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GamePro (US) (Sep 29, 2003)
Yeah, there’s not much other than hacking and slashing here, but it’s fast and fun, and for four players. Heroes takes a look at what D&D’s all about (with the exception of an embarrassingly easy red dragon boss), strips out everything else, and makes sure you have fun with what’s left.
Game Chronicles (Nov 29, 2003)
Dungeons & Dragons Heroes will hopefully spark a new franchise of multiplayer games and if we are lucky the next generation will support online play. Meanwhile, this is one of the best new multiplayer games and its exclusive to the Xbox, so you even get some system bragging rights to go along with your hack and slash adventures.
87 (Jan 27, 2003)
Innovationen suchen wir hier zwar vergebens, trotzdem bringt D&D Heroes jede Menge kurzweilige Unterhaltung. Vor allem mit bis zu drei Mitspielern schlägt der Suchtfaktor des Action-Rollenspiels zu. Also das Gehirn aus- und die Xbox anschalten und nichts wie los ins Monstergetümmel.
RPGFan (Oct 30, 2003)
Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes may get flack from the hardcore D&D crowd for simply being a Diablo clone set in the D&D universe, but it's still hard to deny the simple joy in teaming up with three friends to kick the crap out a Beholder. Ultimately, the pen-and-paper game was designed to bring people together -- and in this regard, Heroes is as true to the D&D experience as just about anything else out there.
Deeko (2004)
I had expected to find myself playing just another game like Baldur's Gate or Gauntlet and, for the most part, I was correct. However, Dungeons and Dragons Heroes is a step up from these two titles, with a better user interface, a larger amount of customization and better controls. While the graphics seems to be a baby step back, the camera, which can zoom in and out, makes up for it. The gameplay is incredible, the musical score is impressive and the controls are fantastic. I would be hard pressed not to recommend this game to fans of the genre. I mean, if you liked Baldur's Gate and are looking for a GREAT way to pass the time until the second is released, then Dungeons and Dragons Heroes is most certainly the game for you. Simply put, it is fantastic.
XBox-Zone (Nov 14, 2003)
Der Mehrspielermodus zeichnet sich ebenfalls durch Einfachheit aus - wer mit Ihnen im Kampf gegen Magier Kaedin mitmischen möchte, stöpselt einfach seinen Controller ein und kann auch im späteren Spielverlauf problemlos mit einsteigen. Mit wachsendem Gegner- und Freundaufkommen mehren sich allerdings auch die Ruckler, die aber nie spielstörende Ausmaße annehmen. Die Präsentation ist ansonsten stimmig - neben der guten Grafik dürfte besonders die fantasytypische Musikuntermalung die Heldenherzen höher schlagen lassen.
IGN (Sep 19, 2003)
We all loved Gauntlet in the arcade and D&D Heroes captures the adventure-filled essence of that classic but with a very clever new control system that can be enhanced and refined in all sorts of interesting ways. It's exclusive to Xbox as well, so it can be a good game to expand your offline multiplayer library.
GameZone (Oct 08, 2003)
D&D Heroes has its flaws, and lacks originality, but that does not stop this from being an enjoyable game. Players new to the genre should find this entertaining while the veterans won’t find it that challenging but a nice continuation of the genre.
80 (Mar 18, 2004)
Most Dungeons & Dragons fans may not like this game; Gauntlet fans will love it. It would have been nice to see Xbox Live support so you could go online and play with some friends like Phantasy Star Online, but overall it’s a great game to play. With great music and gameplay it is well worth the price.
It's depressing that the single player game is so unfun, and the lack of Live support means you have to be able to scrape together friends who are willing to spend many hours playing this. Put together as a whole, D&D Heroes seems to be a rather average game. But that's not exactly true, as it does raise the bar on multiplayer Action/RPGs. It's definitely better than Baldur's Gate: DA, but DA had a better single player game. But if you have a small cadre of fellow D&D players, it's fun to get them together with a case of beer and just sit down and play and watch the hours drain away as you bicker over who gets the amulet that raises your dexterity.
GameSpy (Oct 05, 2003)
D&D Heroes is both a souped-up Gauntlet and a stripped-down Dark Alliance; it's not as pretty as it should be, but the gameplay is rock-solid, and the multiplayer mode is can't-miss entertainment. If you want a deeper, richer dungeon hack, you'll want to wait for EverQuest: Champions of Norrath and/or Dark Alliance II; otherwise, Heroes will do ya just fine.
