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85 (Oct 07, 2005)
Ähnlich wie bei den Konsolenfassungen von Ghost Recon 2 merkt man Black Hawk Down deutlich an, dass verschiedene Entwicklerstudios am Werk waren. Während sich Climax bei der Xbox-Konvertierung sehr nahe an Novalogics PC-Original gehalten hat, ging Rebellion mit der PS2-Version teils ganz eigene Wege: So wurde nicht nur das Leveldesign stellenweise abgeändert, sondern auch neue Features wie ausbaufähige Skills eingebaut. Zudem dürft ihr bei der Sony-Kampagne zwischen drei Schwierigkeitsgraden wählen, euch über deutlich kürzere Ladezeiten freuen sowie ein weniger freies, aber auch weniger frustrierendes Speichersystem nutzen. Allerdings müssen auf technischer Seite deutlich Abstriche gegenüber der ohnehin schon reichlich angestaubt wirkenden Xbox-Fassung gemacht werden. KI und Storyeinbindung sind hingegen auf beiden Konsolen ein Witz. Dafür protzt der Multiplayer-Part mit zahlreichen Maps, Spielmodi und Teilnehmerzahlen die im Konsolenbereich ihresgleichen suchen.
XBox Front (Oct 25, 2005)
Wer auf ultrarealistische Gefechte mit Physikengine und möglichst zeitgemäßer Grafik steht und verlangt, dass eine ausgefeilte AI einem das Leben schwer macht, der wird Delta Force Black Hawk Down weit von sich weisen. Für Anfänger ist das Speicherpunkt-System ziemlich schwer und außerdem sind Taktiker nicht gewollt, sondern diejenigen Spieler, die unter starken Beschuss mit dem Kontroller treffen. Der wirklich positive Teil des Spiels ist all das, das mit Multiplayer und Splitscreen zu tun hat. Hier trumpft DFBHD auf. Der Titel ist nur einen Kauf wert, wenn ihr euch über die etwas veraltete Technik im Klaren seid.
Game Shark (Aug 03, 2005)
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down is a breakthrough for Xbox Live players. For the first time it is possible for up to 50 gamers to play at once, and the quality of that experience is quite good. At the same time the game does show its roots as a port of a two-year-old computer game that has been eclipsed by more recent console offerings. So the overall presentation cannot quite compare to newer Xbox games.
There were games a-plenty being played online and it wasn't a problem finding a good connection. The developers claim that there are tons of maps available from the PC players that will be made available for Xbox and PS2 users in the future. Even without them there is still a lot of game here for the money. If you're interested in a straightforward shooter with no storyline getting in the way then you might want to give this one a shot. Pun intended.
GameZone (Aug 15, 2005)
Based more on the brutal 1993 conflict in Somalia rather than just a specific moment made famous by both the book and later the Ridley Scott film Black Hawk Down, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down for the PC placed us in the role of the Special Forces unit in charge of keeping the peace. It allowed us a peek at the eruptions of violence that had President Clinton willing to drop all aid to the country and pull out the troops before things escaladed into an even bloodier mess. Two years later, Xbox owners are getting a chance dive into the conflict but with mixed results.
Worth Playing (Aug 22, 2005)
Overall, I kept wanting and trying to really love this game, but time and time again, one of the game's flaws would keep me from reaching that level of gaming bliss. Despite that, I did enjoy the game and have a good time with it. It's not as if the game has many flaws, but the ones that are there do directly affect the gameplay. I could easily have overlooked all of the other flaws if you could just see people at a distance better and more clearly. It's extremely annoying to be constantly taken out by enemies you can't even see, not because they are hiding behind something but simply due to the fact that they are so tiny they become one with the environment.
IGN (Jul 28, 2005)
In 1993 President Clinton deployed Task Force Ranger (TFR) to Somalia on a series of missions. Their operations were centered on uprooting General Mohamed Farrah Aidid, a militia leader responsible for earlier attacks on Pakistani troops delivering food to the region. On a mission to capture Aidid's lieutenants, two American Black Hawks were downed and 18 American soldiers were killed. The events were highly publicized and sparked fierce arguments over the reasons behind the mission and its political implications. In 1999, Mark Bowden published the novel Black Hawk Down that was later turned into a feature film.
After playing games like this, it's almost hard to believe that there are people out there saying that video games cause real-life violence. After squeezing off I don't know how many rounds into untold numbers of bodies, I'm more prone to being lulled into a nice nap than a frenzy.
I can't think of any great reason to choose this over Halo, Unreal Championship, or the Tom Clancy games, but it's certainly not a bad option.
Gaming Target (Sep 12, 2005)
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down originally came out on the PC back in 2003, however it didn’t make much of a splash in the overcrowded PC shooter market. It provided a standard campaign experience and also gave a functional multiplayer component, but its presentation aspects were only average and it just wasn’t all that coherent or polished in its execution. Of course, the source material for the game, the lackluster movie of the same name, wasn’t much of anything so that definitely didn’t help. This being said, VU Games and Novalogic have created a port of the title for the Xbox, but the main draw for Xbox users is the 50-player support over Xbox Live. This feature does provide the multiplayer portion with some value, but the other aspects – namely the campaign, presentation, and gameplay features – all look extremely dated and bland, when they weren’t even good in the first place.
