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You look like Hell, John. Lain Crowley (6783) 2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars

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77 (Mar 10, 2005)
Ich bin angenehm überrascht. Was wie ein mittelmäßiger Lizenzabklatsch aussah, entpuppte sich im Test als durchaus spannendes Actionspiel – nichts weltbewegendes und auch nicht gerade das anspruchsvollste Werk, aber für Freunde unkomplizierter Unterhaltung durchaus einen Blick wert. Das Spiel per se abzuwerten weil es simpel gestrickt ist, finde ich unfair – die Designer haben sich für leichte Actionkost entschieden und dieses Rezept konsequent befolgt. Die atmosphärisch designten Level und die spannende Geschichte halten mich bei Laune und das Spieltempo ist angenehm hoch – im Gegensatz zu ähnlichen Titeln gibt es eben keine unfairen Sprungeinlagen oder langatmigen Metzelorgien.
XBox Evolved (Mar 29, 2005)
In total with its ultra hard rock’n music and its slightly less then great graphics Constantine doesn’t disappoint. The game play is good, nothing compared to Ninja Gaiden but what can you expect from a Movie game. Other then minor problems here and there Constantine was much better then most would expect.
XBox Front (Feb 16, 2005)
Wir sind ja schon so manche Titel gewohnt, die es erst als Comic, dann als Film und zu guter letzt als Game rauskamen. Welche manchmal mehr oder weniger gut waren. Obwohl dieser Titel auf dem Film, (der wiederum auf den Comics basiert) aufgebaut ist, braucht ihr im Vorfeld weder den Film, noch die Comics zu kennen. Trotzdem möchte ich euch hier ein paar kleine Infos zum Hauptdarsteller geben.
They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and that idle hands are the Devil's tools. Well, if Constantine's intentions were to drag the name of movie tie-in videogames from the pit of purgatory, then it has succeeded admirably. The action comes hard and fast in between moments of tension too, so your hands need never be idle on your controller. As far as a solid rental goes, Constantine is hard to beat, but unless you're a die-hard fan of the Hellblazer comics or the film itself, it's too guilty a pleasure to warrant buying when there's starving children to be fed- and other games to buy!
Game Chronicles (Mar 17, 2005)
Constantine does a lot of things right and it fails in a few areas. The dual-world concept is starting to get a bit stale and it’s not implemented very well in this game. The mix of spells, weapons, and melee is great and presents an ongoing challenge throughout the levels with the various demons and boss fights. Blending a healthy mix of occult imagery, melee combat, weapons, and supernatural spells, Constantine delivers stylish third-person action that ranks right up there with many of its peers. It’s a bit short and there isn’t much replay value making this a great bargain title, but only fans of the franchise will likely invest in a full-price purchase.
VGcore (Mar 25, 2005)
Constantine is nothing special or outstanding. If you enjoyed the movie, it will probably be worth it to play through the game. However, if you didn't really like the movie, or have never seen it, there are better action games available. The game has no multiplayer modes, so after playing through the game, the only other choice you have is to play it again to try and get your moneys worth.
Gaming Target (Jun 28, 2005)
On the list of Annoying Things About This Game are a few hit detection problems; most demons use melee attacks and although it may look like you’re out of their reach, they will still be able to hit you. Conversely, shots that appear to hit them dead on will sometimes not register. There is also no way to skip through the spell animations (which feel like they take forever) and skipping through video cutscenes is hit and miss. The music is appropriately creepy, but gets repetitive when you hear the exact same tune throughout the entire game.
GameSpy (Mar 01, 2005)
It felt at first like I'd just played this game not two weeks before, when I gave Punisher a go. A license twice removed from movies and comics built around third-person Max Payne-style action ... I wasn't expecting much, even as I noted the nice red-hot particle effects blowing around the hellish version of Los Angeles in the training level. On the other hand, as a fan of the Hellblazer comics, I wasn't expecting much from the movie either -- Keanu Reeves playing Constantine? In Los Angeles? -- but as it happens, both the film and the game were better than I had hoped.
69 (Mar 02, 2005)
Inszenierung und Dramaturgie von Constantine sind durchaus gelungen - auch wenn John Constantine nur wie Keanu Reeves aussieht, aber aufgrund fremder Synchronstimme nicht so spricht. Noch gewöhnungsbedürftiger ist allerdings die mitunter hakelige First-Person-Steuerung bei verwendeter Third-Person-Spielansicht sowie die gerade in der Xbox-Fassung recht bockige Kollisionsabfrage. Geradezu ärgerlich ist aber die strikte Linearität des Titels, die euch trotz Dimensionsspringerei wie auf Gleisen durch die 13 Spielkapitel schleust. Der Umfang geht hingegen in Ordnung und bietet dank verschiedener Schwierigkeitsgrade sowie zahlreicher freispielbarer Boni durchaus einen gewissen Wiederspielwert. Die je nach Gegnerart unterschiedlich effektiven Waffen und Zauber verleihen der geradlinigen Dämonenjagd sogar eine taktische Note. Trotzdem bleibt unterm Strich leider nicht mehr als ein übersinnlich angehauchter, aber spielerisch eintöniger Max Payne-Verschnitt mit erdrückend engem Levelkorsett.
GameZone (Mar 01, 2005)
Though its not the best movie-based game I've played, its certainly not the worst. A lot of the game has already been done before and most likely better in other titles. If you liked the movie, it wont hurt to rent it on your favorite system.
