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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.0
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.9
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.0
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.0
Overall User Score (13 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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GamePro (US) (Jun 03, 2004)
The realities of urban warfare are up-close and personal in what is arguably the best military strategy game to date. For a moment, forget about the reasons why the United States sent its troops into a foreign country. When you?re knee deep in the engrossing gameplay of Full Spectrum Warrior, your job as a solider is not to ponder why you?re in an unfamiliar place. As you constantly exchange gunfire with neighborhood militia while leading a squad of infantrymen through mean mazelike streets, your tasks are to keep your men alive and complete objectives using military precision and decisiveness.
IGN (May 31, 2004)
There's no denying that in the post-September 11 United States, the videogame landscape has, like it or not, embraced military games. The Tom Clancy series has had a lot to do with the general growth of squad-based first-person shooters, but let's just say that that fateful day in our history was the straw that broke the camel's back. Pandemic Studios, known for its earlier work with Activision on Battlezone II and Dark Reign and more recently, on games such as Army Men RTS and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, is now creating its unique insignia in the military arena with the ingenious and entirely original Full Spectrum Warrior (check the full video review here).
4Players.de (Jul 02, 2004)
Die Squadleader-Simulation überzeugt u.a. mit einer nervenaufreibenden Atmosphäre, die vor allem von der exzellenten Grafik und der hervorragenden Akustik gebildet wird. Und selbst Action-Fans, die normalerweise nur reine Militär-Shooter wie Rainbow Six 3 & Co spielen, sollten dem Taktik-Spektakel einen Blick widmen. Denn bevor man sich versieht, nimmt einen der Einsatz mit Leib und Seele gefangen. Kleinere Mankos wie die trotz freier Kamera manchmal nicht mögliche optimale Positionierung und die daraus resultierenden Schwierigkeiten, den Cursor bestmöglich zu platzieren, kommen leider vor, sind aber so selten, dass sie den Spielspaß nicht in Gefahr bringen. Ein ungewöhnlicher, innovativer Titel, der allen Anhängern von Militär-Taktik lange Freude bereiten wird – vor allem, wenn man mit einem Freund kooperativ über Xbox Live an den Einsatz in Zekistan heran geht.
allaboutgames.co.uk (Jul 23, 2004)
A truely amazing and well accomplished game that has made a successful transition from Army simulator to a thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience. By providing a realistic setting and game dynamics you are able to fully engage and associate with the game, making Full Spectrum Warrior a title that should definitely be in the collection of most Xbox owners.
Xbox Gazette (Jun 29, 2004)
Mais s'il faut retenir une chose de Full Spectrum Warrior, c'est qu'il marque véritablement un nouveau pas dans le genre tactique. Les contrôles de déplacements sont simples, ingénieux et novateurs. Tout ce que l'on peut espérer, c'est qu'ils soient repris dans d'autres titres d'action-tactique à venir, et pourquoi pas dans un Full Spectrum Warrior 2.
GameSpy (Jun 02, 2004)
The U.S. Army doesn't mess around with its tools -- just ask any ultra-rich defense contractor how seriously the Pentagon takes its multimillion dollar projects. In this increasingly absurd world, game developer Pandemic could be qualified as a defense contractor; its product is Full Spectrum Warrior. With foundations as a training aid for the U.S. Army, Full Spectrum Warrior is a serious, demanding, and detail-rich game whose roots are immediately evident. Just as in real life, playing the game stupidly and lazily will get you shot. By the same token, you'll find that thinking on your feet and taking conservative risks are usually rewarding.
Gamesmania.de (Jul 06, 2004)
Einfach phänomenal was die Truppe von Pandemic hier abgeliefert hat. Mit einem ganzen Armeerucksack voll frischer Ideen, einem genialen Interface und einer Hammer-Präsentation verdonnert Full Spectrum Warrior die Konkurrenz zum Schlammrobben. Der Mix aus anspruchsvoller Taktik und gandenloser Action reist sofort in seinen Bann. Ehe man sich versieht hat man schon wieder eine Stunde im virtuellen Krisengebiet verbracht, nur um dieses verdammte MG-Nest durch einen geschickten Schachzug endlich außer Gefecht zu setzen. Die Non-Stop Action, die taktische Tiefe und nicht zuletzt der vorbildliche X-Box Live Support sorgen für stundenlangen Spaß. Für mich ganz klar der Sommer-Hit des Jahres!
XBox Front (Feb 09, 2005)
Als Pandemic Software den Auftrag erhielt, für die US Armee einen Trainingssimulator zu programmieren, hätte wahrscheinlich niemand gedacht, dass dies auch interessant für normale Spieler sein könnte. In Zeiten, in denen sich nur Action-Shooter verkaufen lassen oder Taktik aus der Sicht von oben anerkannt wird, wagen die Entwickler mit Full Spectrum Warrior eine andere Herangehensweise. Sie funktioniert, ein spannender und manchmal nervenaufreibender Simulator ist entstanden, der die Zeit im Flug vergehen lässt.
This adaptation of the real life Army training simulation can be fun, but may tick players off first, rather than bring them joy while playing. It requires a lot of skill to beat, but it can be done. You may want to buy Full Spectrum Warrior at a cheap price if you have Live, but there are better games out there that you may want to look at.
If you dig military tactics, this is a must-buy, although sometimes the missions are a bit too similar.
