en font l'une des productions 2D les plus épatantes de ces dernières années. Vraiment, des remakes de cette qualité, on en redemande !
XBLA Fans (May 01, 2017)
Since the Sega Master System didn’t enjoy quite the same level of success as the Nintendo Entertainment System, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap will be new territory for a large number of gamers. Even if you have played it previously, this is a trip that you should take again, just to take in the wonderful cast of characters. It’s not flawless, but there’s nothing here that should prevent platformer fans from helping Wonder Boy return to his normal self.
TrueAchievements (May 01, 2017)
Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap is how a remake should be. While the fundamental gameplay has been kept the same as players will remember, some of the game's old control issues have been fixed to make it better than ever and new features have been added to bring the game into the modern age. This includes a beautiful graphical upgrade that gives the game an inviting appearance, as well as a new, more varied soundtrack. While newer players will likely prefer the new style, the old graphics, soundtrack and password system remain to give others the true retro experience if they wish. As an introduction to the Wonder Boy franchise, you can't go wrong here. As a blast from the past, it will hit all of the right buttons.
Despite carrying over a couple of issues from it’s early Sega days, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is still a stellar platformer and metroidvania game. With the enhanced version providing a completely dazzling display, the journey is more appealing than ever, allowing you to discover the classic action, experimentation, and exploration elements that helped lay the groundwork for future titles in the same vein. Just as unique and charming today as it was back in 1989, this curse actually turns out to be a blessing in disguise after all, and one that’s definitely worth playing from start to finish. Best Master System game ever, indeed.
Geeks Under Grace (Apr 19, 2017)
With this new rendition of Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap, it's easy to see why so many old-school fans loved this franchise. The world design and inventory systems are well designed and the remastered visuals and audio will have you salivating. It's a blast to discover and utilize the special skill of each animal form. The whole family will have a wonderful time with this classic. (The ability to swap visuals and audio to retro at the click of a button is pretty slick too.)
IGN (Apr 17, 2017)
I had just as much fun during my six- or seven-hour playthrough of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap as I have with many of its contemporary counterparts. While its antiquated roots cause some minor frustration with unreliable hitboxes and unnecessary grinding, the foundational combat and exploration is still engaging and fun after 30 years. From long-time Wonder Boy fans to platformer enthusiasts who’ve never heard of it until now, you’ll likely be able to find whimsical fun and a neat bit of genre history in this charming adventure.
Digitiser 2000 (Apr 25, 2017)
Tomorrow's academics won't care, because it's all funny animals and no angst. Me, I feel tears at the credits, because I don't want it to end and know it must. It's the favourite film that goes back on the shelf until next year, when I can spot new details and be pleasantly surprised by what I've forgotten.

atari breakout