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I think this game is simply the best Rally game yet made - maybe not the best 'racing game' or 'driving simulator' but there's no other game that combines instinctive handling, smart graphics and top replays to convey the look and sound, the power and fury, and the precision and skill of rallying. A superb game that lays down a real benchmark for future rally games.
90 (Oct 15, 2003)
When you go to your local games store and you’re in need of a rally sim, you are most likely to buy Colin McRae. Not such a strange thing you might think if it weren’t for the fact that it would be part 3 for the PC and part 4 for the consoles. I’m not saying part 3 was a bad game, far from, but if I were you I’d buy the console version because it’s simply a better game.
X-Power (Sep 19, 2003)
Ondanks enkele kleinere mankementen is Codemasters er in geslaagd om een nieuwe topper toe te voegen in de reeds rijk gevulde racegamegallerij van de Xbox. De singleplayer staat garant voor vele uren gameplezier, onder meer vanwege de ondersteuning van Xbox Live scoreboards die je aanzetten om je tijden constant scherper te stellen, maar de multiplayer is niet geheel bevredigend. Het ontbreken van online gamen is een jammerlijke zaak, en speelt ongetwijfeld in de kaarten van Rallisport Challenge 2, dat begin 2004 in de winkelrekken verschijnt. Tot dan bekleedt Colin McRae Rally 04 een luxueuze positie zonder rechtstreekse concurrentie. Rally-, en racefans in het algemeen, hebben geen excuses om deze titel zomaar links te laten liggen!
90 (Sep 05, 2003)
Ach wie ist das schön. Codemasters hat eigentlich alle Kritikpunkte, die bei Teil 3 angefallen waren, aus dem Weg geschafft und präsentiert mit Colin 04 ein Rundum-Wohlfühl-Paket für Rallyefans. Danke dafür. Für die nächste Ausgabe wünsche ich mir Fahrten bei Nacht und etwas mehr Atmosphäre beim Sieg einer Rallye oder der Meisterschaft. Aber das bekommt ihr sicher auch noch hin!
90 (Sep 15, 2003)
Une vraie leçon de pilotage en provenance d’Angleterre. Codemasters, qui n’aura jamais mieux mérité son nom, réalise avec Colin McRae Rally 04 une simulation de conduite magistrale, réaliste, et à la durée de vie excellente. Nul doute que WRC 3 devra avoir de multiples atouts sous le capot pour réussir à se hisser au niveau du dernier rejeton de la famille McRae.
Thunderbolt Games (Sep 27, 2003)
You can't really fault Colin McRae Rally 04. Its flawless presentation, stunning visuals, well done audio, lengthy lifespan and superb gameplay set it apart from the competition and clearly places Codemasters back on top. Rally enthusiasts and racing fans alike will love it and I'd recommend it to those who aren't particularly interested as well. Sure, like any game it can be improved, but as a rally game, it excels. It doesn't get the Holy Grail of a perfect score purely because Xbox Live isn't pushed to its limits. Apart from that, I can safely say that it's the best rallying game ever.
GameSpy (Mar 25, 2004)
Still, with high frame rates that won't quit, 52 stages set across eight different countries, an impressive array of environmental effects, multiplayer options in every mode, and all of the strengths of past installments of this series, Colin McRae Rally 04 is a worthwhile pick for any avid Xbox racing enthusiast.
GamePro (US) (Apr 13, 2004)
Visually, Rally 04 looks much better than in previous versions. The environments are more detailed with a special attention to realistic road conditions, such as variations of mud, gravel, asphalt, and snow. Cars slowly get grimy as you progress, and vehicle damage looks genuine. The sounds, though sparse, add to the game?s authentic experience. Your navigator steadily calls out the road bumps ahead, while the constant hum of the engine never goes off-key.
89 (Sep 27, 2003)
Nach der eher durchwachsenen Leistung, die Codemasters letztes Jahr abgeliefert hat, kehrt man dieses Jahr mit einem Donnerschlag zurück. In punkto Fahrphysik, Steuerung und Schadensmodell liefert man eine absolute Referenz-Leistung ab, die möglicherweise über Jahre beispielhaft sein wird. Auch grafisch hat man nochmals einen Schritt nach vorne gemacht und präsentiert klasse aussehende Fahrzeuge auf 48 detaillierten Strecken. Das einzige wirklich große Manko ist die fehlende Online-Integration. Denn angesichts der Möglichkeit des Online-Spiels wie bei DTM Race Driver 2 oder auch bei RalliSport Challenge 2, dem ärgsten Konkurrenten auf den gerade eroberten Thron, nimmt sich der Upload von Statistiken geradezu mager aus. Trotzdem: wer nach einem ausgefeilten und realistischen Rallye-Spiel sucht, wird von Colin McRae Rally 04 begeistert sein.
