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Because as much as you can poke holes in this game, the challenging career mode and the highly playable multiplayer (including excellent Xbox Live support) mean that at its low price Carve is an excellent racing alternative for those who've driven PGR2 into the ground, or perhaps just need a change of surface. If you have Xbox Live then pound for pound this is one of the most accomplished, funnest and wettest games you'll buy this year.
Gaming Target (Mar 25, 2004)
Carve is the latest Xbox addition to the Jet Ski racing pack, and the first game of the genre I've touched since the original Wave Race for the N64, and while the latter may be old, it's still the water racing standard in my mind, and while Carve may live up to that in many aspects, for the most part it doesn't go much further.
Carve does little wrong. It achieves everything that it seems to set out to do but I can't help but feel that if the developers had enhanced the team aspects of the game more they could have had something really special on their hands. As it is, it feels like a bit of a missed opportunity to give the game something special above the other water racers that have come before it and that's probably the biggest issue with Carve, it does little wrong and is technically great, but just doesn't have that ‘wow' factor of a lot of triple A titles. For $39.95 though there really isn't much to worry about and if you must have a watercraft based racer the lengthy single player modes and full Xbox Live support make Carve a worthwhile pickup.
Game Chronicles (Mar 12, 2004)
Carve might not be the most inventive racing title in the Xbox library and it certainly doesn’t explore new areas within the genre, but it offers more than its fair share of fun and excitement and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys these kinds of games.
70 (Apr 13, 2004)
Selten wurde Wasser so überzeugend in Szene gesetzt wie in Carve: Egal ob spiegelglatte Kanäle oder stürmischer Ozean - das feuchte Nass sieht nicht nur gut aus, sondern fühlt sich auch glaubhaft an. Zudem fällt der Einstieg in den tricklastigen Wassersport dank möglichst einfach gehaltener Handhabung angenehm leicht. Als alles andere als leicht erweist sich hingegen der im Spielverlauf recht herb anziehende Schwierigkeitsgrad, der auch reine Multiplayer-Zocker zwingt, in frustrierenden Turnier-Marathons neue Strecken, Jetskis und Tricks freizuspielen. Selbst eine Egoperspektive muss erst zeitaufwändig freigespielt werden. Wer einfach nur mit ein paar Freuden über Splitscreen, LAN oder Xbox Live Spaß haben will, muss sich ansonsten mit gerade einmal zwei Strecken und vier Jetskis zufrieden geben. Reine Solisten müssen sich hingegen mit unspektakulären Spielmodi und unausgereiftem Team-Feature inklusive teils haarstäubender KI abfinden.
GameSpot (Feb 27, 2004)
It focuses on simply providing a decent--if unspectacular--watercraft racing experience that can be played via Xbox Live and purchased at a budget price. With the sole exception of Rainbow Studios' watercraft-racing title Splashdown, the Xbox has been sorely lacking in terms of games in this particular category. In fact, Global Star and Argonaut Games' Carve is the first game of its kind to appear on the Xbox since Splashdown's release two years ago.
GameZone (Mar 10, 2004)
While never at the top of the charts, publishers always find a reason to pump out water racers. Global Star Software and Argonaut Games decided to follow in the wake of Splashdown, the Xbox’s best water racer, and release their own jet ski speeder, Carve. The difference? Carve is only twenty bucks! Every Xbox owner who stared at a copy of Splashdown with a fifty dollar price tag while only having twenty bucks in their wallets can rest easy tonight – Carve is an ample substitute to quench your water racing thirst at less than half the price.
games xtreme (May 20, 2004)
Carve isn't a bad game but it hasn't done enough to separate itself from the pack. Instead of bringing something new to the genre, it's just taken all of the basics that are already out there and has done an average job of them. It is an ok pick up and play game, but with very little challenge and limited play options its not the kind of title that you will find yourself coming back to. The lifespan of any game is always lengthened by an online component, but with a limited online mode 'Live' can only add a fraction more to the game. With a £19.99 price tag it might be worth picking up if your desperate for some online extreme sports. Personally I would advise spending your £20 on second hand copies of Splashdown, SSX and whatever else you can afford with the change.
