Grabbed by the Ghoulies Screenshots (Xbox)

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Xbox version

Title screen
Amber's been kidnapped by two wolf-like Ghoulies!
Cooper enters the mansion, and the Baron is pleased.
A mysterious figure hides from the many monsters.
Bash those imps!
Or use a chair to wallop them.
Every so often, first-person sections take place.
Watch out for super scares! Press the buttons in order to pass.
The door seals up behind Cooper.
Punt those imps as far as you can!
Found the key, which is required for this challenge.
The Baron gloats, making future rooms much tougher for you.
You can even grab the pool table and swing that around.
Soups have special effects - this one gives more health.
Receive a fright and your heart will break. You'll take double damage during this time.
Nothing like a bit of property vandalism
There's no way to rescue these victims until you defeat the Baron himself!
Amber slips away, deeper into the mansion.
The Haunted Telly causes trouble - it spawns in more Ghoulies for you to fight!
Watch out for those haunted chairs - they'll dash across the floor!
A Bonus Book is hidden inside the kids' playpen.
Creeping deeper into the basement.
An amusing pun to do with cleaning goes here.
With the Super Weapons Soup, any weapons become more powerful.
Standard attacks won't hurt the Mummies... set them alight instead.
That's what happens when you're made out of paper!
Be careful - the candle can run out for a while!
Cooper has his priorities sorted.
Amber's rescue is short-lived, and Cooper's trek is just beginning.