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Worth Playing (Mar 17, 2005)
Loyal readers (you sad souls…get a life, ok?) will recall that I gave last year’s Fight Night 2004 a near-perfect 9.9 out of 10, and raved, "All things being said, this is, without a doubt the best boxing game ever made for any platform. A few touches here and there will no doubt bring perfection. As it is, it’s a knockout!"
JustPressPlay (Mar 10, 2005)
If you like any type of boxing game this is a MUST have no matter what. Though I didn't get to try the internet with this game, for the single player alone I would get this game. A lot of improvements from the last "Fight Night" and things to keep you busy in between rounds like your cutmen really add to this game. One of, if not, THE BEST boxing game I have ever played. This game gets a straight 5.0 from me. Well worth the money if you like boxing.
Game Chronicles (May 05, 2005)
For those of you who read my positively glowing review of Fight Night 2004 from last year, there’s no hiding that I absolutely worshipped that game. It pretty much exemplified the sport at that time. By no means perfect, it did however do very little wrong. Capturing what makes boxing what it is, and leaving players with few significant complaints to speak of.
As much as certain events have made gamers a little bitter at EA's business tactics, Fight Night: Round 2 does illustrate what the company is very good at: taking a good thing and making it even better.
92 (Mar 06, 2005)
Fight Night Round 2 is a great boxing game, and EA Sports should be proud that is has crafted such a grand experience. Fight Night Round 2 is not only gorgeous, but is also one of the most realistic sports games to date. Including many features such as career mode and Xbox Live, Fight Night Round 2 is another great accomplishment in the large library of EA Sports titles.
With one sluggish performance after another, the boxing genre has long been past its prime. Previous boxing titles relied on traditional gameplay mechanics that confined the player to limited use of their fighter and made for bouts that were nothing more than mindless, button-mashing sessions. Last year's Fight Night 2004 changed all of that by allowing for "total punch control." Rather than having each button enable a specific punch, the game took full advantage of the controller's dual analog sticks. One analog stick was designated for the use of the fighter's legs and body movement, while the other was specified to various punches and combinations. This ingenious mechanic reinvented the method in which boxing games were played. After the crowds dispersed and the stadium vacated, Fight Night 2004 remained uncontested as the reigning champion of boxing titles.
90 (Mar 24, 2005)
Boxing in my humble opinion is the king of sports. Although it is primeval and violent there is no other sport that requires as much focus, strength and individual mental and physical strength. Fight Night Round 2 is the king of boxing titles if you are a big fan of the sport then I really cannot see how this game would be a disappointment.
GameSpy (Mar 01, 2005)
All told, I absolutely love this game. Round 2 addresses the issues I had with the original and contains improvements I wasn't even expecting. Sure there are still some small problems that keep the game from being outstanding, but I'm really impressed with the progress EA Sports is making with the series. It's like watching a great fighter that's just starting his career. He's great now, he's surprising you with his progress, and you'll know he'll end up in the hall of fame. Fight Night Round 2 is another fantastic step in this hall-of-fame series.
It looks so real you can feel your brain slapping against the inside of your skull. Also more lifelike is the career mode, in which your fighter will actually age, necessitating training and the best equipment. But, nothing makes you feel quite as alive as being in the ring, where sweat and bloody spray are the champagne of victory. Absolutely glorious.
XBox Front (Mar 28, 2005)
"I'm the greatest". Diese Worte werden einigen von euch in den Ohren widerhallen und den meisten ein Begriff sein, denn sie stammen von Niemand anderem als Boxlegende 'Muhammad Ali'. Viele Jahre sind seitdem verstrichen und vor cirka einem Jahr erschien das bis dato beste Boxspiel, welches die Zockergemeinde in Empfang nehmen durfte. Nun geht die Prügelsimulation in die nächste Runde, um genau zu sein: In die 2. Runde…
GamerDad (Nov 07, 2005)
It's violent and bloody, yes. But the blood is realistic and it is a boxing simulation. If you let your kids watch boxing on HBO, watch that Contender reality show, or want them to learn about it, this is the perfect game. If your kids love even more violent fighting games, this is a good option to teach them about something real and more tactical to boot. If boxing offends you, if you're against this kind of game or sport... why are you reading this review anyway? The bottom line is that this is a fighting simulation that'll show kids that there are consequences to combat. That the human body suffers and that heroism can be as harrowing as it is thrilling. Those are good lessons if the violence doesn't offend your sensibilities.
GamePro (US) (Mar 04, 2005)
Like a well-trained boxer, this year's Fight Night sticks to what's worked in the past as well as gained new abilities to please the crowd even more. The most striking change is in the innovative control scheme--where you use the right analog stick to throw jabs, hooks, and uppercuts--which has now been slightly altered to enable you to fight more like a professional pug in the ring. Haymakers, or powerful punches, can be thrown at anytime and blocking as you shuffle your feet are part of your repertoire. Additionally, the responsibilities of the cutman lie in your hands in-between rounds as you're charged with stopping the bleeding and reducing the swelling on the fighter's face.
IGN (Feb 24, 2005)
As a big supporter of last year's game, I had equally big expectations for EA Sports Fight Night Round 2 -- especially since there was still so much that could be done to make it even better. Regardless of its room for improvement, though, the original had done so much right in its first appearance that it easily remained my favorite athletics title of 2004. The reason it did is because it managed to accomplish something that few other sports titles rarely do: it invented a new mechanic that would change the genre forever from that day forward. With a debut like that, I was curious to see how well the development team could follow up on such a powerful first effort.
