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Arx Fatalis Credits


PresidentRichard Wah Kan
VP MarketingMarshall Zwicker
Creative DirectorDesmond Oku
Graphics Department ManagerJames Meecham
Graphic Design and LayoutTrang To
Public Relations CoordinatorTara Reed
Quality Assurance Testing Department ManagerMike Adams
Quality Assurance Lead TesterMike Mitres
QADan Dawang, Matthew Dickson, Chris Elliott, Aldo Fazzari, Yohany Lee, Nick Mucci, Matthew Richardson, Matthew Szymanski, Justin Wah Kan
LEAD DESIGNERRaphaël Colantonio
GAME DIRECTORRaphaël Colantonio
LEAD ARTISTOlivier Enselme-Trichard
Level DesignMarco Mele, Christophe Carrier, Julien Roby, Raphaël Colantonio, Pascal Dubois
Level ProgrammingMarco Mele, Christophe Carrier, Julien Roby, Raphaël Colantonio, Pascal Dubois
ProgrammerSebastien Scieux, Didier Pedreno
Additional ProgrammingCédric Bermond
3D AnimatorAlain Maindron
Additional 3D AnimationsChristophe Carrier
3D ArtistDaniel Balage, Olivier Renaudat, François Beudin, Etranges Libellules, Benjamin Fleury, Catherine Fusier, Yannick Gombart, David Cros, David Di Giacomo, Yoann Lori, Stéphane Mehay, Nathalie Michaud, Olivier Roos, Jean-Christian Sauvaget
Graphic CoordinatorJean-Christophe Blanc
ADDITIONAL ARTFrédérique Blanc, Thomas Girard
2D Cinematic IllustrationsDaniel Balage
SOUND DIRECTORChristophe Carrier
Ambient Music and Music CuesFloodgate Entertainment, Kemal Amarasingham, Simon Amarasingham
ADDITIONAL ENGLISH WRITINGFloodgate Entertainment, Rick Ernst
PACKAGING ILLUSTRATIONDenis R. Loubet, Daniel Balage
FRENCH VERSIONOlivier Grassini, Marco Mele
ENGLISH VERSIONFishtank, Rick Ernst
Speech RecordingFutura Production, John Weston
Speech Casting DirectorStephen Russell
Speech DirectorKemal Amarasingham
TESTINGMichael Renaudat, Samy Benromdhane, Samy Boussoukaya, Olivier Fabre
ADMINVéronique Chaumont
Xbox Version Associate ProducerJulien Roby
Xbox Version Interface ProgrammerSebastien Scieux
XBox ProgrammingWizarbox, David Gallardo, François Francken, David-Vesa Cohen, Fabien Bihour
XBox TesterDavid Heang, Philippe Duhem

Dreamcatcher Europe

CEOOlivier Pierre
AssistantCarole Marissal
VP and CFO Financial DepartmentRoch Roustan
Accounting ManagerPatricia Dapon
Accounting AnalystChantal Melki
Accounting AssistantNordine Iken
Business Planning and AnalysisNordine Iken, Maelle Guillerm
Manufacturing ManagerBastien Lepetit
Sales AdministrationFlorence Hospital
Sales DirectorGhislain Pagès
Sales AssistantAnne-Sophie Plancoulaine
Marketing DirectorMathieu Saint-Denis
Brand ManagerSimon Vivien
Product Manager ‑ EuropeLorraine Lue
Product Manager ‑ FranceJulien Levy
Sales and Marketing CoordinatorFrédérique Barkoff
Marketing Artistic ManagerOdile Mousseau
Web DesignerEric Connille
Technical Support ManagerDominique Roux
HotlinerThomas Neveu
PR Manager ‑ FranceNicolas Swiatek
PR ASSISTANTMaryline Perrier
ProducerFlorian Desforges, Majdi Kraiem, Luc Verdier
Localization ManagerChristine Gervillié
Localization AssistantYann Tisseyre
Human Resources DirectorCorinne Lebon
Human Resources AssistantMathieu Perret
Legal DirectorFrançois Breuillier
Administration ManagerMohamed Bouftane
Office MaintenanceTahirou Timera
IT ManagerPhilippe Bitoun
IT Support SpecialistEddy Bruscolini
Network and Telecom AdministratorOlivier Leroux, Gauthier Mabille
Network AdministratorNicolas Picardat Poupardin

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Marshall Zwicker, 88 other games
Richard Wah Kan, 78 other games
Dan Dawang, 77 other games
Mike Adams, 67 other games
Olivier Pierre, 57 other games
Chris Elliott, 53 other games
Byron Gaum, 50 other games
Odile Mousseau, 47 other games
Denis R. Loubet, 47 other games
Frédérique Barkoff, 47 other games
Lorraine Lue, 44 other games
Tara Reed, 42 other games
James Meecham, 38 other games
Aldo Fazzari, 36 other games
Nicolas Swiatek, 32 other games
Bastien Lepetit, 32 other games
Mathieu Saint-Denis, 32 other games
Desmond Oku, 31 other games
Simon Vivien, 31 other games
Yann Tisseyre, 31 other games
Yohany Lee, 31 other games
Trang To, 30 other games
Mike Mitres, 28 other games
Nick Mucci, 27 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76448)