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How Crazy Are You? MAT (204576) 2.71 Stars2.71 Stars2.71 Stars2.71 Stars2.71 Stars
A lot of tanned babes under the blazing summer but the volley. Super_Anima (5) 3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.5
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.5
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed
(required for every game entry that isn't a compilation or special edition)
Overall User Score (33 votes) 3.6

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Shin Force (Jan 25, 2003)
If you want a tight game... of volleyball, hot babes and the option to do some adventure activities like shopping, sun tanning and gambling, then DOAX is for you. Mint graphics, sound and gameplay. If you're not interested in beach volleyball, then the adventure portion probably won't suffice.
IGN (Jan 22, 2003)
We can't wait to see what else the girls from the Dead or Alive franchise like to do in their free time, because it's clear from Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball that they have considerable talents beyond fighting. In fact, DOAX itself is a lot like finding out your favorite Playmates are into model ship building or stamp-collecting as much as you are: the quality of volleyball is good enough that you have another, more legitimate reason, beyond the two most obvious ones, to spend some quality time staring and drooling at their physiques.
Game Chronicles (Apr 10, 2003)
I’ve been playing Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball for just over a week now and I am still trying to figure out exactly who the target audience for this game is. The ESRB (which I am now convinced is run by Dr. Laura and staffed by a bunch of uptight senators who can’t climb off their pageboys long enough to recognize a perfectly harmless game) has rated this wonderful title as Mature putting it just out of reach of the very teen demographic who will want to play it.
91 (Mar 16, 2003)
Welcher Dead or Alive Fan hat denn noch nicht davon geträumt die Girls auf DOA mal im hautengen Bikini herumspringen zu sehen. In Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball von Hersteller Tecmo ist dies möglich und ihr seit derjenige der die anzuziehende Kleidung bestimmt :)
Netjak (Jan 23, 2003)
Perfect. That would describe DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball well enough for any parent to figure out, "OK, this is going to be racy, is my kid capable of not falling into a hormonal explosion?" or more likely, "So this is why my husband had to buy an XBox." Look, ESRB, you went to all the trouble to create all the descriptors to keep people accurately informed. Now use the tools you made to do the job properly. Otherwise, you might as well just slap the "For Kids of All Ages" tag on every single game."
Extreme Gamer (Jan 24, 2003)
We where very excited when I finally got the copy of DOA:XVB in my hands. I have been have been keeping my eye on this baby for sometime now. I loved DOA3 and Tecmo always has a level of polish on there character models that no one else does. As you probably already know from all the screens that this is a beautiful game, and the graphics are amazing, jaw-dropping, orgasmic (umm... did I say that out loud?) Hands down all the DOA titles are above average to say the least. Besides the graphics this games overall feel is relaxing, it feels just like a vacation on a tropical island would.
85 (Feb 18, 2003)
It’s horribly cold these days, especially since I live in the wonderful city of Buffalo in New York where there is nothing but black clouds spurting out snow. How I wish it was summer and I was driving to the beach in my just sold Honda s2000 (convertible). Maybe that’s why those crazy kids over at Tecmo decided to bring the girls from the highly acclaimed Dead or Alive series into a beach volleyball game with some light casino action. With hundreds of swimsuits that you get to dress your very curvaceous women many people will understand why it has a mature rating. How can this get any better? Volleyball and beautiful women of DOA; how come the boys over at Tecmo didn’t think of this earlier?
Game Over Online (Mar 26, 2003)
Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball is an acquired taste. Though there is no denying this game's obvious attraction for members of the male persuasion, the $150,000 question is does DOAX give gamers a reason to play the game beyond simply goggling at well-endowed women as they play volleyball and the "bouncing game"? The answer to that all-important question is yes, but not much. While it is true that this game has a perfectly passable iteration of beach volleyball built into its design, the majority of your time can easily be spent doing other non-volleyball related activities. In fact, playing volleyball is completely optional.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (May 08, 2003)
Animationen är överlag otroligt snygg. Rösterna är väl valda men helt på japanska, med undantag för Zack som går att få på engelska med Dennis Rodmans röst. Det går tyvärr inte att spela fyra spelare, men två kan mötas i Exhibition-läget. Även om Tecmo har utelämnat några omryktade funktioner är det ett spel som går att ägna mycket tid åt, och det är en ljuvlig paus från allt skjutande, körande och hoppande i alla andra spel. Det är inte bara semester för DoA-flickorna, utan även semester för spelaren. Det är visserligen supersmalt upplagt och enbart för fansen. Men jag är glad att jag tillhör dessa fans.