Minus the online racing, Colin McRae 04 is a flawless video game replication of rally racing. The graphics, car physics and attention to detail are on par with any console racer currently on store shelves. At a price of $19.99, you simply cannot pass this game up.
GameZone (Mar 25, 2004)
Quite possibly the best rally racing game available for the Xbox thus far, Colin McRae Rally 04 is the game to buy if you’re looking for rally racing done right.
GameSpot (Mar 10, 2004)
Colin McRae Rally 04's overall package is an extremely well-put-together one, which really makes the fact that the game can be purchased for a mere $19.99 almost criminally insane. There is simply nothing wrong enough with this game to make it unworthy of a full retail price, and the fact that it is available as a budget title is really quite a lucky break for any racing fan. It may not be the definitive racing title for your Xbox, but that should not stop you from taking advantage of what is, in essence, an incredible deal in Colin McRae Rally 04.
IGN (Mar 15, 2004)
Colin McRae Rally 04 is a great value at 19.99, plain and simple. Everyting we've always loved about the series, stunning graphics and marvelous physics, is still there and worth the price of admission. It's not as feature-rich as the upcoming Rallisport Challenge 2, but you're getting a well-made and entertaining game for the price. If you're a long-time fan of the series, then this is a no-brainer. If you're a budding rally racing fan, it might not be a bad idea to get both and get your education off to a flying start. Plus it's one of the few established franchises that Xbox owners are getting exclusively over their PS2 owning cousins. What are bragging rights worth to you?
Corrigeant les défauts du précédent volet, Colin 04 vous tiendra en haleine grâce à son excellente jouabilité, secondée par nombre d'options et de modes.
New to this year is the fact that you can test parts at intervals between races. Testing shocks, for example, means you have to attack a course filled with jumps in order to put as much strain on the part as possible. Fun. Unfortunately, this is the extent of the new career mode. There are 2-wheel drive and fast Group B cars you can race, but I was hoping that this segment of the game was deeper. Furthermore, I thought the camera was too tight on the car, which has a tendency to hem in your experience a little. However, the game does give a wonderful sense of speed and a fine sense of handling over all of its different surfaces. I’d like to see a larger leap in the feature set next time, but for $20, I don’t see how you could go wrong with this one.
Game Revolution (Mar, 2004)
It’s plain to see that Colin McRae Rally 04 does a lot of things right, but the most astounding part of the package is the price: 20 bucks. That’s right this is officially a budget title. Despite its small problems and lack of online play, that’s just insane. This is a well-rounded game that would still be recommended if it cost full fare, so race to the store and pick up a copy before they come to their senses and sell it for what it’s worth.
Europeans have plenty of mock-worthy obsessions—soccer, Formula One, shitty dance music. But let’s face it, NASCAR has nothing on the Euro tradition of racing high-performance rally cars in all-terrain endurance contests. Here you select from 20 whiny rides and adjust brakes, suspension, and tires to suit detailed terrain, from mud-splattered Britain to snowy Sweden to dust-choked Australia. Set the damage mode to high and tires explode, windshields shatter, and fenders crumple, all dependent on your lousy maneuvering. The car even performs like hell when, for example, your cooling system gets trashed after you’re knocked into a boulder. Fortunately, audio directions courtesy of McRae’s Scottish navigator, Derek Ringer, get you back on track. And since he’s a passenger, you can conveniently slap him if he dares to moan, “Captain, we just kahnt dooo it.”
80 (UK) (Sep 18, 2003)
Out of the two versions, the Xbox wins out by virtue of its much cleaner graphics and excellent Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound support (verses the PS2's Dolby Surround support). Both have widescreen support (unlike CMR3), but ultimately, to play, they're pretty much functionally identical. On the PS2 it's an easy decision to make, and is now our favourite rally game on the platform, but it's a harder call for Xbox owners; not only is the excellent RSC available at half the price, but RSC2 is just five months away and will have the draw of Live support. If you're not bothered about online play, and can forgive a few scenic flaws, then it's hard to think of a single good reason why you shouldn't own this.
Player1 (Oct, 2003)
Colin McRae-spelen fortsätter vara den starkast lysande stjärnan på rallyns himlavalv. För varje del blir konceptet mer raffinerat och det är just nu det mest fulländade rallyspelet. Genom att jämföra statistik över Xbox Live och utmana vänner hemma i teverummet kommer Colin McRae 04 att hålla till nästan uppföljare vankas.
PlayDevil (Sep 15, 2004)
Colin McRae Rally 4 is a solid rally game. It offers lots of variety in cars, tracks and challenges. It plays well, looks great and sounds amazing. In my opinion however, this is the game that CMR 3 should have been.
Extreme Gamer (Aug 27, 2003)
Beaten in almost aspect by the Rallisports Challenge 2, out with the old in with the new. Fun while it lasts and good for people who want a challenging and realistic rally game. Rent it. Experience it. Move on to bigger things.