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Batman Begins Screenshots (Xbox)

User Screenshots

Xbox version

Title screen
Main menu
Bruce Wayne getting through some training by Ducard.
Avoiding being spotted by the ninjas.
Using interactive environment to scare the enemy before you attack.
Finishing moves will vary from occasion to occasion.
To extract wanted information, you can interrogate certain enemies.
At the docks
Using turbo boost to gain on speed rather quickly.
Thug takedown
Between missions, actual movie clips are used to connect the story.
Old friend, new enemy
One on one with armed ninja... should be no threat to deal with.
Mission log
On a speeding train
Batman will more often find himself surrounded by the enemy.
Multi attack will appear when more enemies are close and you can reach more of them with a single kick.
Batman cannot fly, but his winged cloak will let him glide from any height.
Heading toward the front wagon.
Various bonus features can be checked and/or unlocked.