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Amped 2 provides incredible gameplay, cutting-edge visuals, and simply the greatest audio setup to date. People who appreciate the realism and those who love the THPS style will both find your game here. Rent it, borrow it, buy it, steal it, do whatever you have to do to get your hands on this one, you will not be disappointed.
TalkXbox (Nov 17, 2003)
If you were a fan of the first Amped, run down walk to your local game store and pick up a copy of Amped 2. If you like snowboarding games but never played the first one, still give this game a try. The developers over at Microsoft Game Studios should get a huge pat on the back for there hard work. They have been able to keep the roots of Amped, but also have added much more depth and immersive gameplay. They have been able to squeeze even more juice out of the Xbox then I though possible with a snowboarding game. From the improved graphics to the unique gameplay, this is one of the games that no Xbox owner should be without. I can recommend this game to anyone that has any interest in this respected genre.
Game Chronicles (Dec 09, 2003)
Fans of the original Amped should need no more encouragement. Amped 2 is a must-have title. It’s not as fast or unrealistically fun as SSX3 but it wasn’t meant to be. This is serious snowboarding that almost takes the sport into its own niche sub-genre. Casual gamers might want to rent first to make sure they know what’s in store for them but anyone with the patience to stick with it will find Amped 2 to be one of the most rewarded snowboarding games you can play and the only online snowboarding title currently available for your Xbox.
Looki (Nov 25, 2003)
Amped 2 hält was es verspricht und macht dort weiter, wo man mit dem Vorgänger aufgehört hat. Eine wunderschöne Bergkulisse, ein abwechslungsreicher Soundtrack und ein Umfangreicher Karrieremodus sind die Zutaten, welche man für ein gelungenes Spiel benötigt. Leider ist der Schwierigkeitsgrad an einigen Stellen etwas zu hart ausgefallen, wo besonders Laien zu kämpfen haben werden. Ein großes Lob kann auch für den online Support ausgesprochen werden, wo sich das ein oder andere Xbox Live Spiel eine Scheibe von abschneiden könnte. Fans sollten sich den Titel auf jeden Fall vormerken. Kaufen.
Video Game Talk (Dec 26, 2003)
As mentioned before, Amped 2 builds on and improves the already great game that Amped was, making this a definite purchase. With over a dozen separate levels to visit in career mode each with up to a dozen tasks to complete, you will be fighting your way through the ranks for a long time to come, and that’s only the single player mode. The online play extends the life of Amped dramatically, and anyone with Live who would like a break from the racing and FPS games on Live should grab this game.
TeamXbox (Oct 29, 2003)
Amped 2 is a great game and my thumbs haven’t been this sore since Halo. The minute I started playing I was hooked and I quickly became driven to get to the top of the rankings and make my way through the various challenges and tests the game presents. Fans of the Tony Hawk and SSX series of trick based games will want to do the right thing and pick this title up as well. Amped 2 gives you a bit more “professionalism” than the arcade feel of SSX so it’s a nice blend of arcade fun and authenticity. The Xbox Live support will certainly provide players with a massive amount of online gameplay enabling players from around the globe to interact and challenge one another. While playing online you’ll even be able to pass by other virtual boarders making their way around in freestyle mode. This holiday season you won’t want to be left out in the cold without your board, so strap in and get ready for some adrenaline pumping action in the high altitudes of Amped 2.
VGcore (Mar 24, 2004)
Overall, Amped 2 is one of the best extreme sports games available for the Xbox. Whether you enjoy these kinds of sports yourself, or just like watching them, this game is well worth a try due to its improvements upon the already great original Amped game.
XBox Solution (XBS) (Nov 02, 2003)
Microsoft Game Studios first jumped into the snowboarding sports genre during the Xbox launch back in November of 2001 with the release of Amped Freestyle Snowboarding. It was a solid title and helped the Xbox launch along with variety to what was a limited number of titles. Amped 2 has taken everything good from it’s predecessor and added more goodness to it, from extra moves and combos, beautiful mountain slopes, simple control, to the addition of Xbox Live, Amped 2 offers everything a snowboarder dude could want, except snow in the shoes.
