The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Game of the Year Edition) Screenshots (Xbox)

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Bloodmoon expansion.
Back off, snow wolves!
Bloodmoon's island is mostly covered with snow.
Fog sets in.
And now it's actively snowing. Great.
Bloodmoon's island of Solstheim. Get here by boat from Khuul.
More icy and more dangerous to the north of the island.
Fort Frostmoth at the south of the island.
Inside the frosty fort.
Tribunal takes place in the capital city of Mournhold.
Royal palace gardens.
Residential district of Mournhold.
A local thinks about his lawn.
Large fountain greets visitors to the city.
The "Great Bazaar" district of Mournhold.
An amphitheater for gatherings.
Merchant tents with items for sale.
Mournhold's enormous temple.
Mournhold was built over the ruins of Old Mournhold, making for dungeons.
Spooks in the sewers!