JustPressPlay (Mar 02, 2006)
I think they definitely could have done better with a bit more timein development; it seems to be lacking some features which could havemade it better. Right now it finds itself falling in with all the othermovie licensed games made in the past years. A few nice features andnice graphics, but not enough to overshadow it’s pretty basic gameplayand poor replay value. It would make a good rental I think, but may notbe worth the purchase unless your a big fan of the comic or movie.
IGN (Feb 16, 2005)
From blackness we fade in. Light. A city. Humans. An apartment. Cigarettes... A youthful dark-haired man, lean and smoothly cut, smokes casually in a hall. The worried glances of onlookers crammed in the dingy apartment before him do not phase our mysterious focus, nor does the girl tied to the bed -- the one with bulging veins that stress to contain the demonic presence infecting her fragile body. The man puts his smoke down, its cherry dangling off the edge of a dresser. He'll want it back soon.
GameSpot (Feb 23, 2005)
Move over, Pat Benatar. Hell isn't just for children anymore. Now it's for children and...Keanu Reeves. The new movie Constantine casts Keanu in the lead role of John Constantine, a line-walking demon hunter who occasionally has to cross over into hell to get things done. The game is based on the movie, turning the experience into a very basic third-person shooter with a little spellcasting to mix things up. It might be good enough for fans of the film looking to walk in Constantine's shoes, but if you're simply looking for a good action game, you can do better.
X-Power (Mar 25, 2005)
Constantine durf ik op zich geen echt slecht spel te noemen, want ik weet hoe echt slechte games eruit zien, en dit is dan toch nog een niveautje hoger. Maar ik kan toch wel stellen dat ik met dit spel slechts zeer zelden echt plezier heb gehad. De gameplay van rondlopen - demonen vermoorden - rondlopen - puzzeltje - demonen doden - rondlopen... wordt best snel saai, en de moderne gamer wil echt meer. Zoals Ninja Gaiden, Psi-Ops... of Splinter Cell. Of op zijn minst wil de moderne gamer toch zeker dat zulke simplistische gameplay dan tenminste in een technisch knap pakket wordt gepresenteerd. Zoals The Suffering of Max Payne 2. Constantine zou ik aanraden voor mensen die de film echt geweldig vonden en toch eens willen bekijken wat het game dan oplevert. Maar voor zowat elke andere gamer raad ik echt eerder één van de andere bovenstaande titels aan.
Constantine is a no-frills game. There are no unlockables and no extra modes such as multi-player online modes. It's not very long and the gameplay is not entirely original. It will probably serve its purpose after seeing the movie if you still have a little of that Hollywood magic sparkling in your imagination. Definitely a rental.
1UP (Feb 18, 2005)
Despite a trench coat in the starring role, shaky-leg strafing for the main character, and an abundance of rock music-inspired killing sprees, Constantine isn't the Max Payne clone it appears to be at first glance. It certainly has elements from that game, but they are mixed in with puzzle solving and a demon-infested world, giving the whole thing a vibe similar to The Collective's Buffy the Vampire Slayer game from a few years back. That is to say, it's a good game with a few missing pieces.
55 (Apr 08, 2005)
I enjoy third person shooters quite a bit, I loved the Punisher (which I will be reviewing very shortly), and the Max Payne series are some of my all-time favorites, but Constantine just stunk. The controls were horrible, the graphics were border-line poor, the enemies were horribly boring, and I wasn’t brought into an epic struggle of good versus evil.
At the end of the day, Constantine just helps to solidify the notion that a movie property made into a game is destined to turn out poorly. With bland gameplay and an almost uncanny desire to make the gamer feel absolutely apathetic about everything going on, Constantine is a ride not worth the price of admission. Unless you have a very high fever or are mentally ill, there is no reason for you to want to buy this. Rental only for those who are absolutely mad about the film or comics and are uninterested in the immeasurable amount of good games out there.
Netjak (Jun 14, 2005)
Constantine, based on a movie with a mediocre domestic box-office, and mixed reviews at best by critics, has not exactly been the title that most gamers were itching to play all year. Licensed titles in general are never anything to get excited over until proven otherwise; I believe in this so profoundly, I found it necessary to pen an entire editorial about the matter. So there I was, stuck with roughly $20 in store credit to a burdensome game store in my area and was looking for a title to tear apart, or be pleasantly surprised from. What I found was another movie game that tried to integrate cool features and cinematic qualities but failed miserably. So, just like Neo from the Matrix, you’ll be saying “Woah,” but this time it will be followed by: “this game sucks.”
45 (Feb 16, 2005)
Constantine n'a pas beaucoup de chance. Dépourvu d'ambiance tout autant que d'intérêt, l'adaptation du film est, sans surprise, bâclée et bonne à oublier. Je ne sais pas ce que vaut le film mais ça donne pas envie d'aller le voir. Ceci dit si vous êtes fan de Keanu Reeves, il livre ici une de ses meilleures prestations d'acteur. Merci à la technologie qui nous offre là un véritable simulateur de Keanu Reeves (dixit Dexter).
Game Revolution (Mar, 2005)
As a movie port using the oldest recipe in the book, Constantine is about as average a game as you can get, which is actually better than most licensed translations. Neither Heaven nor Hell, Constantine is merely a short stay in Purgatory.
Gamekult (Apr 15, 2005)
Dommage, car la modélisation bluffante du héros et l'alternance terre/enfer (comparable à celle d'un The Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past) auraient pu servir de base pour nous offrir quelque chose d'un peu plus convaincant. Faute de temps, et certainement d'ambitions, Constantine restera donc certainement cantonné à l'anonymat. Mais à 60€ le jeu, difficile de faire du sentiment.