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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 2.4
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be -
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 2.2
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 2.4
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 1.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed
(required for every game entry that isn't a compilation or special edition)
Overall User Score (5 votes) 2.1

Critic Reviews

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Overall, I can’t recommend Destroy All Humans! 2 enough. The fun and addictive gameplay will keep you going longer than you wanted to play when you first sat down.
Game Chronicles (Nov 19, 2006)
Very rarely do I get to say that a sequel is actually better than the original, but Destroy All Humans! 2 manages to boost just about every level of humor, storytelling, and gameplay up at least a slight notch. Perhaps I can relate more to the 60’s than the 50’s, but I just had a better time playing this game than the first, but honestly, you should probably play them both. Destroy All Humans! is a great franchise, and this latest installment is certainly worth your time if you love aliens, off-color humor, Jack Nicholson, hippies, free love, the Cold War, KGB, and free-roaming sandbox-style gameplay.
Taking place in the 60s, the colors are vibrant if not psychedelic. Graphically the game is good but not great. Admittedly the town is huge and there is lots of detail but there is constant fog that limits the view distance, sometimes to only a few feet. Pop-up is prevalent. But all is forgiven with the excellent gameplay and jarring humor that reminds us that not all comedy has to be aimed at 12-year olds and old ladies in Peoria. There is plenty of sophisticated lampooning going on. With the game even making fun of itself nothing is safe from being spoofed.
Lawrence (Oct 28, 2006)
Improvements have been made this time around, but not enough to make it a truly immersive open-ended game. Mercenaries and the Grand Theft Auto series did a fantastic job of giving the players endless options for gameplay. Destroy All Humans 2 has a few side missions and collectibles, but not quite enough to escape that semi-linear feel. DAH2 is a better game than the original, but not by a substantial amount. With some more immersive gameplay, this could become a fantastic franchise.
82 (Nov 21, 2006)
Gleich vorweg: Innovationen oder deutlich verbesserte Grafik sollte man von Destroy all Humans! 2 nicht erwarten, das Spiel – innerhalb von 12 Monaten zusammengestrickt – ist vielmehr eine typische Fortsetzung. Heißt im Klartext: Detailverbesserungen beim Gameplay, eine neue Storyline und frische, nun frei erkundbare Level, die zudem nun auch kooperativ spielbar sind. Die wenigen Änderungen schlagen jedoch ein und heben das Spiel in Punkto Qualität ein gutes Stück nach oben. Auch beim Humor – von vielen US-Medien bemängelt – können wir nicht klagen, haben doch die zahlreichen Anspielungen auf Hippies, Kommunisten, Briten, alte Science Fiction Filme und nicht zuletzt den ersten Teil für herzhafte Lacher gesorgt. Kurz gesagt: Destroy all Humans! 2 ist ein gelungenes Actionspiel mit reichlich Humor. Wer den ersten Teil mochte, der wird auch beim zweiten Teil zugreifen können!
GameSpy (Oct 24, 2006)
Pandemic seems to have done all the right things with Destroy All Humans! 2. It upped Crypto's arsenal and abilities and let him loose to fire away with both trigger finger and tongue at a brand new decade of humans. The graphics won't amaze you and you may be under whelmed at the multiplay, but it'll put a smile on your face and give you fond memories of the waning days of the original Xbox.
80 (Oct 27, 2006)
Not all is well in this game, however. Controls take some getting used to, as well as you may often find some powers are odd or even worthless. Also, some weapons leave a lot to be desired. As fun as it is to have the variety of weapons, some of them are useless. The map is also pretty bland and objectives are hard to track down. One would think an alien with the power of mind reading might be able to get an address sometimes, but this is not the case. The humor can also get a little flat sometimes, as the same joke is played through the whole game. Still, its a fun ride while it lasts. Its a solid weekend rental for someone looking to kill some time with a friend, and another example of Pandemic's awesome talent.
GamingExcellence (Dec 01, 2006)
In the end, Destroy All Humans! 2 removes all the annoying issues from the first game, but also feels a little too safe in certain instances. The story (except for the basic premise) feels a little tacked on and it's really the side-missions and exploration that will keep you playing. That is not to say that DAH2 is not worthy of your time, it still remains a fun romp through the sixties with the most jaded guide you could ever hope for. Crypto remains a supremely fun character and hopefully we'll get to see him again soon on next-gen hardware. A fun diversion.
Game Over Online (Nov 20, 2006)
Overall, Destroy All Humans! 2 is a solid, but unmemorable game. The first stood out because it featured a unique premise and sharp humor, this lacks either of those, and ends up feeling like a mere add-on pack to the first instead of its own game. There's nothing particularly bad about the game, but also nothing spectacular about it. It's simply a good game that does a lot of things right, but not better than before. As a fan of the first, I was disappointed by just how similar this is to it. Other fans of the first would be wise to wait for a price drop. There is no good reason to spend $50 on this, especially when the first can be found for $20 and packs in two B-movies as extras.
Gamers Globe (Mar 26, 2007)
Missionerne i Destroy All Humans! 2 er desværre lidt ensformige, og AI'en er heller ikke altid lige klog, hvilket er ret irriterende, specielt når man af og til skal beskytte nogle andre, og de løber direkte ind i ens skudlinje. Det gør også, at man tit bliver nødt til at starte forfra på missionerne, og af og til har man næsten ikke tålmodighed til det, fordi de af og til kan være rimelig lange. Grafisk er spillet på det jævne, og designet af byerne er heller ikke helt så karakteristisk og særpræget, som man kunne ønske sig – Crypto er dog stadig en forbandet godt designet person.
Extreme Gamer (Nov 06, 2006)
Destroy All Humans! 2 bring more outlandish campy sci-fi action from our favorite fowl mouthed alien, Crypto. Much like the original Destroy All Humans! 2 maintains a balance between action and humor that gives it some extra charm. Destroy All Humans! 2 really isn't a huge improvement over the original, more like a mild upgrade. If you need a mindless action game with an absurd storyline and over the top action, Destroy All Humans! 2 is a good spot to probe.
The Next Level (Dec 08, 2006)
You veterans might not need to play this if you dug deeply into the original, but you'll probably still want to. To those that are coming in fresh, though, it's advisable to try it out before you make any hasty investments. Destroy All Humans! 2 is groovy enough to warrant its sequel status, but here's hoping this alien will start singing a different tune if he ever beams down to the next generation.
Game Revolution (Nov 10, 2006)
Destroy All Humans 2 is a very average action game that’s only funny when it isn’t trying to be. Vaporizing humans and terrorizing cities in a big flying saucer is still fun, but the missions are decidedly of this world. Without the charm of the original, Destroy All Humans 2 won’t be anybody’s favorite Martian.