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MS Xbox World (Aug 16, 2004)
It looks nice, it plays nicely and it’s short BUT it is a budget title and at £20 it is a steal. If you only wanted to play the single player game, than I would suggest you rent it first as this is probably all the time you are going to need. On the other hand, if you are going to play the multiplayer, than at its very cheap price, this game is a bargain.
So at long last 3DO get a lot of things right in an Army Men game; there’s plenty of oversized real-world settings, a bit of humour and big explosions. Sarge’s War is a highly playable shooter at a budget price (£19.99) - but still 3DO manage to shoot themselves in the foot with an unnecessarily clumsy control system that takes control away from the player rather than assisting them and adding to the gameplay.
GameZone (Aug 09, 2004)
I’ve played every single Army Men game there ever was. My willingness to continue playing them is more of an uncontrollable addiction for self-inflicted torture than just being a fan-boy. Okay, okay…maybe torture is too strong a word. But its safe to say that Army Men should have stuck to the RTS genre. 3DO, the original developers of the series, recently shut down. Now, Global Star Software is doing its best to raise this franchise from the grave.
Jolt (UK) (Jul 27, 2004)
I do remember owning Army Men figures at some point (personally I preferred LEGO), but it seems that if I’ve missed anything in avoiding 3DO’s offerings it’s the convoluted story that comes with them. There are apparently two worlds linked by portals, you see: a world which is populated by Army Men and a world that is populated by us. And between these two worlds, green Army Men are waging war with tan Army Men. Far from being mere plastic soldiers, these moulded men-at-arms have distinctive personalities; and now after countless years of attrition, the two sides are preparing to sign a peace treaty.
4Players.de (Aug 24, 2004)
Wieso soll sich jemand diesen Titel geben, wenn er für das gleiche Geld wesentlich bessere Alternativen wie Medal of Honor: Frontline oder TimeSplitter 2 haben kann? Das Einzige, was die an sich kultigen Plastiksoldaten von der Konkurrenz abhebt, sind die originellen Schauplätze sowie das einzigartige Schadensmodell; aber selbst hier schöpft Sarge‘s War das verfügbare Potential bei weitem nicht aus. Darüber hinaus ist das Gameplay einfach zu monoton und altbacken, die Technik zu antiquiert, die Steuerung zu hakelig und der Mehrspielspielermodus vor allem auf der PS2 nicht mehr als ein schlechter Witz. Wer nicht gerade von den Army Men besessen oder masochistisch veranlagt ist, sollte den digitalen Sarge da lassen, wo er her kam: auf 3DOs Lizenzmüllhalde.
GameSpot (Aug 03, 2004)
After playing through Army Men: Sarge's War, it's likely that you'll find yourself wondering why anyone bothered to salvage the Army Men license at all. When publisher 3DO went out of business last year, many figured that the company's inviolable Army Men brand would simply disappear right along with the company. That was until budget publisher Global Star Software came swinging to the rescue and took over the Army Men brand.
I'm sure Microsoft fans are thankful for the chance to experience the painfully simple level designs, erratic targeting, inane storyline, and hideous graphics of Sarge's War for themselves. This game makes me want to die - and it's actually one of the better titles in the Army Men series!
New publisher, new platform but the game play is exactly the same as it was before and it will probably only appeal to fans of the previous Army Men games.
IC-Games (Jul 24, 2004)
All in all it’s a simple case of the bad overweighing the good. In time you will become use to the over-sensitive controls but with average graphics, poor animations and simplistic level design there really isn’t any reason why you should.
IGN (Aug 09, 2004)
It's genuinely amazing to me that anybody, ANYBODY, ever picked up the Army Men license in the 3DO purge fest that took place when Trip Hawkins' company went down in flames in the summer of 2003. We all wish game could be a blockbuster. But not everything can, and sometimes game companies think they can take a series, save it, and make it better.
TeamXbox (Aug 17, 2004)
The bottom line on Army Men: Sarge’s War is that is fails miserably being the first Army Men game for the Xbox. This title holds very little appeal overall and is best left in the bargain bin from which it arose. The gameplay is horribly repetitive and dull, the controls are twitchy, the visuals are bland, and the audio is laughable. The Army Men franchise reached its peak (and I say that generously) many titles back. Perhaps this franchise should have died along with 3DO. Perhaps the biggest clue to Sarge’s War being a crummy game is that fact that it was released at a budget title price. While we have seen some quality titles from Global Star at that price before, sadly Sarge’s War is not one of them.
Extreme Gamer (Aug 09, 2004)
Army Men: Sarge's War can not be recommended, but keep in mind it's not a bad game if you can accept it for what it is. Sarge's War will entertain younger gamers, but for anyone else please avoid it unless you're a die-hard fan of the series.
Boomtown (Oct 14, 2004)
When 3DO finally gave up on games and hardware development nobody really expected the Army Men franchise to survive. The games hadn’t sold particularly well, because they hadn’t been particularly good. To make a go of the franchise, whoever picked it up was going to need to turn out an exceptionally good title to revive interest in the name. Surprisingly, Take-Two bought up the rights and Sarge’s War is the first Army Men brand game to appear under their name.
Thunderbolt Games (Jul 29, 2004)
Way back in 1998, a company named 3DO created a strategy game where players took command of plastic soldiers. Simply called Army Men, it didn't revolutionise the genre, but it had charm and used it. 3DO took full advantage and over the next four years, released sequel after sequel on every platform they could get their hands on. Somewhere along the line, their priorities got all mixed up and profit began to come before the quality of the games. Gradually the series lost credibility until it became a farce, and this ultimately contributed to the company's downfall in 2002. Quite a tale, and one that we can all learn from.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Sep 08, 2004)
The Army Men brand may well apply to the toy soldiers we played with for all of ten minutes at some point in our youth, but as we've grown older it's become far more synonymous with mediocre videogames. Ubiquitous and generally half-arsed, they became something of a joke amongst the hacks over the years, particularly with those who'd followed the franchise from the very start of 3DO's ill-fated plastic putsch.
TalkXbox (Jul 30, 2004)
This is a below average game with nothing new brought in from the pass series other than more proof that the Army Men series should rest in peace. I wouldn’t recommend wasting your hard earned money on renting or buying this title. Although, if you’re a parent whose is looking to get your child a cheap game that will be easy enough for them and provide mindless fun then you can consider purchasing this. For the older gamers, my advice is keep away!

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