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games xtreme (Mar 01, 2005)
CSI although short (but very sweet) is the kind of game, even though it is a one player game that could be classed as a typical sit down with friends game. You could play for hours with your friends, all solving a crime together whilst munching on pizza or any other form of take away food. It does have the potential to be a very social game. The graphics are perfectly done for what the game needs, and again the sound is good enough with all the voice actors from the series, and a good script.
MS Xbox World (Jan 02, 2005)
CSI is a decent insight into the TV show and how modern day crimes are solved; ultimately is quite entertaining if you like this sort of point and click adventuring or are a fan of the TV show. I suspect that you would be better off renting the game if you are unsure, as the evidence suggests that you might be a little disappointed with the game once you put your finger prints on it.
IGN (Dec 14, 2004)
As the reigning king of television the past few years, CSI has spawned two spinoffs, a few competitive pretenders to the throne, and two PC games. Now those two PC titles (the self-titled CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: Dark Motives) have been melded together into one bargain-bin game for Xbox. Fans, don't rejoice so quickly. While CSI utilizes the voice-actors from the show and even employ one of CSI's writers to handle the scripting, this is a pretty mediocre effort.
TeamXbox (Dec 21, 2004)
CSI is an altogether terrible game, and it will definitely be enjoyable for fanatics of the TV show who feel the urge to get more “hands on” with the cases. Trying to figure out the suspect and murder weapon before the end of the show is good enough for me, since CSI Crime Scene Investigation does not include enough interesting gameplay to warrant all of the extra work. The stories are intriguing as the show, however, so if you’re into good, semi-interactive story games, then CSI Crime Scene Investigation may be just what the forensic scientist ordered.
GameZone (Jan 18, 2005)
CBS has hit gold with the CSI franchise that spawned two very popular spin-off shows that go from Miami to Las Vegas, and you’ll even find a show centered on crime in New York. With a strong supporting cast of characters, torn-straight-from-the-headlines scenarios and interesting crime-solving techniques, CSI has all the makings of an interesting interactive crime game. As it turns out, CSI and CSI: Dark Motives hit the PC to the delight of fans. Now the Xbox is getting some of the CSI love with CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, a game that offers all the PC’s cases into one disc. Is this a Xbox game fans of the show will love?
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is a very sloppy port of a much more stable PC version, and how the game managed to pass through any non-catatonic Quality Assurance team is beyond comprehension. It's a shame too, because it's a fun, low-pressure game that'd be perfect for introducing a spouse, partner or non-gamer friend to the world of Xbox. As it is, the sheer amount of bugs, glitches, mismatched evidence and case-breakability create an experience that even the most dedicated player will struggle to endure without committing grievous bodily harm to their controller.
IC-Games (Feb 05, 2005)
As a major fan of all the CSI TV programs we were slightly disappointed with what Ubisoft had done. The whole game had a distinct feel of being unpolished, unloved and untested (In other words “rushed”). There is some enjoyment to be gleaned from these 10 cases but the biggest crime isn’t to be found in any of the included crime scenes but how this game got released in its present state. If you haven’t already, we suggest buying the first two seasons on DVD for £40 instead. We guarantee you’ll be watching that far more than you’ll be playing this. Rent or borrow, just don’t be tempted to part with anywhere near the asking price. It’ll be a crime.
GameSpot (Dec 22, 2004)
This year has proven to be busy for the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation license. With both the first CSI: Miami game and a proper sequel to the original CSI adventure game making it to the PC, you'd think that Ubisoft might just call it a year and get ready for the next crop of licensed TV crime drama adventure games in 2005. Well, you'd be wrong, because for some reason, Ubisoft is now publishing CSI: Crime Scene Investigation for the Xbox, a compilation of the first two CSI PC games put together in one package. While this idea in and of itself is in no way offensive (despite the fact that neither of the games in this package were all that great to begin with), the fact that this compilation is such an obvious rush job, with loads of graphical, audio, and gameplay glitches littered about that weren't present in the original games, is deeply offensive.
GameDaily (Jan 25, 2005)
So upon completion of this analysis, I have come up with the following conclusion. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation simply wasn't worth the purchase and, as a result, succumbed to its own failure of entertainment. Fans of the show may be interested in giving it a rent to see what kind of life it led, but, honestly, they appear to be better off watching any given version of the TV show and saving $20. Not to sound shrewd, but sometimes the truth hurts.
Gaming Target (Feb 17, 2005)
Moving on to what this game has for sounds, there isn’t too much for background music, but all the sound effects for the various tools are quite convincing. If CSI has any good points it would have to be that the game publisher has gotten the real actors to do the voices like William Petersen and Paul Guilfoyle for the game. The lip-syncing is a bit off, but again that is the fault of the game’s graphics.