Xboxdynasty (XD) (Apr 05, 2005)
Die vielen erspielbaren Goodies, wie kleine Videos von Pro Boardern, neue Strecken, Klamotten für Euren Fahrer und die Möglichkeit Eure Photoshots in der Gallerie als Demo Movie jederzeit nochmals zu bewundern garantieren für eine enorme Langzeitmotivation. Die knifflige Steuerung und die späteren harten Herausforderungen könnten bei dem Einen oder Anderen einige Frustmomente hervorrufen. Je öfter ihr spielt umso leichter wird es Euch aber fallen die gigantischen Berge zu bezwingen. Amped 2 hat für mich genau das was ein Videospiel brauch. Eine wunderschöne Optik, eine saubere Steuerung und jede menge Herausforderungen, die einen zwar manchmal fluchen lassen, aber niemals den Pad freiwillig hergeben lassen. Wer Snowboardspiele mag, muss Amped 2 in seiner Spielsammlung haben, denn Amped 2 ist einfach das absolute Snowboard Paradies!
GameDaily (Dec 14, 2006)
Amped 2 is released conveniently just in time for the snow season, so now you can hit the slopes in real life, and then come back home and pick up where you left off on your Xbox. Its emphasis on realism and awesome visuals help make the game the most convincingly realistic snowboarding game created. Career mode has been beefed up even more with more mountains to conquer and more objectives, and now Amped 2 supports Live play for an awesome online experience. A very worthy sequel to the original, best selling Amped.
Extreme Gamer (Nov 11, 2003)
Amped 2 is the best all around realistic snow boarding experience you are going to get with a game. They have packed it full with hours upon hours of objectives to finish, and they added online play which makes this game have some serious longevity. The only reserve I find with this game is that the difficulty level is high and it takes practice to master. Although it is a very rewarding experience once you get past the learning curve. All of you who liked Amped, you will love Amped 2. And anyone who likes snow boarding or extreme sports games has to check out the joy of Amped 2.
GamePro (US) (Oct 29, 2003)
Microsoft jumped into the world of snowboarding games with Amped, one of the launch titles for the Xbox console when it debuted in November 2001. Now with the release of Amped 2, it has taken the original game?s foundation and built a solid addition to the franchise.
IGN (Oct 28, 2003)
When it comes to snowboarding games, there are games like SSX that rely on outlandish characters and over-the-top tricks for thrills, and then there are games like Amped. The original game, while not without its share of flaws, struck a chord with many gamers due to its more realistic take on the sport. You weren't going to see any hundred-foot airs and quadruple backflips in Amped. No; but what you did get was a realistic snowboarding game that was a bit too unforgiving at times, but captured the essence of the sport in a new and fresh way.
Put SSX 3 out of your mind and give Amped 2 a chance if you own an Xbox. It is not as razzle or dazzle as SSX 3, but it brings a more realistic snowboarding feel to the table. You can even go online with 7 other people and help each other or compete against each other. Judging by the number of matches on Xbox Live, I think this game has sold pretty well. This is simply a great online game AND a great, long game in itself. Give it a try even if you've played SSX 3...just try not to think about how vastly different they are.
Pelit (Dec, 2003)
Jos Amped 2:n vaikeustaso olisi edes piirun verran inhimillisempi, lätkäisisin sille epäröimättä päälle 90 pistettä ja papukaijamerkin. Nykyisellään sitä voi suositella varauksettomasti vain kaikista sitkeimmille lumilautasankareille, joiden hermot ovat terästä ja ruokavalio pelkkää Sisu-pastillia. Ykkös-Ampedista tykänneiden ei sen sijaan tarvitse epäröidä. Heille jatko-osa on taattua tavaraa.
XGP Gaming (Mar 09, 2004)
Amped 2 is the snowboarding game to get, if you’re looking for a game that is fairly realistic and true to the actual sport. The addition of snowskate mode negates the realism factor a bit, but it’s a welcome addition to an already great variety of snowboarding moves. Everything about the game has been tweaked and improved a bit from the original, and the addition of multiple modes of Live play and inclusion in the XSN Sports Network are just another reason to love it. The odd implementation of snowskate in the single player portion of the game, and the inability to use cheats in off-line multiplayer modes are a bit bothersome, but not enough to make you want to pass this game by.
