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Game Shark (Nov 28, 2003)
So it’s that time of year again, when EA release a new version of its high profile football franchise. Waiting for a new FIFA game is like a game of videogame Russian roulette. Will the game be a bullet like the great FIFA 98 Road to the World Cup or FIFA 2003? Or will it just be a blank misfire like FIFA 97 or FIFA 2002?
GamePro (US) (Nov 05, 2003)
FIFA Soccer 2004 is a solid simulation of the sport that offers more teams and unique options not available in its main and only competitor on the PS2, Winning Eleven. Some minor control issues remain and the depth is still not where it needs to be, but it delivers a highly worthwhile experience nonetheless.
85 (Nov 13, 2003)
I am now hooked on this game. As a Leeds United fan myself, to me this game allows me to remember the good old days when we could win games. It is a comprehensive and realistic advance for XBox football gaming, with only minor flaws that are soon forgotten through it true addictiveness.
Next Level Gaming (Nov 16, 2003)
They do very little wrong when it comes to Soccer, and maybe that's the reason Sega opted out for a game this year, and we haven't seen much of a rumbling from 989 Sports. With the addition of PS2 online play and another tightening of the gameplay across the board, who's going to really be a challenge this year? FIFA is again where it's at. So I'll see you online for some great footie action.
GameSpot (Nov 21, 2003)
The Xbox version of FIFA 2004 is the most impressive console version, as far as the visuals are concerned, and, along with the GameCube version, it boasts progressive scan support for those of you in a position to take advantage of the feature. The gameplay in all three console versions is virtually identical, but it has to be said that the layout of the buttons on the Xbox controller can make some of the more-demanding moves a lot trickier to perform than on the PS2. In the absence of any serious competition, FIFA Soccer 2004 is far and away the best soccer game available for the Xbox right now. If you have any interest in the sport whatsoever, you'd be crazy not to give it a try.
XBox-Zone (Nov 20, 2003)
Die positive Entwicklung der FIFA-Serie setzt sich mit der 2004er-Version fort. Die Entwickler setzen mehr denn je auf Realismus, was dem Spiel gut steht. Dabei wurde der Titel im Vergleich zum Vorgänger in allen Belangen verbessert: Die Basissteuerung geht einfach von der Hand, bietet aber dennoch genügend Möglichkeiten für die Leute, die sich auch länger mit dem Titel beschäftigen. Dank stark verbessertem Ballphysik-Modell und besserer künstlicher Intelligenz der Mitspieler lassen sich in FIFA 2004 sehr schöne Kombinationen auf dem Platz verwirklichen. Die Technik und Präsentation ist weiterhin überragend und der Konkurrenz um Lichtjahre voraus.
IGN (Nov 10, 2003)
While we Americans are neck deep in the midst of a wild, mud-crunching football season (that's American football, with helmets and stuff), the rest of the world is madly tapping buttons to a different beat. They're playing soccer, football, ah heck, futball. Regarded as the best selling soccer franchise in the world, FIFA Soccer might take the popular vote, but yet it never wins the presidency. It still hasn't convinced the Western world of soccer critics (i.e. the gameplaying population of Europe) that its easy-to-play FIFA series has the realistic roots and genuine cajones of its biggest competitor, Winning Eleven 6, aka Pro Evolution Soccer, or whatever Konami has renamed its stellar PS2 soccer franchise this year. So what has EA cooked up to turn our heads?
80 (Oct 28, 2003)
FIFA 2004 ist ein gutes Fußballspiel - nicht mehr und nicht weniger. Auf den ersten Blick überzeugt FIFA mit seiner gewohnt erstklassigen Präsentation: Egal ob Menüführung, Spielergesichter, Bewegungsabläufe, Stadionarchitektur, Kommentare, Zeitlupen, Jubel oder Fanchöre - freut Euch auf fernsehreifes Fußballfeeling, das auf der Xbox einen ansehnlichen Tick besser inszeniert wird als auf der PS2. Aber auf dem Platz können auch die überzeugenden Features wie die dynamische Eckballsituation oder die gefährlichen Freistöße nicht verschleiern, dass es an zwei wesentlichen Punkten hapert: Spielfluss und Ballphysik.
X-Power (Nov 18, 2003)
Eén ding staat zeker vast : FIFA blijft de beste voetbalreeks op Xbox, en als voetbalfan met enkel een Xbox, kan je bijna niet om het spel heen. De ploegen zijn erg accuraat (al ontbreekt er overal wel iets, bv. geen Mendoza in de basis van Club Brugge, geen Ivica Mornar in de ploeg van Anderlecht), de transfers zijn up to date en het aantal speelbare ploegen is indrukwekkend. Het spel bevat nog steeds een hoop schoonheidsfoutjes en ik kan me niet van de indruk ontdoen dat dit spel nog veel beter was geweest met een paar extra maanden development.. Toch kan ik het spel met een gerust hart aan alle voetbalfans aanraden : FIFA 2004 biedt geen mirakels van inventiviteit of vernieuwde gameplay, maar het blijft een erg stevig en vermakelijk voetbalspel!
80 (Nov 05, 2003)
Comme tous les FIFA, l'édition 2004 se compose d'une belle réalisation associée à un gameplay un peu moins emballant. Ca reste quand même du bon football, le meilleur sur la console à l'heure actuelle.
Extreme Gamer (Dec 18, 2003)
Overall, a strong effort from an established name. A few major problems in the gameplay keep Fifa 2004 from being a truly great sporting title, but the bells and whistles of this game are not to be dismissed. Although there's no real competition for EA's Fifa in North America, this is still a must have for any soccer fan.
Thunderbolt Games (Oct 27, 2003)
In the last few years FIFA has come a long way and it shows. The latest installment is graphically superb, has a decent lifespan and plays like any football game should. With the less than satisfactory manual and confusing interface, there's still work to be done, but I commend EA for the work they've done. FIFA 2003's game engine has been taken and tweaked, producing one of the finest football games around. For Xbox owners who are fans of the sport, this is the best game money can buy.
80 (UK) (Oct 24, 2003)
Taking every facet of the package into account, FIFA completely kicks PES' arse all over the park, and it's obvious that EA has worked impressively hard on all aspects to drag the game up to the kind of high standards that it needs to be to tempt away the growing band of PES-philes. But however much positive energy we lavish on FIFA all the areas that EA beats Konami on - bar online - are simply gloss. In a straight tussle between the games, we just don't enjoy playing FIFA as much as we do PES3, and, for most of you, that's what matters.
Lawrence (Nov 11, 2003)
After FIFA 2003, it would be hard to imagine yet another major improvement for 2004. But Winning Eleven 6 from Konami came out and suddenly everyone forgot about FIFA. With tighter control and better AI, FIFA returns this year and makes itself truly competitive with the Konami effort.
Factornews (Nov 26, 2003)
FIFA 2004 reste fidèle à la série, c'est-à-dire un jeu d’arcade pur jus de grande qualité, peut-être même plus que précédemment. Inutile donc de préciser que le fun est au rendez-vous, même si l’on pourra déplorer une trop grande superficialité du gameplay... Au moins, on ne pourra pas leur reprocher d’être consensuels. La question est donc posée : simu ou arcade ? A vous de choisir.
GameSpy (Nov 28, 2003)
FIFA has been rock solid since most of you were knee-high to a kneepad. With no competition on the Xbox, its reign has been absolute. This is not a generous dictator, however. FIFA keeps improving on its base mechanics and inching toward the sublime every year, but it still has some ways to go before reaching perfection.