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Alien Hominid Screenshots (Xbox)

User Screenshots

Xbox version

Title screen
Main menu
Tips pop up while the game is loading.
The broom, previously starring in Half-Life 2.
Hooray for spread shots!
Press Y to activate GTA mode.
You can also roll to dodge enemy bullets.
Keep pelting this guy with bullets, and dodge those lasers!
Enemy choppers!
Ow! My dignity!
Ah, my arch-nemesis, the seagull
Like most people, this robot hates being shot in the eyeball.
After a while, he'll jet off super-high.
Level clear, well done!
Hop from car to car on a busy freeway.
You're on fire! No wait, that was Destruction Derby.
A giant bee. Or is it a wasp? I can never tell.
Jump in the cars to dodge this low-flying attack.
But that's my favourite kind of castle!
Pah, a shield is no match for REPEATED SHOOTING.
Shoot downwards and you'll float.
This guy's backpack overloads after he runs out of health.
Eat lead, power grid!
Mmm, pudding - now in monster form!
A walk in the park
Wait for this robot to tire out, then pummel him!
Yes, well...that's what the enemy will WANT you to think!
Why destroy the tank when you can churn up people?
Stomp the Agents, then head for the exit!