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Dino Crisis 3 Screenshots (Xbox)

User Screenshots

Xbox version

Main Title/Main Menu
Long lost ship approaching Earth... should we be concerned?
A few survivors from the blast trying to find a way into the ship... not a wise thing to do.
Getting acquainted with the controls as the game starts.
Looking at your partner from 1st-person perspective which is now available as well.
Character's inventory screen.
There's no jumping here, but jet pack you carry will prove most useful.
Meeting the first resident of this ghost ship, and beating the world's record in running.
Using tempest to dispose of encountering dino-menace.
When in 3rd-person perspective, your character will automatically turn towards the threat when shooting, no need to bother aiming.
Save game spot, also the only place where you can buy items.
Object such as crates or sliding plates that can be destroyed will glow in red.
The quicker you battle incoming dinos, the more elimination points you earn for later purchase.
Dinos will use couple of different attacks, depending upon your position to them.
Laser weapon is the most effective against bigger threats.
Using jet-pack to speed up the walking.
Inside the experiment laboratory.
Correcting the energy flow at the main computer.
Where is the director when you need to yell 'Cut!'
In boss battles you can see enemy gauge at the bottom.
Your captain buying some time for the rest of you to escape.
Unravel the mystery behind the only human looking survivor on this ghost ship.
Checking out the map.
Most of security doors open with so called wasp projectiles.
Escaping via elevator, using 1st-person view.
This time, dinos will not be just dinos, but rather enhanced experiments using dinosaur DNA.
Playing as Sonya, she has a little different and less powerful weapon.
You can count on occasional short-on-time and going out in the space missions.