Dead or Alive 3 Screenshots (Xbox)

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Xbox version

Main menu.
Team battle lets you partner up with another character.
Character select.
You can use special team moves in this mode.
Sparring mode lets you practice all of a character's moves and combos.
Snow level. The fighters actually carve paths in the snow as they move.
Note the reflective floors.
Instead of ring-outs, you can throw your opponent into new areas of the stage.
The fight continues in the new area.
Counters are an important part of DOA.
Each knockout gets a replay.
Fighting in the courtyard.
Fighting outside a mansion.
Strike a winner's pose.
If characters with history meet in story mode, they share brief dialog.
Forest level.
Beach level. Almost makes you want to play... volleyball?
Ice cave stage.
You can knock opponents into the ice shards.
Character model close up.