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Fuzion Frenzy Screenshots (Xbox)

User Screenshots

Xbox version

Title screen
Story exposition
Main menu
Player selection
Minigame selection
Air Raid -- run around and collect as many tokens as possible
Armored Antics -- Drive your tank to collect tokens while shooting other players
Blast Man Standing -- Lob bombs at other players while dodging their explosives
Blast Off -- Collect and launch the most rockets
Bombstruck -- More bomb-throwing action, but in a larger action area
Bumper Race -- Be the first to complete a certain number of laps in this water race
Burning Fuse -- Sort of a shooting gallery for rockets; you have 2 actions: you can either light a fuse on a rocket of your color or repaint a rocket to your color
Centrifugal Farce -- Collect tokens on the spinning platform while dodging the portions of the platform that are randomly dropping away
Collector -- Maneuver your ship to grab the most pods while shooting at other players to steal theirs, and then deposit the pods in the goal
Cooperation -- A 2-on-2 game in which the 2 teams try to get 2 orbs to 2 separate goals at the same time
Energy balls -- Grab or steal energy orbs and get them to the goal
Erodeo -- A Snake-like game in which the ground falls away after enough has been carved out
Exterminator -- Smash the most mutant bugs
Falling Star -- Catch the most falling glitter and deliver it to the goal
Hockey -- Use bumper boats to push around a puck into goals while avoiding the freeze blast at the center of the arena
Jetboat Sprint -- Complete a number of laps on your jetboat
Jetstream -- Fight to be the last boat floating and not knocked over the waterfall
Knockout -- Be the last bumper boat in the pool by pushing the others over the edge
Laser Snare -- A game similar to TRON's Light Cycles
Misguided Missiles -- Guide bipedal bombs towards the other players while avoiding the ones they are guiding toward you
Money Pool -- Collect the most tokens in your boat while staying out of the whirlpool
Mystery Beat -- A rhythm game in which the players take turns crafting patterns that the other players must match
Odd One Out -- Be the player who is still holding the orb when the timer expires
Paint Panic -- Paint bugs to match your color in order to get points when they escape
Pinball -- Use your bumper boat in the pool to hit the bumper that is currently lit up
Pod Hog -- Use your ship to capture the single free-floating pod
Prop Rotation -- The fan blade keeps spinning and the players need to duck or jump at the correct times
Pyrotechnician -- Carry 3 kegs of the same-colored fireworks to be launched
Rhythm -- A color-matching rhythm game
Roller Ruckus -- Complete a number of laps using roller cages
Rollmentum -- Roll your cage over the active goals to get launched and score points
Rubble Alliance -- Another Snake-like game where you cut away portions of the floor
Rude Food -- Splat the bugs before they can eat your giant burger
Scratch Match -- A rhythm game where players are knocked out if they miss too many beats
Space Tails -- Use your air ship to collect a tail with the most pods
Special Delivery -- Use your tank to carry orbs to the goal while shooting other players
Sumo -- The players are in roll cages and attempting to knock each other out of the arena
Tailblazer -- A TRON Light Cycles-type of game
Tank Tangle -- Maneuver your tank onto illuminated goals to score points
Tank Tracks -- Complete a number of laps using tanks
Tube Tremors -- Splat the most bugs in the subway while avoiding trains
Twisted System -- Sprint up a giant drill while jumping and ducking to avoid obstacles
Victim -- Do not be the last one holding the bomb when time runs out
Volt Vault -- Jump to avoid the electrical traps and be the last player remaining
Water Gate Scramble -- Navigate the sequence of water gates using the bumper boats