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Written by  :  Super_Anima (5)
Written on  :  Feb 28, 2003
Rating  :  3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars
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A lot of tanned babes under the blazing summer but the volley.

The Good

Beautifully rendered Babes, breathtaking scenarios, fluid animations, make this game enjoyable for kids and adults. Just to make an example, if you lead Hitomi at the pool side, she looks tanned on the deckchair. And that is only one, of the several nice issues, that could be narrated about this game. However, don’t forget to read also the Cons, just below, since there are some…

The Bad

I have to say, before the considerations on this game that follows, that my wife managed for about three years, as trainer of an “all female beach volley team”. Well then, you DO know what I mean. If you ever had the chance to watch a volley match, along with all the “flesh and bones” of the case, you couldn’t play DOAXBV at all. It seems like the developers, dazzled by their own digital Venuses, forgot all what they learned developing the previous, and glorious, Dead or Alive 3. This game does not have the same flare of its predecessor, nor it has the same longevity. I only could excuse while waiting for the fourth Tecmo establishment, also clearly indicated by Zack-the-Rocket-man while landing on the island, the long awaited Dead or Alive 4!

The Bottom Line

You can go with it for miles; you can throw it on the bin after a while.