GameSpot (Mar 01, 2005)
Last year's Fight Night 2004 reinvigorated boxing video games, as boxing had become a sports genre that many people had written off years ago. After a sequence of mixed results in the Knockout Kings series, EA Sports' Fight Night came along and introduced entirely new mechanics to the boxing genre, creating a fast-moving and free-flowing style that better reflected the pugilistic arts seen on TV. A year later, the second version in the Fight Night series is here, and it does what it has to do: improves on an already winning formula.
87 (Apr 04, 2005)
Fight Night Round 2 ist ein in punkto Gameplay konsequent verbessertes Spiel. Leider wurde die größte Schwäche noch immer nicht ausgemerzt, denn der Karrieremodus wirkt sich auch diesmal nicht sehr positiv auf die Langzeitmotivation aus. Somit bleibt Fight Night Round 2 ein hervorragendes Boxspiel, das aufgrund der fehlenden Online-Unterstützung und dem dünnen Karrieremodus sein Potenzial nicht gänzlich ausschöpft.
I try playing Madden with some of my equally non-sporto friends and the score's always 0-0 after 20 minutes of comedy offense. Boxing, on the other hand, is immediately approachable by anyone, and no boxing sim has ever made the sport more accessible in all its bloody glory than this year's Fight Night.
1UP (Mar 02, 2005)
Anyone who experienced last year's version of EA Sports' Fight Night knows that while the game wasn't perfect, it was very addictive. That reality puts EA Sports in the enviable position of being able to take a game with an universally loved control scheme, and simply work out some of the niggling little bugs for the annual update. Fight Night Round 2 is significantly better than its predecessor, but like most EA Sports releases, sequels feel more like baby steps rather than giant leaps.
83 (Mar 23, 2005)
Einfach Fight Night Round 2 ins Laufwerk schmeißen und ihr sitzt in der ersten Boxreihe. Selbst das Zuschauen macht aufgrund der packenden Zeitlupen und der lebensecht animierten Athleten einen Heidenspaß. Jeder Jab, jeder Haken, jeder Knockout wird von der Kamera in einem fotorealistischen Pixelfest zelebriert - die Präsentation ist fernsehreif, das Kampfgefühl aufgrund des neuen Haltens und Verarztens noch authentischer. Leider kann der Einzelspielermodus nicht ganz an die Faszination der Multiplayerduelle anknüpfen, weil sich die Karriere auf Dauer etwas zu eintönig und für Kenner zu leicht spielt: den gegnerischen Boxern fehlt es an Profil, die KI ist leicht durchschaut, es gibt keine Story-Dramatik. Auch die vereinzelten Clippingfehler in den Wiederholungen sowie die im Vergleich zum Ringrealismus etwas fade Zuschauerkulisse bilden kleine Schwachpunkte. Ein großer ist jedoch das Fehlen des Online-Modus. Warum verwehrt man Europäern diese fette Multiplayer-Delikatesse?
X-Power (Apr 17, 2005)
Alles in acht genomen is Fight Night: Round 2 een zeer degelijke game. Het vechten met de thumbstick vergt echter wel wat training, maar door de logische redenering achter de slagen zal je dit systeem snel gewend raken. Doordat er niet veel concurrentie is in dit soort spellen is het gemakkelijk om de beste te zijn in zijn soort, maar EA heeft niet zomaar een slappe game afgeleverd en zeker ook geen Fight Night met gewoon een paar extra dingen. Dit is een totaal nieuw spel dat zeer vermakelijk is als je van boksen houdt.
80 (Mar 18, 2005)
Note Générale 16/20Round 2 est une très bonne surprise dans le sens où il apporte pas mal de petites nouveautés et qu'il gomme les problèmes de Fight Night 2004. Le gameplay est toujours aussi bien pensé et une fois que vous vous serez accommodé au système des deux sticks, vous prendrez un plaisir immense à enchaîner les combats qui sont réalistes, techniques et plutôt difficiles malgré la jouabilité instinctive. Si on pouvait s'attendre à une suite profitant de la renommée du premier épisode, on obtient au final un jeu techniquement supérieur, au gameplay amélioré et à l'intérêt encore plus profond, plutôt positif non ?
Netjak (Jul 25, 2005)
So despite its flaws, I really enjoyed Fight Night: Round 2. EA has addressed some of my complaints from last year, and flat-out ignored others. The replay value is still rather limited, but what more do you expect from a boxing game? The controls are truly perfect for a boxing game; the mental aspects of boxing are well represented, and the character models look very good. All in all, a boxing fan could do no wrong in picking up Fight Night: Round 2. It’s a fantastic boxing game.
GameDaily (Mar 09, 2005)
Good evening, fight fans, and welcome to tonight's super cyber brawl. I'm your host, Robert Cosell, and with me providing commentary and eating from a large bowl of Doritos is my co-host and former boxing champion of the world, George Workman. Tonight we've got quite the match-up for you, as we compare other crappy boxing games on the market with this young upstart, EA Sports' Fight Night Round 2. George, what can you tell us about this contender?