Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver Credits (Xbox)

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Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver Credits

BAM! Entertainment Europe

ProducerBarry Simpson
Executive ProducerJoe Booth
Director of European DevelopmentJoe Booth
Brand ManagerAnthony Parkins
Product ManagerAlasdair Gemmell
PR ManagersDawn Beasley, Cat Channon
Test ManagerErkan Kasap
Lead TesterRichard Wilson

BAM! Entertainment U.S.

VP of DevelopmentAlain Tascan
Brand ManagerJack Symon
VP of MarketingJill Braff
PR ManagersSusan Kramer, Mika Kelly
Test ManagerRobert V. Daly

I-Imagine Interactive

Management TeamDan Wagner, Jeffrey Livingstone, Michael Metz, Nir Grodzian
DesignDan Wagner, Jeanine Henning, Luke Lamothe
Lead ProgrammerLuke Lamothe
ProgrammerDan Wagner, Chris Tsimogiannis, Matthew Benic, Andrew Paterson
ArtKevin Richter, Brett Vee, Nien-Kuo Wang, David Baxter, Saehoon Lee, Jeanine Henning, Hendrik Bernhardt
Additional ProgrammingDavid Gierok, Matt Keele
PC Prototype ArtHoang Pham, Felix Kupis
Design ConsultingNoah Falstein, The Inspiracy
Design AssistantKenneth Kupis, Martin Geyer
Music CompositionByron Kuntz
Music Arrangement and ProductionByron Kuntz, Mark Kahn
Voice of Mr. ChinNorman Anstey
Voice of Griffon CorradaAnthony Fridjhon
Voice of Rick BaenLuke Michal
Special ThanksThe Metz Family, Seamus Blackley, Scott Berfield, Adrian Curry, Kelly Tofte, Mark Maslowicz, The Xbox team, Beth Doherty, Atom Ellis, Adam Shelly, Miguel Hadelich, The SoundMax team, Gustav Praekelt, Lauren Beukes, Diorgo Jonkers, Derek Van Tonder

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Credits for this game were contributed by Matt Benic (19)