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Forza Motorsport Screenshots (Xbox)

User Screenshots

Xbox version

The start screen
The main menu screen
You can search for cars to buy on this screen.
You can enter races if you have the right car.
The loading screen shows you information about the track you are about to race on.
The starting grid shows you your starting position.
The pause menu is quite simple.
You earn credits after each race (if you did well!).
Credits are also used to progress to higher levels.
The race in progress screen in multiplayer games.
Cars can be customized to your taste.
This is your garage were all the cars you have won or bought are kept.
Upgrades can be bought at the shop.
Forza has many tuning options.
The green line means you can go flat out around corners.
Yellow lines means you better slow up a bit.
Red lines mean you are not going to make it!
On the starting grid
A leopard loose in New York.
Cars can be damaged and it's not just cosmetic!
Leaving the pack behind.
You can paint your cars in iridium colors too!
A close-up of a winning car
Online games are very competitive.
Out on the open road.
It's not just street cars you get to race with.