Gamesdog (Oct 01, 2003)
It does however, make for a great game. As a bloke, of course it does. As a gamer. I'm not so sure. Just like women's tennis, none of the characters seem to have the power to beat their opponent when matches begin. Unlike women's tennis there are none of the long rallies which show the proper prowess and battle of wits of the players in question. The voiceover's entirely Japanese suggesting that this a pure port from what eventually boils down to a crazy Japanese game. Will any red bloodied men enjoy this game? Most likely. Will they actually play it for longer than a week? I very much doubt it.
XBox Front (Jun 21, 2005)
Die Japaner sind schon ein komisches Volk. Im Sommer fallen sie mit ihren Kameras über Schloss Neuschwanstein und die Wies'n her. Auch ihre Vorlieben, was das weibliche Geschlecht betrifft, sind zu Weilen recht sonderbar. So haben die virtuellen Mädels meist kindliche Gesichtszüge und verhalten sich auch naiv. Doch anscheinend ist es dieser Typ Frau, der auch in den USA und Europa ankommt, wie die Verkaufszahlen von ’Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball’ belegen. Jetzt könnt auch ihr euch selbst ein Bild von dem etwas anderen Videospiel-Vergnügen rund um die sexy Mädels machen.
This game will be a little too much for most, but others will really enjoy this odd - and I do mean odd - Xbox adventure. Rent it first, or sucker a friend into buying it, as it is certainly good for a laugh.
If you're buying this solely for the cheesecake factor, I must say that you won't be disappointed. Tecmo's digital divas are extremely detailed, and show off Team Ninja's unparalleled knack for creating realistic animation and amazing (top-heavy) character models. In terms of gameplay, I was surprised to discover that the "lifestyle" elements of the game – particularly the gift-giving and gambling features – are as important to the overall experience as the volleyball itself.
Gaming Target (Feb 07, 2003)
So is there a topless mode after all? Sure, you just have to get the girls really drunk first. No seriously, go try it.
70 (GAF) (Apr 28, 2003)
The question still remains: is there any nudity in this game? While the majority of the costumes are revealing, and some are sheer, there is no birthday suit. There is a very brief clip of silhouetted nudity during the opening, but that appears to be it. The lack of nudity doesn't hurt or help this title. As it stands, each aspect of DoA:XBV has a minor flaw, but the sum is greater than its parts. The game is intentionally short, but a player who wants to see each character in each costume will have to invest a great deal of time into purchasing costumes through multiple replays. It's definitely a rent-first title, even you happen to be a hardcore DoA fan, a beach volleyball fan, or you have the hots for the DoA girls. An interesting experiment to say the least, and a beautiful one at that. Just not the must-buy killer app for the Xbox.
Armchair Empire, The (Feb 12, 2003)
Here’s a challenge for you. Find the volleyball on the Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball (XBV) package. You’d think with the words, “Xtreme” and “Volleyball” the package would be spotted with them. There’s but one – tucked in the shadows of one screenshot. This should be your first clue of things to come. XBV could have been alternately titled DOA Casino, Playboy’s Girls of DOA, or DOA Dress-up. If you’re expecting a deep volleyball simulation, forget it.
The Video Game Critic (Apr 02, 2003)
While maintaining relationships, shopping, and receiving gifts is certainly an original concept, it wasn't what I had in mind when I bought the game, and it didn't hold my interest. The two-player mode is better, but for some reason both players can't be on the same team! What's up with that? And where's the four player mode? Are they saving it for a sequel?
Game Revolution (Feb 01, 2003)
DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball succeeds on two fronts: lightweight volleyball action and lighthearted digital chick eye-candy. The friendship aspect of the game is interesting to toy around with, and yes, there's plenty to collect, but collecting can wear thin. Still, the game is fun in its tongue-in-cheek way and has eaten up hours of my time. And hey, it's the first game ever to make me feel like a lonely High School girl. What a way to spend Valentine's Day.