4Players.de (Nov 23, 2003)
Alles, was die Fans an Amped schätzten, findet auch in der Fortsetzung Einzug: stressfreie Jagd nach Weltranglistenplätzen auf abwechslungsreichen Kursen, eine gute und simulationslastige Steuerung, viele Wettbewerbe und zahlreiche Berge, die nach einer Abfahrt schreien. Und obendrauf gibt es eine bekannt gute Grafik, einen mehr als 300 Songs umfassenden Soundtrack, neue Tricks, Snowskating und Xbox Live-Anbindung samt Ranglisten auf XSN. Aber trotz aller Neuerungen ist nur verhaltener Jubel angesagt. Denn alle Ergänzungen können nicht verheimlichen, dass Amped 2 für Einzelspieler nur etwas mehr ist als ein Update mit neuen Steuerungs-Möglichkeiten. Für Spieler, die häufig mit Xbox Live unterwegs sind, eröffnet sich mit Amped 2 jedoch eine neue Dimension: Ein Rennen jagt das andere und mit der offiziell geführten Rangliste wird die Motivation auf einem beständig hohen Niveau gehalten. Kurzum: Ein „Rundum-glücklich-Paket“ für alle Fans, denen SSX 3 zu abgehoben und unrealistisch ist.
Gamesmania.de (Nov 18, 2003)
Amped 2 ist ein sehr gutes Spiel geworden, bei dem Liebhaber des Funsports voll auf ihre Kosten kommen. Einsteiger werden vom Schwierigkeitsgrad anfangs überfordert sein, doch nach ein paar Trainingsrunden fliegen aber auch sie zu den fetzigen Musikstücken durch die wunderschönen Schneelandschaften. Die vielen Freiheiten im Spiel sorgen wohltuend dafür, dass der Erkundung der zahlreichen Pisten nichts im Wege steht. Einzig und allein der Neigungswinkel des Berges sorgt zwangsläufig dafür, dass ihr irgendwann doch im Zielbereich ankommt, möglichst als gefeierter Star, versteht sich.
GameZone (Oct 21, 2003)
"Right on, dog!" You hit the sweet spot on the jump, soared above the feeble boarders below, grabbed the edge of board, then, landed in perfect position for the next jump. Off the next ramp you ease back and invert 360-degrees.
Xbox Gazette (Nov 25, 2003)
Pour conclure, Amped 2 est un excellent jeu de snowboard que je conseille à tous les fans ou même à ceux qui aimeraient s’y essayer. Il est par contre dommage qu’il n y ait pas plus d’innovations, la grosse différence avec le premier Amped se situe surtout au niveau du mode multijoueur. Ceux qui n’ont pas aimé le premier ne trouveront pas de réconfort dans ce deuxième opus à moins d’avoir beaucoup d’amis sur le Live possédant ce jeu.
IC-Games (Oct 23, 2003)
Amped 2 is just a fun game to play and certainly with the training mode little knowledge of the sport is required while still remaining entertaining to fans of the genre. The added incentive of building your character and personally creating his or her stats really makes Amped 2 stand out from the crowd and of course showing your character off online with Xbox live is just the icing on an already well decorated cake.
Gameswelt (Dec 01, 2003)
'Amped 2' erfindet sicherlich das Rad nicht neu. Vieles wurde aus dem sehr guten Vorgänger übernommen und verbessert. In puncto Simulation sicher eine Offenbarung, die vor allem durch den umfangreichen Xbox Live-Modus klar die Nase vorn hat. Action-Fans, Arcade-Fetischisten und Gelegenheits-Boarder dürften sich wohl bei 'SSX 3' heimischer fühlen. Den Schwierigkeitsgrad hätte Microsoft tiefer ansetzen müssen, um eine breitere Masse anzusprechen. Wer Snowboarding und Realismus liebt, kommt aber an 'Amped 2' nicht vorbei.
XBox Front (Jun 21, 2005)
Die Tage werden kürzer, die Temperatur und die Länge der Kleidung fällt nach unten. Zeit für einen gepflegten Winterurlaub. Doch was tun, wenn das Taschengeld nicht reicht oder Vater Staat mal wieder an eurer hohen Kante kratzt? Eine Alternative bietet euch nun Microsoft mit der zweiten Auflage seines Snowboard Hits 'Amped' an. Gnadenlos über vereiste Pisten heizen und dabei mächtig Eindruck schinden - da freut sich jede Pistensau.
There are two great snowboarding games on the Xbox at the moment. SSX 3 and Amped 2. SSX 3 is flat out extreme racing action while Amped 2 is more a leisurely, faithful recreation of what Snow Boarding is. The tricks might be frustrating at first and the Career modes difficulty will still unfortunately mean a lot of gamers won't finish the game but Amped 2 is loads of fun and something different online from all the racing games and shooters. If you really enjoy snowboarding in real life then I totally recommend Amped 2 to you, just as long as you can put up with the difficulty level.