X-Power (Sep 04, 2005)
Je hebt momenten dat de online gevechten echt tot hun recht komen, met ontploffingen en paniekerig ‘medic’-geschreeuw en neervallende kameraden links en rechts van je. Die momenten komen echter slechts zo karig voor, dat je je zeker niet aan een Massive Multiplayer First Person Shooter als bijvoorbeeld Battlefield 2 op de pc moet verwachten. Die grote mooie vijftig op de doos maskeert niet dat er momenteel veel betere Live-shooters op de markt zijn, met een aanzienlijk minder spelers, maar wel leuker. En dat is heel jammer. God zit in de details, Hij zit niet in Black Hawk Down.
The Next Level (USA) (Sep 01, 2005)
Although not much fun for the seasoned FPS veteran, Black Hawk Down had its moments. The settings were unique and large scale online battles were fun, but they did little to make me forget about the horrible and sluggish control schemes, outdated graphics, poor audio effects, and the fact that every single bullet that hit water produced the same unrealistic effect. If you pick up Black Hawk Down with the intentions mindless fun, perhaps it's worthwhile, but don't expect any sort of backstory or any reason at all to continue playing the game by yourself.
Game Over Online (Nov 30, 1999)
Somalia, 1993. Delta Force, US Army Rangers and 10th Mountain Division begin 'Task Force Ranger' and 'Operation Restore Hope' campaigns with a view toward removing two top lieutenants of a Somali warlord inside Mogadishu.
Game Chronicles (Aug 24, 2005)
For all that if offers, the entire time I was playing Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, either online or off, I just kept wishing I was playing something else. Even if I didn’t have Battlefield 2 and Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike waiting in the wings, there are just a lot of other games out there better than this. At most, I can make a cautious recommendation for those interested to RENT this game. You can probably find out enough about it and play some online battles within a normal rental period and if for some reason you find yourself liking the game, by all means, purchase it. At least a portion of the proceeds will go to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, and that I can endorse.
GameSpot (Aug 04, 2005)
Black Hawk Down's dated gameplay design and presentation just don't measure up compared to other modern combat shooters. Though the multiplayer can be fun for a while, the weapon balancing is out of whack, and the implementation of vehicles is contrived to the point of absurdity. The game may still appeal to hardcore military fanatics, but if you're in the market for one of the better contemporary shooters, you're better off avoiding this one.
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down is just another shooter allowing the gamer to control an elite member of the US forces. Army buffs are sure to get a kick out of the vast weapon selection, but gamers looking for an in-depth experience may want to search elsewhere for satisfaction. The online support for 32 players might be enough for some to get their money's worth, but if you desire a challenging tactical shooter, then there are certainly better choices on the market.
GameSpy (Aug 15, 2005)
With the abundance of shooters on the market today, there's no way I can recommend Delta Force: Black Hawk Down -- even if it's not technically "bad." The multiplayer has too many hiccups to be worth your time. The single-player mode is so unbalanced that when I put the game on my bookshelf, it tipped over. Diehard military fans may want to rent this puppy for something different -- especially for the online carnage -- but Mr. Tom Clancy has this beat in every conceivable way.
360 Magazine (Aug, 2005)
No one can deny the formidable technical feat Climax has achieved here with its conversion of Novalogic's 2003 PC original. We thought we'd be flying to work in rocket cars and vacationing on the moon before we'd see 50-players on the Xbox. But, a game so woefully behind its peers in every other aspect (graphics, sound, physics, depth, feel) remains impossible to recommend, online or off.
40 (Sep 01, 2005)
Bonjour, je suis un jeu de type FPS sorti il y a déjà bien des lunes sur PC, pas vraiment mémorable et tentant de redorer le blason d'une série tombée en désuétude. J'ai voulu faire le malin en m'inspirant d'événements tragiques que j'ai transformé en tir au pigeon. Mes parents se nomment Novalogic et aujourd'hui ils m'envoient en colo sur PS2 et Xbox où je fais encore plus pâle figure que sur PC. Mon nom est Delta Force Black Hawk Down et je vous dis zut.
1UP (Aug 11, 2005)
We all know war shooters are a dime a dozen these days. There's no reason to spend half a page complaining about how developers need to start coming up with new ideas, so let's be brief. At the very least, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down isn't yet another World War II or Vietnam-based shooter and its namesake is associated with a suitably great Ridley Scott action film. Too bad none of that actually makes it fun to play.
Game Revolution (Aug, 2005)
And like those quiet, limp deaths, eventually the game itself keels over in the dust of its old age and overly familiar play. While not a spectacular failure, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down is just another ho-hum first-person shooter, offering a big multiplayer canvas but little else. I wouldn’t call it as unattractive as a live grenade, but I wouldn’t go jumping on it, either.