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Battle Engine Aquila Credits

Designes and Developed by Lost Toys

Project ManagerJeremy Longley
Creative DirectorDarren Thomas
Technical DirectorGlenn Corpes
Lead DesignAlex Trowers
DesignJim Thompson
Lead Game ProgrammingStuart Gillam
ProgrammingGlenn Corpes, John Treece-Birch, Ben Carter, Richard Smith, Jeremy Longley
Additional ProgrammingMark Feldman, Jan Svarovsky, Matt Taylor
Lead ArtistJeremy Elford
ArtDarren Thomas, Neil Gartell, Dylan Murray, Chris Young, David Cathro, Nick McMahon, Michael McCarthy, Alex Cave, Kate Kerrigan
Additional ArtMark Pitcher, Edmund Perryman, Ron Ong, Joel Kemp, Chris Hill, James C. Boty, John Kershaw, Christian Bradley
Graphic DesignTze Lim (of Subliminal Influence)
Storyboard ArtistNeil Maguire
Music and Sound Composed and Produced byNathan McCree (for Nathan McCree Music Production Limited)
Sound EffectsNathan McCree, Gabriel Wetz
Voice TalentBradley Lavelle, Rob Brown, Amanda Mealing, Sean Chapman
Special ThanksLes Edgar, John Cook, Alison Beasley
ThanksMike Man, Andrew Trowers, Ben Board, Si Handby, Martin Griffiths, Morten Pedersen, Jenny Graham, Philip Elford, Oliver Hecks, Mike Pawley, Everyone on GGDev


Infogrames Producer (CORE)Judi Spiers
Production Manager (CORE)Ivan Davies

Infogrames Europe

VP European MarketingLarry Sparks
European Marketing DirectorFrank Heissat
Marketing ManagerCindy Church
Product ManagerOliver Green, Aidan Minter
Core Games Head of CommunicationLynn Daniel

Gameplay Evaluation Service

ManagerDominique Morel
Senior Gameplay AnalystEmmanuel Cholley
Gameplay AnalystsWilliam Jaulain, Yan Schied
TestersFabien Lauton, Alexis Recoupé, Christophe Chabal, Gérard Barnaud, Gregory Eche

Infogrames QA

QA Group ManagerJean-Marcel Nicolaï
QA Manager (Sheffield)Lewis Glover
Quality Manager (Lyon)Olivier Robin

Sheffield QA

Test SupervisorRobert D. Lunt
Pre‑mastering TechnicianChris Greatbatch
Lead TesterSam Attenborough
Assistant Lead TesterJody Hindle
TestersJay Hartley, Stef Reali


Localisation TestingBabel Media Ltd
Localisation & TranslatorsSylviane Pivot-Chossat, Sarah Bennett
Localisation Support Group ManagerSylviane Pivot-Chossat
Localisation CoordinationMaud Favier, Sarah Bennett, Diane Delaye, Weronika Larsson
Localisation Technical ConsultantFabien Roset
TranslationKBP Synthesis / interference
Certification & Planning Support GroupÉmilie Ballivy, Sophie Wibaux-Meliet, Jérôme Di Tullio, Caroline Fauchille, Rebecka Pernered
Design StudioEmmanuelle Tahmazian, Rose-May Mathon, Olivier Lachard, Patrick Chouzenoux, Vincent Hattenberger
European Distribution ServicesPatricia Nowak, Jake Tombs, Anne Sigwalt, Pauline Nam, Daniel Warrington, Valérie Cure
Special ThanksJenny Clark, Marie-Emilie Requien, Rob Farnworth, Gemma Cox, Mathieu Piau, Nathalie Poncet, Kerry Martyn, Aline Novel, Tony Duret, Matthew Broughton

Infogrames US

Re‑Publishing ProducerDavid T. Brown


Brand ManagerTom Richardson
Director of MarketingJean Raymond
Vice President of MarketingSteven M. Allison
Studio Sr. Vice PresidentJean-Philippe Agati
VP Product DevelopmentSteven Ackrich
Director of Creative ServicesDavid Gaines
Creative ServicesLarry Fukuoka
Director of Marketing CommunicationsKristine Keever
Creative Services ManagerCecilia Munoz
Strategic Relations Sr. ManagerJoy Schneer
PR ManagerMatthew Frary
PR SpecialistWiebke Vallentin
Special ThanksPatty, Luis Rivas, K. Edwards, S. Monroe, Michael H. Gilmartin, Sunnyvale QA, D Clay, Jeffrey L. Loney, Greg Marquez, T Hess, Kirby, J Koronaos, Matt and Gayle

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Credits for this game were contributed by MAT (197271)