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Written by  :  Classic Nigel (150)
Written on  :  Jul 03, 2008
Platform  :  Xbox
Rating  :  1.14 Stars1.14 Stars1.14 Stars1.14 Stars1.14 Stars

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"A Momentary Lapse Of Reason"

The Good

Forgotten Realms Demon Stone was a game that showed promise for me for many reasons, like the story being written by one of my favorite fantasy authors R.A. Salvatore and the fact that not only is their a cameo from familiar characters from the D&D Universe, The legendary Drizzt Do’ Urden is playable in one level and it’s a hack and slash action game, what could go wrong?

Well first off the developers of this game also developed the abysmal LOTR TT game, still this alone was not enough to keep me from playing. The lack of multiplayer did not deter me because you can play as Drizzt but sadly in practice its not as cool as it should being that Drizzt is one of the best swordsman in all of Faerun but yet he can be defeated by a bunch of trolls… Right but more on the bad later.

The good qualities are going to be very brief including the references to other things in the D&D world but as a lot of them are poorly executed its also a bad thing.

The Bad

Much like Pink Floyd, the developers of this game suffered a momentary lapse of reason because, not only do they not get this universe well,by getting all the facts wrong for EX: In a level in which you explore the Pitch Black, Underdark but the humans in your party can see perfectly well, but also they did not fix any of the problems their LOTR game had, awful camera, lack of multiplayer, poorly designed levels and missions.

The graphics are abysmal specially for an Xbox game I could see this for a PS2 game but come on! The sound was surprisingly well done having well orchestrated and fitting music and sound fitting to the appropriate world and settings.

The story is some of the most typical pieces of crap ever of coarse I saw this knowing well that the story was written by R.A. Salvatore but the only way he could of wrote this was if he had been pressured to write something quickly without thinking about it.

It’s the typical three heroes band together by fate and have to stop an Ancient incredibly powerful creature they helped create with some of the most boring and stupid characters ever created, The human warrior haunted by the invasion of his home town by monsters, a cookie cutter wizard character and the Half Drow Half Wood Elf who is too stupid to realize how evil the drow are wishes to be one until she meets Drizzt, I would expect this story and characters to come from a RPG from Japan specifically Final Fantasy.

Now back to how being Drizzt isn’t as cool as it should be so there is a mission where your party goes to Mithril Hall and it gets attacked by Trolls so, you start to control Drizzt and you’re feeling fine then you realize it takes forever For Drizzt to kill a troll, now I’m pretty damn sure a renegade and extremely skilled dark elf with two magical Scimitars would have an easy time killing simple monsters and also the trolls can break into Mithril Hall quite easily and you lose, now anyone who knows anything can tell you it is not that easy to break into a heavily fortified base and even if they do get inside Mithril Hall there are Thousands of dwarves that would slaughter them, it makes little sense.

The Bottom Line

I do not recommend this game to anyone ever in this world because it will destroy your soul!