Azurik: Rise of Perathia Credits (Xbox)

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Azurik: Rise of Perathia Credits


Produced byStephen Clarke-Willson
Directed byStephen Clarke-Willson
Executive Producers Daniel Elenbaas, David Mann
Game System Architect Jeff Petkau
Graphics System Architect Jonathan Mavor
Lead DesignerMatthew Stipes
Design Architect Paul Knutzen
Creative Director Phillip Trumbo
Art Director J. Clayton Corbisier
Sound Design Drew Cady, Mark Yeend
Director of Quality Assurance Jack Brummet
Test LeadJeff Clinton
Associate ProducerJeff Clinton
Programming and DevelopmentJeff Petkau, Jonathan Mavor, William Howe-Lott, Josh Taylor
Game DisignersPaul Knutzen, Dominick Meissner, Matthew Stipes
Level DesignersPaul Knutzen, Dominick Meissner, Bradley Rebh, Ben Coleman, Matthew Stipes
Level ArtistsMike Christian, Wes Griswold, Colin Tennery, Priscilla Prentice, Cory Hamilton, Chance Rowe, Douglas Albright
Character ArtistsChance Rowe, Mike Christian, Nghia Lam
Character Animation Artists Alberto Eufrasio, Edmon Carreon
CinematicsDavid Hunt (Director), Jason Ilano
Special Visual Effects Bradley Rebh (Staff Effects), Jeremy Tinkey (Environmental and Cinematic Effects)
Interface Artist Michael Ingrassia
Concept Artists Mike Christian, J. Clayton Corbisier, Nghia Lam, Chance Rowe, David Hunt, Wes Griswold
3D Environmental Sound Design and Development Drew Cady
Test and Production Jeff Clinton, Allen Freese, Michelle Gingrich, Lars Grevstad
Additional Cinematic Animation Alberto Eufrasio
Additional Cinematic Support Theron Benson, Seonsuk Oh
Additional 3D Models Cory Allen
Additional Concept Art Stan Gorman, Jarred Holderby
Voice TalentDavid Scully (as Azurik & as Eldwyn & as Balthazar & as Death Guardian), Elizabeth Walkey (Female 3), Molly Bell (Female 4), Mike Prittie (Male 3), Jack Brummet (Male 6), Tabitha Elenbaas (Girlchild 1)
DialogMichael Humes, Stephen Clarke-Willson, Matthew Stipes, J. Clayton Corbisier, Alberto Eufrasio, David Hunt, Jason Ilano
Additional Music Composed by Julian Soule
OrchestrationsLarry Kenton
Music Performed by  Musicians of the City of Prague Philharmonic, Adam Klemens (Conductor)
Orchestra Coordination Audrey DeRoche
Music Mixing Engineer Steve Smith
Synth ProgrammingSoule Media
Combat Consultant Shelby Shearer
Storyboards Rick Hoberg
Marketing  Curtis Asplund
Promotional TrailersPhillip Trumbo (Director), Eric D. Gingrich (Editor), Stephen Clarke-Willson (Prototypes and Camera)
Network and System SupportMichael Dean (Manager), Aaron Rice, Kevin Burdick
MusicJeremy Soule


Studio ManagerRussell Sanchez
Group Program ManagerMatthew Stipes
Lead DesignerMatthew Stipes
Product Marketing LeadEric Duehring
Test ManagerHarold Ryan
Test LeadTim Duzmal
Test EngineersMorgan Akers, Lester Bloom, Brad Catlin, Ron Mallery, Peter Stephens, Martin Wright
User Experience LeadEric Nylund
User Experience EditorsDana Fos, Caitlin Sullivan
Print Layout & DesignChris Lassen
Usability LeadMichael Medlock
Usability SpecialistJerome Hagen
Localization Project ManagerLief Thompson
Internation Localization Project ManagerPeter Fitzpatrick
Documentation CoordinatorFionnuala Keegan
Lead Localization EngineerCosmo Greco
Lead Localization TesterJohn O'Sullivan
Localization TesterJohn Pritchard
Localization Audio EngineersJason Shirley, Steve Bolton
KKX Localization ProducerShigeru Okada
Product PlannerShigeru Okada, Hiroyuki Tamura, Tomoyuki Nakatsubo, Monika Hudgins
ProducerHiroyuki Tamura, Tomoyuki Nakatsubo, Monika Hudgins, Jonah Masaru Nagai
Xbox Support Lead Support EngineerCraig Stum

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