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Written by  :  lado (28)
Written on  :  Oct 30, 2007
Platform  :  Xbox
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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Ahhh, Pussy Galore?! Well, who taught you judo?

The Good

* Sean Connery, 'nuff said

* Wide variety of weapons and gadgets to utilize, as well as the ability to improve them as you go

* Really captures the style of the original film

* More than just a 3d shooter. Some Grand Theft Auto-type levels as well levels on gunboats and flying rocket packs!!

* Unlock suitcases using the tester from You Only Live Twice, a neat little way to earn extra points

* Multiplayer is fun too!!

The Bad

* Gotta love Sean Connery doing the voice acting, but he just sounds like an old man, which unfortunately he is already

* Pretty difficult game; you'd have to be a fanatic to play the levels well enough to unlock all the secret levels. I only unlocked two of the four bonus levels and only completed one of them.

* Can't save the game until you complete a full level; some of these are real tough to get through in one sitting. At least there are quasi-saves when you accomplish goals within a level, so when you die, you can at least start off from the last completed goal.

* Looks like they couldn't use Specter as a name, so they used Octopus instead

The Bottom Line

A 3rd person shooter that follows the events of the James Bond movie From Russia With Love, but with serious liberties in terms of added plot (ie. levels that aren't in the movie). The game basically makes nemesis Red Grant a superhuman who doesn't go down the first time you battle him. Lots of heavy machine gunners that look like something out of Castle Wolfenstein. Face bazooka guys, tanks, gunboats, rocket pack flyers, helicopters, robot tanks & the final battle against Grant and his deadly spider machine!!

All in all, the game was a challenging, fun game. You'll be hard pressed not to imitate Connery's voice as you play!