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Galleon Credits (Xbox)

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Galleon Credits

Confounding Factor

DirectorToby Gard
Senior ProgrammerAndrew Howe, James Miller (Dr.), Kevin Pateman, Andrew Thomason
Game TestingTom Joseph
Website CreationTom Joseph
Head TesterLuke Keen
Level DesignerGrace Lin, Harry Luck
Assistant AnimatorMatthew Maggs
Senior AnimatorPeter Meynell
Systems AdministratorJames Miller (Dr.)
Level ArtistMatthew Bell, Matthew Brown, Hayden Duvall, Javier Leon, Sue Sharp
Additional Concept ArtLaurent Beauviler
Junior ProgrammerMatt Davies
Animation Blending SystemPaul Douglas
ProgrammerRhys Lewis
Lead ProgrammerChris Tector
TesterDaniel Waldron
ProducerAndrew Wensley
Voice ActorRoger Labon Jackson (as Rhama Sabrier), Jennifer Hale (as Faith), Kim Mai Guest (as Mihoko), Michael Bell (as Jabez and Calverly and Treasurer), David Lodge (as Darvill and Rhama's Crew and Villagers), Kevin Michael Richardson (as Bosun and Sorcerer #1), Tony Jay (as Areliano), John Fujioka (as Wei Long), Jess Harnell (as Merchant), Lee Jordan (as Music)

SCi Games Limited

Chief Executive OfficerJane Cavanagh
Financial DirectorRob Murphy
Development DirectorDarren Barnett
Creative DirectorPatrick O'Luanaigh
Marketing DirectorDavid Clark
ProducerSteve Morris
QA ManagerMarc Titheridge
Senior QAMatt Friday, David Isherwood
Lead QA EngineerIan Rowsell
QA EngineerChe Hamilton, Joe Best, Stuart Fallis, Allen Elliott, Neil Delderfield, Peter Evans, Karl Fentiman, Hugo Hirsh, Matthew Ibbs, David Izzo, Carl Perrin, Joseph Pirocco, George Williams, Damian Bennett
Product ManagerAdrian Arnese
Creative ManagerQuinton Luck
WebmasterOlaf Siebert
Head of LegalJo Murphy
OperationsCallum Jay, Jon Wild, Richard Lever, Nicole Beale

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76448)