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Gun Metal Screenshots (Xbox)

User Screenshots

Xbox version

Title screen
Opening cut-scene
Another cut-scene
Loading screens are seen often.
Main menu
Options menu
Mission start-up
Trick out your gear before entering combat
Mission objective and overview
Level start: defend the base
Picking off the enemy strafing left to miss incoming fire.
Finishing the enemy with a 3-pack of guided missiles.
Quick jump to the ammo depot for reload and repair
Jet into the next hot zone, the enemy is trying to destroy our food stores.
On the ground hammering the air targets
Taking out the last three with another 3-pack of missiles shot.
Next mission overview
Using the torpedos which hug the ground when fired.
Downing a large drop ship with another 3-pack missile shot. Vapor trails are closing on target.
Demo style bots when destroyed have large blast radius. I need to avoid to save shields.