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Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball Screenshots (Xbox)

User Screenshots

Xbox version

Main Title
Zack and his girlfriend in the opening cinematic... and they're not on a Titanic.
How DOA 4 tournament became Xtreme.
Character selection screen for Zack Island scenario.
Christy's prepping for a moonlight swim... naked.
Camera sure knows how to make fools of us, as if this scene is really about drinking tea.
Ayane fixing her... ahem, swimsuit.
Hitomi and Leifang, doing probably the most provocative scene in the history of gameplay.
Instead of playing scenario, you can choose Exhibition and go straight for the volleyball match between any characters (and swimsuits) you select.
Kasumi and Leifang seem to be up for the challenge.
Leifang about to spike.
When you start new game, unless you select to play as Lisa, she will be the one to greet you.
Browsing through your collection of swimsuits.
Zack will send you many gifts, and if you replay enough time, lots of VHS tapes to watch.
Leifang on a boat, from the opening cinematic of DOA3 tape.
At night, you can visit the casino.
Whoa, seems to be a lot of betting at the roulette table.
Playing blackjack.
There are two (legit) shops on Zack island, Accessory Shop, Sports Shop.
Ayane and Lisa are about to challenge Helena and Leifang for a match.
They never knew what hit them, sometimes partners may not be so willing to play.
Someone else's loss means more money for you, more the bigger the score difference is.
Maybe Ayane just doesn't like water too much.
Needless to say, this game just wouldn't be complete without a zooming capability.
Christie playing the hopping game, the faster you get across, the more money you get... unless you hit the water.
In order to play volleyball you gotta have a partner... in order to get partner you gotta resort to all means necessary to make her like you.
There is a perfectly good reason why this costume costs $700,000.
If she'd roar now I could swear she's a leopard.
Helena enjoying the tropical paradise, certain noone is watching, heh.
Moonlight swim
Main menu
It doesn't look like she needs a tan
VHS tapes show videos from other DOA games
Swinging is pretty fun indeed
This should be a good workout
Nighttime brings a whole new set of things to do
You can zoom-in during leisure scenes
Oops, that was a miss
They don't loose any outfit when diving, not even the sunglasses