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Written by  :  MasterMegid (902)
Written on  :  Apr 20, 2006
Rating  :  4.63 Stars4.63 Stars4.63 Stars4.63 Stars4.63 Stars

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Hell has broken loose on Mars, you are a Marine, grab a shotgun you know what to...

The Good

Doom 3 has in development for a long time. It finally did come out for the PC and a little later for the Xbox. Was it worth the wait? Does it live up to the classic franchise? Fortunately the answers the these questions is yes.

The Story in Doom 3 is essentially the same as that of the original Doom. In fact Doom 3 is considered a remake of the original. It much more in depth this time around, yet the essentials are still the same, you are a nameless space marine whom must fight the forces of hell on the Mars Base. The game introduces you to other characters like the mad Dr. Betruger. And Administrator Swann, and his bodyguard. In Doom 3 you are the newest Marine to be sent to the base. From the start you hear of mysterious experiments and disappearances in the depths of the base. Before long all hell breaks loose. Doom 3 is more of a horror game than previous Dooms. There are less hordes of enemies and one on one encounters. All the old demons return and are much creepier this time around.

This is of course is thanks to Doom 3’s incredible graphics engine. The Graphics are just mind blowing awesome. The Xbox version is not quite as sharp as the it’s PC counterpart, but then again the PC Collector’s Edition was not as good. The enemies look to real, the lighting effects are incredible. This game would be worth a play through just to see how far games have come from Doom in 1993.

The Sound and Music, the music is not very prevalent in this game what little there is good I must say. ( Why didn’t Trent Reznor do the music?) The Sound effect shine in this one. ( Try it in 5.1 surround) They really lend to a creepy atmosphere.

The Gameplay is very similar to the original games. This could have been a bad thing. Yet if they had strayed to far from the familiar formula fans still would have complained. I think it is just enough like the classic Dooms yet different enough to keep you playing. The flashlight thing is often complained about, these complaints are unfounded, and those making the complaints are generally morons. All the classic monsters and weapons return.( Hell’s yeah BFG’s back) As well as some new ones. The Collector’s Edition comes with Doom 1 and 2 plus Final Doom. Very sweet indeed.

The Bad

If any thing is bad about this game it has to be the weak multiplayer. The CO-OP rocks but that’s it. They game is on the short side, and with the ending you knew that a expansion was coming.

The Bottom Line

Fans of the original will enjoy this one. Newbies will find it entertaining too. One of the Xbox’s best shooters, better even than Halo 2.