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Ford Racing 3 Credits

For Razorworks

ProductionKevin Bezant, Steve Hart
DesignTerry Watts
ArtJames Morris, Mika Välimaa, Simon Davies, Gavin Clark, Steven Crow, Marco Segers, Paul Amesbury, Andy Debus, Kam Chana, Matthew Nightingale, Dan Zelcs, Rick Nath
ProgrammingTodd Gibbs, Dave Proctor, Dave Lomas, Jeff Sheard, Graham Blackwood, Dan Clarke, Mark Petty, Ioannis Venetsanopoulos, Konstantinos Pataridis, Jason Turner
Office ManagerLisa Hill
Art SupportAlive Interactive
QA SupportGavin Clark, Richard Hughes
Music ProductionMuddy Funkers, Paul Stroud, Tim Follin
Additional Sound DesignSam Toms, Richard Jacques, Greg Hill (Soundwave Concepts)
Voice CastTina Stewart, Steffan Boje
German Voice DirectorAletta Lohmeyer

For Empire Interactive

Head of Internal DevelopmentSimon Prytherch
Producer SupportSteven Metcalf
QA ManagerDavid Cleaveley
Assistant QA ManagerSteven Frazer
Lead TesterMark Jones
TestersOlivier Banal, Phillip Octave, Ryan Kalis, Darren T. Bennett
Group Development DirectorDavid M. Pringle (Dr)
Head of Future ProductsRoger Cheung
MarketingMark Cook, Paul Benjamin, Doug Johns
ProductionAnthony J. Bond Jr.
Packaging: Artwork and DesignJayshree Mistry, Tom Hodge, Rob Cubbon
Empire USAJames Lamorticelli, Tricia Gray, Tadasu Hasegawa, Yuko Hayashi
Empire EuropePhilippe Dao, Stephanie Müller, Marc Wardenga, Laura Maestri, Alison Ryan
Special Thanks toThe Beanstalk Group, Mark Klocek

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65803)