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Xbox version

Don't try this at home kids.
Opening Cinematic
More Opening Cinematic
More Opening Cinematic
Some interesting translation from the Opening Cinematic.
Main Menu
When you begin the game you have to choose what kind of garage you want. Note the Log Cabin design.
Your selection of autos.
Camera Mode in my garage.
You can also decorate your garage walls with posters.
You can place items in your garage how you see fit. You unlock more items as you progress.
These are the tracks you first have access to.
Start of a race at night.
Another night time shot.
The game uses lots of motion blur. Take note of the course design in the top-right corner. Yikes!
The beginning of a race at a speedway.
Another shot of the raceway. Again lots of motion effects.
In addition to tuning your car you can also dress it up how you like.
You can give any part of your car the paint job you want. Note the rims and the spoiler I changed.
Decals and stickers are also available to use on your car. You can also make custom stickers.