MS Xbox World (Dec 03, 2003)
So, another winter, another batch of snowboarding titles. How does Amped 2 fare with the competition? As a complete package, Amped 2 blows the competition away. For me, it suits my playing style perfectly. Lots of challenges to undertake, a very deep and complex trick system and the added Live content makes this the snowboarding title to own. Pretty soon, it'll be owning you.
Game Shark (Feb 18, 2004)
I took to Amped 2 like a penguin to cold water. It is less flashy than SSX3, but at least this game with its widescreen support doesn't seem like just a PlayStation 2 port. Don't expect to be jumping through glass barriers into city streets. This is most definitely a sports sim and aims to capture the atmosphere of a real snowboarding event with media and sponsors present. It takes some practice to master, but well worth the effort.
The Next Level (USA) (Nov 18, 2003)
While it’s not as rigidly realistic as it was last year, Amped 2 is definitely more realistic than SSX3 could ever hope to be. For some of you this is just what you were looking for. Others may wish to stick with SSX3 because Amped 2 doesn’t reward your hard work with fireworks. Instead your painstaking efforts will be rewarded with the silent satisfaction that must come to a real snowboarder... only without the broken bones and horrible life altering scars. In the end I find that I can whole heartedly recommend Amped 2 to any "extreme sports" fans that found themselves turned off by SSX3’s "over the top"-ness. And for you SSX3 fans I say "come on. Come on. come on. Ehh?"
Factornews (Nov 27, 2003)
Voilà donc ce qui est à l’heure actuelle la seule vraie simulation de snowboard. Le gameplay est technique mais la marge de progression est énorme. Si vous êtes un tant soit peu amateur de ce sport, c’est le choix le plus judicieux. Les novices auront quant à eux du pain sur la planche pour s’immerger, mais le jeu en vaut la chandelle.
Gamesdog (Dec 15, 2003)
While this is more of the same - it is still great fun. With plenty of tricks, mountains, obstacles and the online elements you'll find frequent late nights ahead.
If you effectively want a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater type game on a snowboard then Amped 2 should really appeal to you. If you're looking for a real easy time of it though and fancy plenty of diverse activities within a game then you'll be better off with SSX 3 which is more accessible to the casual gamer. That said though Amped 2 is definitely worth all the effort you put into it. If you enjoyed Amped it's safe to say that you'll be very pleased with Amped 2 and it's also fair to say that if you found Amped a little difficult then you might still enjoy Amped 2 as it's more accessible this time around.
Improved analog control means that you can accurately control the attitude and speed of your boarder on the ground and in the air, and do a nice smooth flip or spin to earn more style points, or hurry it up if you need to in order to make a landing. Although 'buttering' could have been easier, it's the intuitive control system that elevates Amped 2 to near greatness and above the arcadey but samey-feeling SSX3 in my personal list (and whether you like the genre or not, it's impossible to not enjoy slithering down the slopes), and the only thing I'd have liked to see included are a few straight races down the slopes. Amped 2 is must for Xbox snowboard fans and might even convert a few snow-doubters.
Diehard GameFan (Nov 25, 2003)
The Tony Hawk franchise revolutionized the extreme sports market, and with it came a whole load of clones. Amped 2 isn’t a clone, but rather an entertaining option for snowboarding fans, and even those who have never watched or seen a snowboarding event, but like boarding games in general can really enjoy this game. Like all sports games, Amped has it’s market, and has major appeal to boarding game fans.
Jeuxvideo.com (Nov 14, 2003)
Certains scanderont le nom d'Amped 2 alors que d'autres resteront fidèles à SSX 3. Si les deux sont diamétralement opposés dans l'approche, je ne peux que mettre en avant le gameplay bien trop sensible de Amped 2 et ses graphismes qui ne révolutionnent pas le genre. Après, la durée de vie du soft est fantastique tant en solo qu'en multi et si c'est le réalisme qui prime pour vous, le jeu de Microsoft est un très bon choix.
