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GameZone (Oct 20, 2005)
I love the FIFA franchise. It’s a love that goes beyond my obvious affection for the sport as an Englishman and sports fan. While the Winning Eleven game on the Xbox was magnificent I seem to always turn my attention to EA Sports soccer game. Yet in the year of the Xbox 360, this year’s edition might very well be the best soccer game you’ll play on your original Xbox. Welcome to FIFA 06, soccer fans.
GameSpot (Oct 12, 2005)
Regardless of its less-than-perfect online play, FIFA 06 is a game that no soccer fan should be without. The offline gameplay is difficult to fault, the graphics (especially the stadiums and player animations) rarely fail to impress, and the game's eclectic soundtrack (which boasts no fewer than 38 tracks from all over the world) never sounds out of place. The sound of a stadium full of fans chanting in FIFA 06 is also a real treat, and it really helps set the atmosphere ahead of an important match. To quote one of the game's many musical anthems, FIFA 06 "feels just like it should."
GameSpy (Oct 18, 2005)
FIFA Soccer 06 is a consistent title that improves, as a sports game should, on the year prior's title. It's still a step or two behind Winning Eleven, but it's a great starter title for people curious about soccer games. The new controls are welcome additions, although the revamped New Dribble control scheme seems like a pandering gesture to get diehard soccer fans to play EA's game. Also, for owners of both a PS2 and an Xbox, there are some hard decisions to make. Xbox Live is the way to go for online, unless you have no problem signing up for ads or charging two dollars to your credit card for what should be a free experience -ultimately, the online situation is something to strongly consider between the two; it's enough to differentiate the scores between systems. Either way, though, it's a solid game, although WE/Pro Evo's soccer fanatics might not be willing to convert quite yet.
Game Over Online (Nov 21, 2005)
Simply put, if you’re a fan of football (or soccer), you really can’t miss with this title. The gameplay is extremely solid, the managerial mode is surprisingly deep and the additional features make FIFA 06 a great sports addition for fans of the sport.
1UP (Oct 11, 2005)
EA Sports continues to refine the FIFA franchise in an attempt to finally topple the Winning Eleven series as the number one game in soccer fans' hearts. It's come close in previous years, with last year's game doing a remarkable job of getting so close as to be a matter of taste, rather than features -- but will it follow Madden as the definitive choice for the sport?
IGN (Sep 30, 2005)
EA's other football franchise remains popular but isn't always the choice of the most serious soccer fans. For the 06 version, the developers at EA Canada have jammed every detail of every team and player into the game, making it the most thorough, most accurate representation of FIFA football we've seen yet. Knowing Thierry Henry's birthday, however is only so much fun. The challenge set before FIFA 06 this year and every other year is how well it can appeal to soccer fans who crave the gameplay depth and control found in Konami's Winning Eleven series.
83 (Sep 15, 2005)
FIFA 2006 hat mir als PES-Dauerzocker überraschend viel Spaß gemacht. Die schicke Grafik, die stimmungsvollen Schlachtgesänge der Fans und die vielen Lizenzen versprühen viel Fußballatmosphäre. Auch die Matches selbst erinnern inzwischen mehr an echten Fußball als bei früheren Serienteilen, EA Sports ist auf jeden Fall auf dem richtigen Weg. Gäbe es da nicht ein Pro Evolution Soccer stände als Wertung unter diesem Test mit Sicherheit eine 90%, so hat die japanische PES-Serie aber immer noch einen deutlichen Vorsprung in den Bereichen Ballphysik, Spieleranimationen und Langzeitmotivation dank kurioser Spielszenen. Somit bleibt der FIFA-Reihe erneut nur ein guter zweiter Platz, an dem sich mit mehr Feintuning in den nächsten Jahren allerdings etwas ändern könnte.
X-Power (Sep 28, 2005)
Gamers die trouw zweren aan FIFA mogen gerustgesteld zijn dat het spel opnieuw lichtjes anders, maar toch vertrouwd., aanvoelt. Deze 2006 versie behoudt ongeveer dezelfde sterke en zwakke punten van de vorige edities, al worden de zwakke punten beetje bij beetje sterker. Deze FIFA zal de critici niet van gedacht doen veranderen, en ook de fans niet teleurstellen. Sommigen zullen deze FIFA 2006 willen kopen van zodra hij in de rekken ligt, anderen zullen liever hun zuurverdiende centen uitgeven aan Pro Evolution Soccer 5. Wij kunnen geen van beide groepen ongelijk geven, dus ook zeker de fans van FIFA niet! FIFA verschijnt naar goede gewoonte net iets eerder dan zijn concurrent, wat toch aantoont dat EA een beetje schrik begint te krijgen van de positieve ontvangst voor PES. Maar zoals gezegd: spijt van je aankoop zal je niet hebben met FIFA 2006… tenzij je een beter voetbalspel verwacht dan PES4, want dat is het niet.
