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Fuzion Frenzy Credits (Xbox)

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Fuzion Frenzy Credits

Designed and developed by Blitz Games

Project ManagerDarren Wood
Team LeadsNick Adams, Martyn Ash, Richard Jones, David Manuel, Mark Neesam, Chris Swan
ProgrammersSteve Bond, Neil Campbell, Tom Drummond, Chris Fry, Rob Grant, David Harries, Matthew Hayward, James Healey, Mike Higgs, Toby Jones, Philip Palmer, Barry Paterson, Craig Rushforth, David Swift, R. Fred Williams
Technology TeamLyndon Homewood, Andy Sidwell, Andrew Slater, John Whigham, Thomas Elizabeth Whittock
ArtistsRehaan Akhtar, Mark Capewell, Jonathan Evans, Lauren Grindrod, Gordon Hargreaves, Simon Bennett Hayes, Paul Jennings, Richard Jones, Simon Little, Nadine Mathias, Matthew Norledge, Mike Procter, Jonathan Walsh
Character DesignTony Cartwright, Simon Bennett Hayes, Duncan Nimmo, Ian Pestridge, Michael Rooker, Richard Whale
Character AnimationMark Capewell, Tony Cartwright, Sandro Da Cruz, Simon Little, Danny Murdock
MusicRob Lord
Sound EffectsAndrew Morris
Voice TalentsJay Benedict, Damian Gaskin, Posy Miller, Rachel Rodgers, Evral Walsh, Daniel Wilson
Special ThanksMarc Buckingham (as Mark Buckingham), James Corrigan, Mary Daly, Nigel Davies, Natalie Griffith, Caroline Hart, Guy Herbert, Oliver Hiatt, Jacqui Lyons, Andrew Oliver, Philip Oliver, Laynie Osborn, Alison Parker, Jackie Pinnock, Norma Randall, Jonathan Scarcliffe, Simon Smith, Alex Still, Carla Stringer, Lucy Tarrant, Susie Thorburn, Caroline Thornicroft

Microsoft Corporation

Program ManagerGordon Hee
Test LeadRobert Lamb
Product ManagerBarbara Hagen
Product PlannerPhil Platt
Art LeadsJay Dee Alley, Bruce Sharp
Software Test EngineersMatt Coggan, Roy Doron, David Eim, Collin Moore, Jeffrey R. Stephens, Katie Stone Perez, Harris Thurmond
Additional TestingCory Alexander, Matt Edington, Jacob Fulwiler, Bill Metters
Print DesignChris Burns, Jeannie Voirin-Gerde
User ExperienceJason Groce, Eric Haddock, Pat Rytkonen
User TestingRay Kowalewski, Keith Steury
Content CoordinationLouAnn M. Williams
LegalJama Cantrell, Sue Stickney
Localization PMLief Thompson
International Localization PMPeter Fitzpatrick
Localization Dev ManagerJonathon Young
Localization Software ManagerSuzanne Boylan
Localization EngineersCosmo Greco, Michael Ivory
Localization Lead TesterDavid Foster
Localization TesterEnda Kelly
Special ThanksHumberto CastaƱeda, Dana Fos, Shane Kim, James Miller, David Norris, Marjorie Osterhout, Alexey L. Pajitnov, Bonnie Ross-Ziegler, Yvette Wagner, Keith Wintraub

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Credits for this game were contributed by Xoleras (66696)