Blade II Credits (Xbox)

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Blade II Credits

Mucky Foot

CodingMark Adami, Mark Baker, Mike Diskett, Tom Forsyth, Willem H. De Boer, John Hillier, Tom Ireland, Mark Rose, Matthew Rosenfeld
ArtMark Smart, John Steels, Richard Franke, Stuart Black, Tom Kyffin, Andrew Hodgson, Findlay McGechie, Gary Carr
DesignSimon Keating
AnimationOliver Shaw, Chris Knott, Jim Southworth
MusicMartin Oliver
SoundMartin Oliver
Project ManagerMichael Burnham
Q.A.Darren King, Karl Zielinski
Game ScriptingSimon Keating, James Leach
Technical SupportMarie Colwell
Financial ManagerCraig Smyth
Additional TestingRichard Briggs, Paul Conry, Charlie Cooper, Gordon Cameron, James Beck, Christopher Wrench
Voice Casting and ProductionMartin Oliver
Voice of BladeTom Clarke
Voice of WhistlerDon Delciappo
Voice of Dr. GrantKate Magowan
Other VoicesKerry Shale
Voice EngineerChris O'Shaughanessy
Panache P.R.Cathy Campos

Activision Publishing Inc.

Senior ProducerMarcus Iremonger
Associate ProducerDavid Casey
Production AssistantJuan Valdes
Director Global Brand ManagementJohn Heinecke
Marketing AssociateMatthew Geyer
Trade Marketing ManagerElisabeth Noyes
Senior PublicistLisa Fields
Vice President Global Brand ManagementTricia Bertero
Executive V.P. Global Publishing & Brand ManagementKathy Vrabeck
Producer for Marvel Enterprises Inc.Todd Quincey Jefferson
LegalMichael Hand, Gregory Deutsch
V.P. Creative ServicesDenise Walsh
Manager Creative ServicesJill Barry

Activision UK

Senior V.P. European PublishingScott Dodkins
Head of PublishingNathalie Ranson
Creative Services ManagerJackie Sutton
Localization Project ManagerMark Nutt
Director of Marketing U.K. & R.O.E.Sarah Ewing
Brand Manager U.K. & R.O.E.Alison Mitchell
Associate Brand ManagerGrant Gie
Operations ManagerHeather Clarke
Production PlannerLynne Moss
Production AssistantVictoria Fisher
U.K. P.R. ExecutiveBozena Eatwell
P.R. Manager R.O.E.Suzanne Panter
Q.A. Project LeadGlenn Vistante
Q.A. Floor LeadBryan Jury
Senior Q.A. Project LeadSiôn Rodriguez y Gibson
Manager, P.C./Xbox TestingMarilena Morini
TesterThom Denick, Michael Ryan, Lawrence Wong, Marc Villanueva, Kevin Kochakji, Jack Wright, Eric Beaumont, Anthony Saunders, Robert Ladd
C.S. ManagerBob McPherson
C.S. Escalation and Information LeadRob Lim
C.S. Phone LeadGary Bolduc
C.S. E‑Mail LeadMichael Hill

Marvel Enterprises Inc.

Chief Operating OfficerBill Jemas
Editor and ChiefJoe Quesada
Legal and Business AffairsSeth Michael Lehman, Joshua M. Silverman, Liz Cordero, Carl Suecoff
New Line CinemaLance Stil, Kasey Murphy, Katie Whittemore, Sara Romily

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