Gamezine (Jun 13, 2004)
N'empêche que malgré quelques défauts, FSW est un trés bon jeu, encore un de plus pour la Xbox me direz vous. L'air de rien ce jeu sera probablement le premier d'une grande ligné que d'autres éditeurs n'hésiteront pas à copier, pourquoi pas ? Tant qu'ils sont bons, je suis preneur. J'allais partir en oubliant de vous dire que ce jeu est compatible avec le Xbox live, par le biais de ce dernier, deux joueurs peuvent s'entraider, ce test fut réaliser sur une version US, je ne vous garanti pas qu'il en sera de même pour la version Pal. Voici un jeu ambitieux en novateur qui j'espére ne manquera pas de faire partie de vos prochains achats car il le mérite bien.
I'd imagine that to the well-trained soldier, there are few situations you believe you can't get out of. What can't be solved with a few bullets or a handy battlefield maneuver? Full Spectrum Warrior's background as a U.S. Army training simulation both helps and hampers the game. It's a very refreshing title to play, even if it puts blinders on to the new possibilities it opens up for a very tired genre.
Xbox Nation (XBN) (Aug, 2004)
In the fierce battle for military gaming supremacy, Pandemic has fired the first truly innovative bullet since the advent of 3D warfare in the living room. The developer's latest opus, Full Spectrum Warrior, a gritty yet methodical take on urban combat, turns traditional war-gaming on its head by crossing genre boundaries and fusing gameplay ideas for an immersive experience.
Extreme Gamer (Jul 12, 2004)
Full Spectrum Warrior is an innovation and a breath of fresh air for any gamer's library. There simply isn't another game which delivers the same type of action, at the same level. Beware it's not a shooter, but a wonderful experience of what the troops go through in todays conflicts.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Feb 07, 2004)
Games often affect us in strange ways. Tetris changed the way we organised things in our car boots, Gotham left us veering dangerously close to parked cars for fear of losing Kudos, and, today, Full Spectrum Warrior has us throwing ourselves up against the corners of walls, and judging everybody we meet based on how much cover they have [I still got a headshot -Ed]. It's just as well we don't buy into the whole gang culture thing that's quite prevalent down our way, or we might be writing this review from a hospital.
GameSpot (Jun 02, 2004)
Full Spectrum Warrior is very good overall, and deserves credit for being something other than just another military-themed shooter or strategy game. Full Spectrum Warrior started out as a military training simulation commissioned by the US Army, and only later did publisher THQ and developer Pandemic Studios decide to turn it into a video game about modern squad tactics--but you'd never know that from playing the game. Full Spectrum Warrior features an innovative design and an effective control scheme, and it convincingly delivers the sights and sounds of modern squad combat in the war-torn Middle East.
Jeuxvideo.com (Jun 25, 2004)
On pensait que Full Spectrum Warrior serait une révolution du genre tactique par son approche, son réalisme et sa diversité. Ce n'est pas le cas. Si le titre de Pandemic offre une réelle innovation avec son système de commandes et son gameplay entre shooter et STR (pas loin d'un Hidden & Dangerous en fait par moments), il se montre trop simple en n'offrant qu'une voie, qu'une solution facilement trouvée dans un level design trop linéaire. Toutefois son immersion très soignée, sa réalisation et son originalité en font un titre accrocheur et qui vaut le détour.
Joypad (Jul, 2004)
Déconcertant. On est pris par l'ambiance dès le départ, mais le rythme lancinant de la première moitié du jeu laisse un goût amer d'insatisfaction. La seconde partie, plus intéressante, rattrape le coup, mais on ne pourra s'empêcher d'imaginer jeu plus intense et plus riche avec de telles bases. FSW ne va pas jusqu'au bout de son concept. Il reste néanmoins un jeu à part que l'on se doit de connaître.
DreamStation.cc (Dec 15, 2004)
Full Spectrum Warrior is a very solid combat simulator, quite possibly the best on the Xbox. However, action is on the slow side and the extent of strategy you will use doesn’t go beyond finding a way to attack your enemies from the side. If you have an Xbox Live connection the game is a bit more enjoyable, but unless you’re willing to sacrifice entertainment for repetitive and systematic combat, Full Spectrum Warrior might not float your boat.
Diehard GameFan (Jun 29, 2004)
This game is at the very least deserving of a rental if you are even remotely into RTS games or into the Military. It’s not the best Xbox game released this year, and with Riddick and probably Spiderman being released this month it’s not even the best this month. But it IS a quality diversion of your time. You can’t really ask for anything other than that.
(...) Während das Spiel in Amerika in kürzester Zeit eine große Fangemeinde gewinnen konnte, wird es in Deutschland wohl auch wegen der realistischen Kriegsthematik und des hohen Schwierigkeitsgrades nur ein Nischenprodukt für Anhänger militärischer Taktikspiele sein. Dennoch gefällt die innovative Spielidee. Und hat man erst mal die Bedienung drauf, dann ist das Spiel durchaus „befriedigend“
The Video Game Critic (Jul 06, 2006)
There are a few technical issues as well. When positioning your men with the formation cursor, the cursor often gets lost in the scenery. Although you can refer to an overhead map, it's still extremely easy to become disoriented. And as I mentioned before, FSW is very unforgiving. Still, you have to judge a game for what it is, and Full Spectrum Warrior really does apply proper military tactics to realistic scenarios. In my opinion however, this is more work than fun. Bump up the grade by one letter if strategic simulations are your thing.

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