Burnout Credits

Xbox Conversion

Xbox Lead ProgrammerStephen Lucas
Conversion ProgrammingLarry Docherty, Hamish Young, Amy Phillips, Mark Wesley
Additional ArtworkRasmus Jørgensen, Timothy King
Senior ProducerJoe Bonar

Original Burnout Team

Concept DesignerAlex Ward
Lead ArtistMichael Williamson
Lead ProgrammerRichard Parr
Game DesignerChris Roberts
Course Design and ModellingMike Humphreys, Yonsok Ko, Omar Mohammed, Trevor Moore, Michael Williamson
Vehicle Design and ModellingJames Hans, Mark Rendle
Original ProgrammingAlex Fry, Stuart McKenna, Richard Parr, Olly Read, Mark Wesley, Hamish Young
Assistant Game DesignerPaul Cross
Additional ProgrammingRabin Ezra, Garry Ferguson, Mark Jennings, Jean-Christophe Leprevost, The Renderware Team


Head of Audio for Criterion GamesStephen Root
Music Composition, Production and MasteringSteve Emney, Stephen Root
Live Bass and GuitarGreg Bone, Lee Pomeroy
Live DrumsSteve Emney
Live KeyboardsStephen Root
5.1 mixing and Surround consultancy Rik Ede (for Gamesound Ltd.)

Sound Effects

Sound DesignerBen Minto
Foley / Field RecordingsBen Minto, Soundkids

Audio Programming

Lead ProgrammerPeter Bishop
Additional ProgrammingStewart Miles, Brett Paterson
On‑team ProgrammersMax Little, Richard Parr, Richard Thomassen


Casting and DirectorLani Minella, Audiogodz
Voice TalentDavid Rivas
EditingBen Minto
Audio TestingJonathan Perret

Criterion Games Quality Assurance

QA ManagerSimon Crawford
Lead TestersNeil Martin, Gavin Parker
TestersGareth Harding, David Lockyer, Duncan Pratt
The Burnout team would like to thank the following peopleDavid Burke, Cathy Campos, Rod Cousens (and everyone at Acclaim Entertainment), Joao Diniz-Sanches, Nigel Gordon-Stewart, The Renderware Team


Head of Criterion GamesFiona Sperry
Creative ManagersPaul Glancey, Alex Ward


StudioBill Corkery Productions

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Alex Fry, 36 other games
David Rivas, 32 other games
Simon Crawford, 32 other games
Ben Minto, 30 other games
David Burke, 26 other games
Mark Jennings, 23 other games
Paul Cross, 19 other games
Stephen Lucas, 19 other games
Rod Cousens, 19 other games
Gavin Parker, 18 other games
Fiona Sperry, 18 other games
Alex Ward, 16 other games
Richard Thomassen, 14 other games
Mike Humphreys, 12 other games
Chris Roberts, 12 other games
Stuart McKenna, 12 other games
Brett Paterson, 12 other games
Richard Parr, 11 other games
Steve Emney, 11 other games
Hamish Young, 11 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Steve Lucas (22)