MS Xbox World (Apr 08, 2004)
Argonaut have been very bold by making a water sports game, a gap in the market - a good move? Only time will tell. One of Carve’s strongest selling points is that it’s an Xbox budget title coming in at just £19.99 which really helps to make this a worthy purchase especially for those with xbox LIVE. Xbox LIVE users will find much more to Carve than the been there done that feel of the single player experience and be provided with many hours of fun racing online with their buddies. The game is visually pleasing to the eye but fails to produce any major "wows" overall.
60 (Apr 14, 2004)
Carve's basic gameplay is easy to pick up and play and makes it not a bad game at all for $20. The graphics are not the greatest and the controls are a little sloppy, but overall it’s not a bad racing game. To make it better it has Xbox Live support. If this game can have Xbox Live support why can’t all games have it?
60 (UK) (Apr 29, 2004)
Sitting down with Carve, it's hard not to recoil at the sheer naivety of it. It's a very pretty game, it's easy enough to pick up, and it has an extremely well implemented online mode, but it's going to sell about four and a half copies (this being the half), and given Take-Two's royalty-only deal with developer Argonaut, that's not going to carve the mustard. Which is a shame, really, because everybody ought to own one good jet-ski game, and Carve is highly polished and enjoyable and challenging enough to last you the best part of a weekend. At £15-20, surely that isn't a bad deal?
GameSpy (Mar 13, 2004)
Slap a $20 price tag on a new Xbox game, and two very distinct things will happen: casual gamers will probably give it a look-see, and hardcore gamers will grimace and avoid it. It's the old adage of getting what you pay for. In Carve, published by budget kings and Take 2 subsidiary Global Star, you get a little more than you paid for -- not much, mind you, but a little more.
IGN (Mar 04, 2004)
Somewhere along the line games featuring watercraft racing became a staple of console gaming. The genre saw a number of popular additions during the previous generation of hardware. These included Turbo Prop Racing, Wave Runner, Wave Race 64 and the ever popular Hydro Thunder. Recently it seemed as if the watercraft racing craze had died down, however developer Argonaut has entered the mix with its recent release entitled Carve. Carve bares resemblance to these older water racers in a number of ways, mostly in the sense that it feels as if it was developed about 5 years ago.
50 (Mar 23, 2004)
Que ce Carve est moyen au vu de ce qu'on pouvait en espérer. Vendu à un prix de 45 euros (ceci n'influant pas sur la note puisque nous sommes ici pour tester le produit en tant que tel), doté d'un mode LAN, splitté et Xbox Live, le soft d'Argonaut a contre lui bien trop de tares (graphismes légers, maniabilité un peu lourde, manque au niveau de la sensation de vitesse) pour susciter l'intérêt chez les sportifs que vous êtes. Mieux vaut encore se retourner vers un excellent Splashdown, d'autant que ce dernier devrait à l'heure actuelle se trouver à moindre coup dans n'importe quel magasin spécialisé.
Game Revolution (Mar, 2004)
Hauling ass over something as mercurial as water is a strange sensation. It’s not steady like the road and can be harder than concrete, yet we can also float in and on top of it. As a result, you feel a little on edge on a jet-ski. The coolest moments undoubtedly come when seemingly suspended reality catches up with you; you cut a vicious turn going forty and are snatched by inertia from the machine and tossed, cart-wheeling into the sea. It can be a lot of fun.
The Video Game Critic (Jul 16, 2008)
A two-player split-screen mode is available, but it just magnifies these issues. The alternative soundtrack is fair, except for one tune that sounds like it's whispering "you're stupid" over and over again. Not exactly the confidence booster I was looking for! Carve isn't a bad game but let's face it - there's far better jet-ski action to be had.
Factornews (Apr 21, 2004)
Malgré de bonnes intentions et un moteur graphique plus que convenable, Carve peine à se démarquer de la concurrence et sombre dans les affres de la banalité, de par un gameplay trop mou et conventionnel. Fontaine, je ne boirai pas de ton eau !