80 (Sep 29, 2005)
Cette année promettait un choc de titan entre FIFA et PES, ce ne sera pas le cas puisque le premier nommé étant une franche déception. Si Konami se moque des licences, EA Sports se moque du gameplay en nous proposant encore et toujours la même façon répétitive de jouer. Au final, nous avons un bon jeu de foot mais qui est loin de tutoyer les sommets. La révolution n'aura donc pas lieu même si de petits efforts ont été faits mais l'évolution entre ce volet et son aîné est bien trop faible pour prétendre à une meilleure note.
80 (Nov 18, 2005)
The FIFA versus PES debate rages on. As the former gets better, so does the latter, and so the status quo remains; while FIFA 06 is probably the best game in the series so far, it's also still unable to close that gap that makes Pro Evolution Soccer 5 the more fluid, more realistic, and ultimately more enjoyable game of football, but at the same time provides enough entertainment in itself to warrant a purchase as well. That is, if you don't already own last year's version...
This is one of the few years in FIFA's seemingly constant restructuring where one of its gameplay elements actually got stronger instead of being ignored or inexplicably dropped.
GamePro (Australia) (Dec 22, 2005)
And it's this, combined with smart marketing and a plethora of licenses that will no doubt win over mainstream fans in FIFA's 15th year. But for skilled gamers looking for a more realistic and deep challenge it doesn't come within cooee of Pro Evolution Soccer's godliness. A decisive run up the midfield for sure, but robbed of the ball just before the penalty box.
Boomtown (Oct 17, 2005)
In effect what we have here is a flawed classic. It plays superbly, the management mode is certainly addictive in the extreme, the AI is great, the graphics detailed and crisp and there are so many modes to enjoy. So it all comes down to those stutters, which seem to affect some gamers more than others - meaning it could be a DVD Drive issue. Let's not get too bogged down on the issue of stutters though, certainly its not stopped me enjoying FIFA 06 more than any other football game I've ever played.
76 (Sep 26, 2005)
Wer ist der schlimmste Feind des Guten? Das Bessere. FIFA 06 hat aber nicht nur ein Problem mit Pro Evolution Soccer 5, das im Oktober zwei Klassen besseren Fußball serviert, sondern auch und vor allem mit sich selbst. Die Spieldynamik krankt an vielen Schwächen, die wir schon letztes Jahr bemängelten: der pomadige Aufbau, die kaum vorhandene Offensiv-KI, das lasche Pressing. Zwar kann man über weite Flankenwechsel und Einzelaktionen etwas Schwung in die Bude bringen, aber gerade vor dem Kasten sieht man dann viele gleiche Tore - man vermisst auf Dauer Überraschungen, Adrenalinkicks sowie Variation. FIFA 06 stagniert mittlerweile auf einem gerade noch guten Niveau und fährt deutlich im Windschatten der Japaner.
Extreme Gamer (Nov 24, 2005)
If you are into soccer I suggest you pick this game up. Most FIFA fans know what I am talking about. They are loyal to the brand. But, its more then just small upgrades. With every FIFA there is always something that is radically different. EA has been great to keep up with these games. There is always improvements being made and EA is always trying out new features to make the next game even better then before. It is amazing how much work goes into these games.
Game Revolution (Oct, 2005)
FIFA has come a long way in the last twelve years, but most of its changes take a few iterations to refine. This is again the case with FIFA 06, a solid all-around improvement over last year’s game. Still, EA should focus on really nailing the online play missing in Winning Eleven and stop embarrassing the franchise with petty control tweaks. It’s the best FIFA to date, but still only the second best player on the pitch.
Next Level Gaming (Oct 08, 2005)
So I am going to turn my sights towards the Xbox 360 version of FIFA '06. To me this version of the game seems to have taken a step back in some regards. FIFA is always going to look good. And they have improved the Dynasty mode and brought some other neat game modes in. But gameplay has always been the staple of a good Soccer game, and when playing against the computer, FIFA '06 just doesn't have it like FIFA 2005 did. The online gameplay really though saves the game from total mediocrity though. Against human opponents the game is still very fun to play. Like I said, bring on the Xbox 360!!
Americans, as a rule, don’t have much patience for soccer. “Too boring,” is the common complaint. “Nothing ever happens.” Since the rest of the world calls the sport “futbol,” Americans tend to compare it to American football, and the two sports couldn’t be more different. Comparing it to hockey makes a bit more sense: both sports are about controlling the ball (or puck), passing well, and setting up scoring opportunities. Goalies in both sports have huge responsibilities. And … both sports tend to be low-scoring. Strategy, rather than action, is the rule of the day.
70 (UK) (Sep 30, 2005)
September and we're already reviewing FIFA? What's that all about? Some things are carved in granite, and FIFA's annual late October outing among the falling leaves and the bracing weather has been as predictable and comforting as a steaming cuppa in the morning.
This version of the game seems to have taken a step back in some regards. FIFA is always going to look good. And they have improved the Dynasty mode and brought in some other neat game modes. But gameplay has always been the staple of a good soccer game, and when playing against the computer, FIFA 06 just doesn't have it like FIFA 05 did. The online gameplay really saves the game from total mediocrity, though. Against human opponents, the game is still very fun to play.