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Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction Screenshots (Xbox)

User Screenshots

Xbox version

Shot from the CG intro. The eternal battle...
Loading screen parodies da Vinci.
Main menu.
On-disc Bestiary details each side's units.
Campaign loading screens set up the mission.
Marines capture atmosphere processors for credits.
The Comm-Tech unit creates new units by ordering them.
New units are delivered from the dropship.
Hold down A for an expanding selection cursor.
Heading out to find some bugs.
Predators use a mobile Shrine for their base.
Fighting some Marines.
Predators can cloak to limit detection.
Predators harvest trophies from corpses for upgrade credits.
Thermal vision upgrade lets Predators see humans further out.
Aliens earn upgrade credits by killing enemies and impregnating hosts.
Aliens use the Queen as their base. She's rendered immobile to lay eggs.
Drones can incapacitate local wildlife and drag them back to base.
The alien lifecycle is replicated. Eggs hatch facehuggers...
...facehuggers need hosts...
...hosts spawn chestbursters which cocoon into Drones.
The Queen constantly spawns new eggs.
Different hosts produce different kinds of Aliens.