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Main TItle
Main Menu
Burnout contains a handy music player!
The Supermini allows you to weave in and out of heavy traffic with ease
This Sports Coupé is faster than the mini but handles slightly worse
The Saloon due to its size cannot weave in and out of the traffic very well but it is quick
The Muscle car. What it lacks in handling it makes up for it with speed and power
The Pickup is fast but has heavy steering. But the weight makes it an ideal car for bashing your opponents!
One of many loading screens
Beat the other car in a face off and you win that car!
This message tells you what position you have to finish to qualify for the next race
And there off!
Drifting is one way of filling your boost meter
The boost gives you a mighty speed kick!
He's gonna try and ram me into the oncoming traffic!
Some tracks take you off road!
Some crashes launch you right up in the air!
Burnout has a great crash replay viewer
The motion blur on the replay is put to good use here
Most racing games have a top driver list. Not Burnout, though.