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Gun Metal Credits (Xbox)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Gun Metal Credits


DesignerPhil Wilson
ProducerPhil Wilson
Lead ProgrammerMark Featherstone
ProgrammersChris Bayliss, James Graves, Graham Stone, Darren Griffiths
Lead ArtistNick Tipping
ArtistsCarl Bilby, Jamie Gibson, Andrew Wilson
Mission Design & EditingPhil Wilson, Chris Bayliss
Additional ProgrammingNick Tipping, Mark Pope, James Sutherland
AudioStephen Lord, Andrew Diey, Darren Lambourne
MusicStephen Lord, Andrew Diey, Darren Lambourne
QA ManagerDean Bent
Lead TesterJames Brodie
TestersPaul Coles, Ian Bentley, David Dixon, Stuart Clenton, Gavin Clark
Localisation ManagerAlly Noble
Voice Casting & LocalisationTT Europa
Marketing DirectorSimon Lilly
Manual ArtworkKin Yip
Office ManagerLinda Cliff
Studio ManagersFeargus Carroll, David Nicholson
Group Development ManagerSimon Gardner
Managing DirectorPaul Finnegan
Sales DirectorPhillip Wright
PR DirectorGlen O'Connell
PR ManagerNick Clarkson
Product ManagerCheryle Wilkinson
Online ManagerTim Preece
Web DesignerKaty Fyles
European Sales ManagerTony Fitzgerald
Export Sales ExecutiveDavid Foster
National Accounts ManagerGlenn Hayes
Production Services ManagerPat Kavanagh
Sales AdministratorLisa O'Connor
Brabners SolicitorsNick White, Clare Brennan
Special ThanksAmelia T Wilson, Michelle L. Wilson, Holly Featherstone, Phoebe Featherstone, Eliza Sophocleous, Nora Tipping, Janet Henderson, Bryan Griffiths, Sheila Griffiths, Amanda Yellot, Permala Sehmar, Angela Levitt, Alastair Scott

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Credits for this game were contributed by Thespo Vandi (94), Mark Featherstone (67) and formercontrib (158962)