Evil Dead: Regeneration (Xbox)

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Written by  :  Tiroloco (24)
Written on  :  Dec 22, 2008
Platform  :  Xbox
Rating  :  3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars

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A is for Ass-Kicking, B is for Bruce, C for Campbell

The Good

And D id for Deadite.

Evil Dead: Regeneration is a game made by and for Evil Dead fans. You control Bru... I mean, Ash with his chainsaw on his right, his boomstick in his left and his witty one liners, with the voice of Bruce Campbell himself. That is 9 points in the Awesome scale.

You have a sidekick, a deadite called Sam, voiced by Ted Raimi, that surprisingly manages to create one of the best voiceover performances I've ever heard in a game, kudos to him too. His role is mainly a comic relief, though, but sometimes you have to control him in mini-missions required to advance in the story that normally end with him being kicked in the ass, by you.

The graphics are clearly inspired in the movie series, the sense of humor, the camera tricks... everything looks like it has come right off the film into the game.

The Bad

It's awfully short! And easy. I expected the game to be a little challenging, but it was a walk in the park. Even the boss fights were, in the worst case, a matter of two attempts.

There are too little finishing moves; I wanted to put this in 'The Good' part of the review, but I can't. They're awesome, but there are like two or three of them in total.

Sam's mini-missions are easy as cake and repetitive, too.

The Bottom Line

If you are an Evil Dead fan, go ahead, play it, you can finish it in an afternoon and you'll enjoy it. This game needs a sequel, pronto. It has to be bigger, longer and harder.