66 (Apr 14, 2003)
Ketään siis tuskin yllättää, että pelinä DOAXBV on tuskin minkään arvoinen. Pelkkä oheistuotehan tämä on. Itse toiminta koostuu parin napin painelusta, kaikki muu ruokkii virtuaalitirkistelijää tai muuten vain DOA-otakua. Jälkimmäiset varmasti kantavatkin roponsa kauppaan, enkä heitä voi enää auttaa, mutta pelkkiä uimapukutyttöjä ja kesämusaa halajavat pääsevät halvemmalla ostamalla Sports Illustratedin ja Kesähitit-98 -kokoelman. Oikeat tytöt kun ovat edelleen niitä kauneimpia.
60 (Mar 30, 2003)
Dead Or Alive Xtreme Summer Vacation: Mit diesem Titel wird man dem Spiel eher gerecht als mit dem irreführenden Xtreme Beach Volleyball. Denn das Einzige, was hier extrem ist, sind die Oberweiten und die stark eingeschränkten Möglichkeiten des Volleyballspiels, das den Namen eigentlich nicht verdient und zu einer simplen Reaktionsprüfung verkommt. Selbst von dem wahrlich nicht perfekten GameCube-Volleyball Beach Spikers trennen die DOA-Volleyballerinnen Welten. Sicher: das Teamwork wird groß geschrieben, doch unter dem Strich hat man nur rudimentären Einfluss auf das Spielgeschehen. Stattdessen bekommt man eine Barbie-Urlaubssimulation, in der man aus immer weniger Stoff bestehende Bikinis sammelt, nervtötende Ausflüge ins Kasino unternimmt und sich die bereits nach kurzer Zeit massiv auf die Ohrmuschel gehenden japanischen Dialoge anhören muss.
Games TM (Mar, 2003)
Tecmo has actually achieved what it set out to do; Dead Or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball includes all the elements the developers had planned and will almost certainly catch the eye of casual gamers. And, of course, it's also great fun.
60 (Mar 24, 2003)
DAO : XBV tient plus de l'art book interactif que du jeu. A réserver à une niche de collectionneurs acharnés qui aiment collecter des tas de trucs pendant des heures ou amateurs de jeux de drague. Mais même en tant que tel, le gameplay de cette Ile de la Tentation numérique se montre finalement assez limité. Même s'il est amusant et relaxant de jouer à DOA : XBV, payer la facture l'est déjà moins. A vous de trancher.
Factornews (Feb 05, 2003)
Minimaliste. Ce mot revient souvent quand on essaye de décrire DOAX objectivement. Mais il faut avouer que la sauce prend vite et qu'on s'éclate avec ce soft. Certes, les amateurs de simulation de volleyball bouderont ce jeu, et on les comprend. Ce genre d'"easy games" se joue sans prise de tête, seul ou entre potes et collectionner tous les maillots et autres goodies occupera de longues heures. Pas de fioritures, on est là pour la beauté du graphisme ainsi que pour la simplicité et l'efficacité du gameplay, les belles filles et les copinages en prime.
GameSpot (Jan 22, 2003)
Along with Halo, Dead or Alive 3 was one of the Xbox launch's showpiece games. Tecmo's fighting game was more notable for its graphics than its gameplay, though it's still remembered as one of the system's standout games, thanks to its large environments and voluptuous female characters. Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball puts an even finer focus on DOA3's strengths, trading in the fighting engine for some basic volleyball and casino action and swapping out the fighting attire for what is probably the largest collection of swimsuits ever seen in a game. Plus, almost all the male characters are out of the picture. Unfortunately, Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball doesn't have the gameplay or variety to back up its graphical prowess, and the whole experience ends up feeling pretty shallow.
GameSpy (Jan 26, 2003)
With the possible exception of Halo 2, Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball has generated more buzz than any Xbox release of 2003. A great deal of the excitement stems from the game's gratuitous use of apparel-challenged women. Some of the hype stems from Tecmo's Tomonobu Itagaki -- an anomaly in the Japanese game-development community in that he actually talks smack (a lot) about his competitors. His latest game is finally here, and despite its imperfections it does exactly what it's supposed to do: serve up an absurdly good time centered on curvaceous ladies. It reminds me a lot of the American Pie movies; it's not going win any awards for breaking new ground in gaming, but thousands -- possibly millions -- of gamers will dig how silly and sexy this game is.