Fragland.net (Jan 06, 2004)
No sports series can escape and would we want it to ? It’s a sign of success if your game gets a sequel and it gives developers the possibility to get rid of flaws that made it into the original game aswell as implementing new idea’s. Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding was a nice snowboard game but a couple of minor downpoints prohibited it from becoming THE snowboard game. The graphics were very good, the soundtrack equally, but the gameplay – what counts most – pretty much sucked. The problem was mostly in the flip system; you could only flip or spin (read: salto or piroutte) if you were really off the ground what resulted in the fact that you jumped off a ramp wrong. You can of course look at it the positive way; the difficulty level is high and the game is quite a challenge this way. In my case however, games with such a high difficulty level (mostly caused by unbalanced gameplay) end in a song of abusive words rather than one of praise.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Nov 26, 2003)
But I'm not convinced. And it's not that I'm a dunderhead reviewer who can't accept that somehow less can be more, because I'll be the first to admit that there is logic and courage in the developer's efforts to provide a more realistic and toned down alternative to EA's barnstorming SSX series. No. For me, Microsoft's biggest mistake with Amped 2 was not in shunning its chief competitor's vivacious aerial antics, but in failing to mimic its ease of control and combo structure - areas where the "less is more" idiom could most do with application. That SSX 3 is more entertaining than Amped 2 has far more to do with its failings in these areas than its lack of razzmatazz.
Amped 2 är utan tvekan ett gediget spel, snön gnistrar som tidigare och backarna känns lika hämtade från verkligheten som förut, men trots många positiva inslag saknar det något. Det lilla extra, det som gör att man vill fortsätta spela, och det är tämligen allvarligt med tanke på att många utmaningar kräver ett verkligt nötande för att klara dem. Som realistiskt snowboardspel innehar Amped 2 tronen, vilket tyvärr inte betyder att det är helt perfekt. Vi ser fram emot et förbättrat Amped 3.
Although the original 'Amped' was used to showcase the Xbox graphical power (complete with Photoshop after effects), it's fair to say that we expect a better level of quality from Xbox games these days. To be fair 'Amped 2' does look beautiful at certain points, it features an impressive draw-distance that allows you to see all the way down the mountain, whilst there's a nice display of ambient lighting effects to set the tone. However we were disappointed by the stiff animations and some rather crude texture work on background objects.
GameSpot (Oct 31, 2003)
So, Amped 2, like its 2001 predecessor, lets you experience an abstract version of the rags-to-riches process of going from an enthusiast snowboarder to a seasoned pro. In addition to this unique approach, the game features more than a dozen real-life pro riders, various locations modeled after popular real-life snowboarding venues, a huge and diverse soundtrack, and online play for up to eight players at a time. Also like its predecessor, Amped 2's main area of weakness, unfortunately, is in the gameplay itself. Though there are some interesting new additions, Amped 2 remains rather cumbersome and is simply not as enjoyable as other alternative sports games. Certainly, fans of the original Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding may beg to differ, but these are the same people who'll be fans of Amped 2.
The Video Game Critic (Jan 09, 2010)
Amped 2's difficulty progression is good, so you're less likely to get hopelessly stuck in the early stages of the game. A wide variety of challenges will hold you interest, and I loved plowing through all of the snowmen I could find. Amped 2 falters in some regards, but it's still an enjoyable combination of wintry realism and arcade thrills.
GameSpy (Nov 08, 2003)
While it sports a fairly complete feature set, Amped 2's appeal is limited by its controls. It's nice that the developers tried something different, but different isn't always good and most people will find that's the case with this game's controls. If you're up for the challenge and really appreciate an intricate control scheme then you might enjoy this game. For the majority, Amped 2's graphics, sound, and online play aren't enough to recommend it over SSX 3.
Games TM (Dec 03, 2003)
As a package, though, Amped 2 can barely be faulted and other developers should stand up and take notes about how they can best present their games. Full Live support, XSN tables and leagues, split-screen multiplayer and more customisations than you can shake a hefty, snow-covered stick at make Amped 2 exceedingly good value for money - if you can stomach hours of the disappointing main game. Unfortunately, as eye-catching as the wrapping is, the present inside is without much soul or substance. Best leave this one under the tree.
Gamestyle (2003)
The flip side to this is that when you do land a big trick it's supremely rewarding, and if anything will keep you playing it's these moments. Certainly, there were times when Gamestyle punched the air with delight. While there is plenty worth considering for those stoic enough to work for it (or those needing to expand their online-enabled collection), there are greater pleasures to be had for a fraction of the friction. If you're the sort who believes that things can only be truly satisfying if you have earned them, then Amped 2 may well be what you're looking for. If however you simply want to kick back without investing several hours getting your character's skills to a playable level - before the game becomes any fun - Gamestyle knows where you should be looking

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