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XCOM 2 Screenshots (Xbox One)

User Screenshots

Xbox One version

Main title
Main menu
Game options
Aliens are living with humans now
News on the streets
Operatives rope jumping onto mission at hand
Aliens masking as police are engaging us in firefight
Skill, distance, weapon type and cover enemy hides behind impact percentage of landing a hit
Xbox One controller map
Random loading screen
Full mothership overview, a base of operations for XCOM
Tygan is in charge of all new research projects
Disecting aliens provide info in how they operate and what is the best way to take them down
World map
Command room
Landing on the highway
This larger mecha has missiles mounted that can hurt multiple targets at once so it's a good way to take it out of commission before it has a chance to strike
Higher ground makes it harder to miss the target below
When aliens spot XCOM operatives, they will run for cover before the player gets a chance to fire at them
Aliens will regularly attack your camps so rescuing the survivors is of utmost importance if you wish to build strong ties
Muton variant here is much deadlier than in the original UFO game from 1994
Shooting at a gas tank is much better way of taking out the alien than firing directly at it... assuming your operatives aren't in the tank's proximity
On a mission to recover Serum Toxicity Report from alien controlled train
Hacking event
Approaching the ADVENT blacksite
A shocking revelation... hardly unexpected, but shocking
My most elite operatives hardly have less than 100% chance of hitting the target
Exploring the map still in stealth mode, undetected by the alien forces
Alien activity detected
When you see a Sectopod it's too late to think strategy
Elite snipers can be deadly at long distance
Alien forces are returning fire
Looting items aliens dropped leaves only for a small window in time
Just when we cleared all the sentries things became even more difficult to deal with
That's one less in the desert
Alien reinforcements
At the end of each mission you have to get to extraction point, preferably without casualties
Mission stats
Only key missions forward the story toward the endgame
Bugs are fast but easy pest to put under control
Urban warfare
Facing the Avatar
Some enemies are too dangerous to take out from close proximity
Making contact with resistance fighters is key to expanding and reaching missions in distant parts of the world
Taking out a Sectopod inside a UFO
Elite sniper firing at this range means nothing but head shot
Even without the training, missing Codex at this ranger would be impossible
Planting an explosive
Direct shot from the cover
Secure transmission from the council