78 (Jan 05, 2004)
Das einfache Hack&Slay-Prinzip mit RPG-Elementen, das auf PCs spätestens seit Diablo 2 für Stimmung sorgte, funktioniert auch bei Dungeons & Dragons Heroes wunderbar. Ohne großartige Anforderungen an den Spieler zu stellen, wird die nötige Langzeitmotivation durch die gelungene Charakterentwicklung und die neuen Items garantiert, die man auf dem Weg zum Endgegner findet. Und auch wenn es leider keinen Online-Modus gibt, kommt sowohl im Einzelspieler- und vor allem im Multiplayer-Modus schnell Spielspaß auf. Dass die seit Gauntlet bekannten Probleme mit der Richtungswahl der Gruppe auch wieder mit von der Partie sind, stört nur unwesentlich und gehört schon fast mit dazu. Leider zeigen Ruckler, sich abnutzende Animationen und die insgesamt nur durchschnittliche Umgebungsoptik, dass die Xbox grafisch nicht wirklich ausgenutzt wird. Einzig die sehenswerten Spezialeffekte sorgen für Grafikgenuss. Spaßig, unkompliziert, empfehlenswert!
The Next Level (Nov 05, 2003)
You have to take Heroes for what it is - a hack and slash dungeon crawl that's trying to keep things somewhat simple. Characters are predetermined, as is your course. Even if you're a hardcore D&D fan, there has to be a soft spot somewhere in that soul of yours to explore the dungeons, battle the Beholders, and vanquish the evil wizard - or you've lost what D&D originally set out to be. This isn't Gauntlet, Baldur's Gate, or Icewind Dale II, but it's a damn fine addition to the Xbox's growing library and certainly the (first) best in the genre on the system. Want hardcore D&D? Try Temple of Elemental Evil for the PC, but try Heroes anyway. It's worth the trip.
Netjak (Nov 06, 2003)
Dungeons and Dragons Heroes isn’t quite everything fans hoped it would be, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking it out. There’s something immensely satisfying about plowing through hordes of monsters with a group of friends, and Heroes does that exceptionally well, despite its other flaws.
HonestGamers (Sep 26, 2009)
Play this with a friend, or don’t play it at all. Just don’t be too surprised if you’re no longer friends come endgame.
X-Power (Oct 23, 2003)
Al degenen die volop van Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance konden genieten, moeten deze game in huis halen. Het principe van beiden games is net hetzelfde alleen moet Dungeons & Dragons het onderspit delven op grafisch gebied. De besturing van je personage verloopt vlekkeloos en de levensduur is dik in orde, zeker wanneer je met elk personage de game wil beëindigen of gebruik maakt van de coöperatieve multiplayer. Dungeons & Dragons Heroes brengt niet echt iets nieuws onder de zon, maar brengt de typische kenmerken van een hack en slash RPG weer een keertje tot leven. Een game dat zich comfortabel kan nestelen bij de middenmoot.
GameSpot (Sep 16, 2003)
D&D Heroes has a number of redeeming qualities and isn't a bad way of whiling away a few minutes, or hours, if you're looking for a pure hack-and-slash action RPG. But if that's you, then you ought to have played other, similar, and far superior games before, and, as such, D&D Heroes won't do much of anything to impress you.
65 (Nov 10, 2003)
Voici un jeu plaisant à parcourir pour l'amateur qui n'aura que faire de la répétitivité de l'action puisqu'à la base de ce type de jeu. Beaucoup moins riche qu'un Diablo, moins beau qu'un Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance bien que s'appuyant fortement sur ce dernier, Dungeons & Dragons Heroes n'en est pas moins un titre qui vous permettra d'attendre la sortie du tant attendu Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 2. Un soupçon d'originalité aurait tout de même été le bien venu.
60 (UK) (Nov 20, 2003)
If you're looking for a stopgap hackandslash between now and Dark Alliance 2 or maybe Champions of Norrath, then this is certainly worth a go. A rental, preferably. It won't frustrate you too much, but likewise it won't inspire you either. It's a straight up hackandslash that anyone with friends to play it with will probably enjoy, falling somewhere between Gauntlet's button-mashing traditions and Dark Alliance's intelligence and fun.
I längden blir Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes en smula enformigt, särskilt om man spelar ensam, men är man flera bjuder det på en stunds god underhållning. Mitt råd är dock att först spela förebilden, det betydligt bättre Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, innan man ger sig i kast med det här. Om inte annat så av moraliska skäl.
The Video Game Critic (Jan 30, 2005)
Dungeons and Dragons Heroes has only one major flaw, but it's a killer. The camera control is left completely to the player! And while the right joystick makes it easy to swing and zoom the camera, the fact that you have to wrestle with it constantly is deplorable. Making adjustments while exploring is one thing, but when you're battling a half-dozen trolls and inadvertently move behind a wall, there's no time to mess with the camera angle. The disk states that the game is "best played together", but I beg to differ. With multiple characters, the camera pulls far back, making it hard to see what's going on in the dark scenery. If not for the camera issues, this might have been a winner, but as it is, Heroes falls into the average category.