For every gaming element available in this title there is at least one game that does it better. For collecting things we have Pokemon and Shenmue, for volleyball we have Beach Spikers, for maintaining relationships we have Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth and for gambling we have the countless Caesars Palace titles that have been released over the last three generations of hardware, not to mention the free versions you have already installed on a Windows PC. But maybe that is to miss the point, because as a total experience it's rather different, especially for an unsuspecting western audience. If you want a real game, this isn't the title for you, but as a coffee table talking piece for the FHM generation that Microsoft are so eager to tempt on board the Xbox bandwagon, it could find favour.
Tecmo are of course using sex and the titillating girls in the game to sell it, knowing young males will think it's really cool to have a game with near-nude characters in it, rather like the incredibly sad XXX BMX. In an industry where gameplay and innovation should be driving game development forward, a developer as well known and respected as Tecmo (DOA series, Project Zero and Ninja Gaiden) shouldn't have to sink to this rather smutty level (there can only be one reason for the zoom mode on the camera, after all) to sell a game. Or perhaps I am reading too much into it, and DOAX is in fact just a cheeky little item-collecting relationship sim that might hit a nerve with some people? How ever you feel about the theme and content of the game, it doesn't get around the fact that it truly is rather average, a poor attempt at simulating beach volleyball, and is nothing but a pretty looking but empty-headed experience with nothing substantial to draw you back to it.
49 (Mar 24, 2003)
Positiv: Grafik, Musik. Negativ: Der Rest. Wieso haben die Designer von Tecmo das hohe Potential dieses Titels komplett verschenkt und "Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball" allein auf ein voyeuristisches Grafik-Feuerwerk reduziert? Dabei hatte ich mich auch persönlich sehr auf diesen Titel gefreut, der Zauber ist jedoch nach einer halben Stunde ganz verflogen. So bleibe ich aber lieber bei "Beach Spikers". Das sieht zwar nicht ganz so gut aus, bietet aber wenigstens echtes Spiel und echten Spaß.
HonestGamers (Feb 03, 2008)
Okay, maybe the core gameplay is both simple and damnably repetitious, but at least you get to rock out to an epic soundtrack of TurboCD proportions. Hahaha, just kidding. The music consists of saccharine drivel by Christina Aguilera, Reel Big Fish, and all those other crappy bands you damn kids seem to like. Fortunately for everyone else, you can also use the Xbox’s custom soundtrack feature to supply your own tunes, offering the perfect excuse to bust out those old Joan Jett albums. Hahaha, just kidding again. You never need an excuse for that.
Level 7 (Mar 05, 2003)
En usel ursäkt för Barbie-fans att glo på lättklädda damer som pratar som dryga tioåringar och åmar sig som flickor i mindre barnlämpliga filmer. Om Tecmo hade någon värdighet innan DOAXBV så är den nu som bortblåst.
If you were expecting a good beach volleyball game then Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball is going to disappoint you. On the other hand if you're looking for a virtual Playboy island then you're in luck because that's exactly what we have here. It looks stunning, contains little gameplay and is as shallow as a paddling pool.
30 (UK) (Mar 25, 2003)
As we said at the start, DOAX was always going to polarise opinion, but ultimately the entire reward structure is based around the collection of skimpy clothing, accessories and peculiar merchandise. If you harbour kleptomaniacal tendencies and find curvy polygons racier than we do, then the increasingly repetitive bouts of volleyball and weakness in the rest of the package won't bother you. However, if the screenshots peppered around this page don't summon a nod from the little general, and all you wanted was a decent volleyball sim, then we implore you to go elsewhere. DOAX is the mindless, arcade alternative to Beach Spikers, and some semblance of AI and mini-game distractions aren't enough to justify £40 - only a frank admission of wankerdom really manages it.
The only way to describe this game is "virtual kiddy porn." The game hardly earns it's M rating with no nudity (except for a VERY brief scene in the games intro, but even then it's hardly noticeable). Barely any of the bathing suits reveal something more than you'll see on network TV. It doesn't even gain extra points here either. This is NOT a volleyball game. This is NOT gambling game. This isn't even a decent "dating sim." In fact, it's not much of anything.
15 (Apr 02, 2003)
On the whole though, DoAXBV is a lame attempt to make cyber soft-porn into an original and semi-interesting video game. It fails. Buy a real magazine or video, its cheaper, and just look at the screen shots if you are really that bothered. But if you were looking for a genuinely fun game, that can be picked up and played again and again and still be genuinely entertaining, don't bother at all: you'll just be left feeling confused, frustrated and finally bored.