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Gladius Screenshots (Xbox)

User Screenshots

Xbox version

The Title screen is were you start
Ursula's actual story seems a little bit better than Valens
The story is told in painting like stills
Some of the story is told in Ursula's dreams
The loading screen gives you hints & tips
This guy here is your trainer
Each arena has the same four options
The leagues are quite varied
Every arena also has a shop
Your journal keeps track of your side quests
You have to earn badges to move on to different lands
The world map is how you move to different arenas
Some arenas are quite big
Other arenas are very cramped
Even fiery caves are arenas for some!
You are only knocked out in the arena
Get knocked out outside in the wilderness and its death!
Movement direction is shown using the blue and white indicators
There are a lot of combat options in Gladius
You have to knock down statues to win in some games
Getting higher than your opponent gives you an advantage!
This extra large wolf can cause big damage to your team
A yeti vs a big bear (The bear lost!)
Put on a good show to get the crowd on your side!
This is a hard earned screen!