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The Guy Game Reviews (Xbox)

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 2.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 2.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 2.2
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.2
Overall User Score (5 votes) 2.1

Critic Reviews

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Game Chronicles (Sep 16, 2004)
I really enjoyed The Guy Game, perhaps more than I should. Admittedly, I’m 40 and this is the closest I’m going to get to Spring Break these days without being tossed in the slam as a pervert, but as I mentioned earlier, there is a really good game lurking under those boobies. So come for the girls and stay for the fun. The Guy Game is a total blast, and even though I enjoy see Eric Cartman getting an alien anal probe as much as the next guy, Chef’s Luv Shack has just been replaced as my all-time favorite party game. Hopefully we’ll be seeing yearly installments of The Guy Game with fresh co-eds ready to flash the masses.
PGNx Media (Sep 02, 2004)
The Guy Game succeeds at pleasing its intended audience (the older teenage male, which I very happily fall in). As a trivia game, the questions are varied enough to keep things interesting and the breast parade never feels pushed or clearly added for marketing reasons. In fact, it seems that the guys over at Top Heavy Studios really enjoyed making the game as the whole atmosphere of The Guy Game is top-notch. Whether that is the appropriate atmosphere for you is something for you to decide.
IGN (Aug 30, 2004)
The way I look at The Guy Game is this: It may be tasteless, but I prefer this kind of tastelessness over BMX XXX. At least it's fun tastelessness. It's a trivia game with a random sampling of college girls who are willing to do some rather crazy things And you get to watch. And as a social science/sociology project examining US college students, well, it does catch the feeling of Spring Break quite accurately.
Game Over Online (Sep 30, 2004)
While there are only 20 episodes, the game does offer more than 1000 additional questions upon replaying a section, providing additional longevity to the title. However, these aren’t included within the actual episodes, so you’ll wind up answering one question while watching the contestants answer the older ones. This not only lends an air of confusion to the game, but also fosters a situation of memorizing the right answers to questions to simply progress through the game.
TeamXbox (Sep 10, 2004)
The Guy Game did its job and surprised us with a fun game to play while staring at some boobs. What more could we ask for? In all honesty, The Guy Game is a lot of fun to play with a group of guys, but all good things come to an end and that’s where The Guy Game loses its attraction. The lack of random questions for each episode allows for cheating as well as not really giving players much more of a reason to play through other than seeing boobs again. Once the buzz of seeing more than 60 girls topless wears off, this one might collect dust on the shelf, or under the bed, or wherever you hide your “adult entertainment” collection. The Guy Game is a different game depending on your perspective, which may or may not be influenced by a girl you may or may not be involved with.
Netjak (Sep 15, 2004)
The Guy Game is mindless sophomoric fun, with an emphasis on fun. As far as Xbox trivia games go, The Guy Game ranks pretty highly. I am a fan of trivia games and I found myself so sorely disappointed by Trivial Pursuit Unhinged; I couldn’t even tolerate it long enough to write a review of it. The Guy Game features tons of questions and the inclusion of the Spring Break girls is an original twist on an old concept; after all, Hollywood Squares was doing the same shtick even before Street Smarts. However, $40 is a little steep for the title, if the price were around $30, it would be much easier to recommend.
XboxAddict (Sep 09, 2004)
To some up, The Guy Game is a decent attempt at making a game around !&%[email protected]#* appeal, but it still doesn’t quite hit the mark. The repetitive questions in each episode give the game almost no replay value, especially if you only have a small circle of friends. This is something that could easily be corrected with Live support, but for some reason, the option was not exercised. Single player mode takes away from much of the game’s fun considering this is one to be played with friends and beer (you can play the drinking game alone if you want, but you might want to get some help instead).
Now, I like nudity as much as the next guy, but this is just sad. The point is to slog through some basic trivia in order to earn a glimpse at some topless sorority sisters. Both the player and the girls are asked a trivia question. If they get it wrong, they must flash their breasts, and if you get it right, your points fill up a meter that unlocks an uncensored view of the nudity. Here’s the problem: If you’re old enough to buy this game, you’re old enough to buy Girls Gone Wild, subscribe to Cinemax, or just rent some soft-core skin flicks, all of which offer more nudity with less effort. The Guy Game is touted as a fun time for a bunch of dudes to sit around and ogle some boobies, but it’s just not. If you’re seriously interested in this "game," you’re probably a loser who’s embarrassed to buy porn, and way too chicken to actually talk to a real girl.
30 (GAF) (Oct 15, 2004)
Honestly, I could have given The Guy Game a slightly better score, if the game had done a few things. First off, if the trivia questions were better and more varied; I've seen repeats of at least one question in the game. Honestly, this trivia isn't even on par with the first edition of the great multiplayer trivia game series You Don't Know Jack, which is around 10 years old now. Secondly, the game could have been better if the girls were actually asked the extra trivia questions you can use once an episode is unlocked; it would at least add some challenge for multiplayer if you replayed an episode after it was unlocked. This game is on DVD, and only has slightly over 2 hours of video on it. Since there isn't a whole lot going on in the game, there should be tons of room for more video of the girls being asked different questions, especially because the video is compressed under the DIVX codec.
28 (Aug 30, 2004)
This game is made just to show the female form and degrade women. F-bombs and references to sexual orientation are also uttered throughout the game. Do not get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with males celebrating the female form and parting, but this game is not the answer. Watch Girls Gone Wild if you want to see college women flash their chests and play a video game if you want to enjoy real time interactive simulation. Just do not play this game.
GameSpy (Sep 08, 2004)
At least BMX XXX, the other console game with boobies, had gameplay in addition to breasts. Female anatomy is the only real saving grace for The Guy Game -- if you can call it a saving grace. Unless you have some Greek letters emblazoned on your sweatshirt or are on double-secret probation by the Dean, you need not waste your time with The Guy Game.
Jaded Gamer, The (Nov 01, 2004)
To be perfectly honest, I found this title to be a complete bore, and it's most certainly one of the worst "games" that I've played all year. The extremely minimal gameplay is unchallenging and worthless, and at the end of the day, all you're left with is a DVD-ROM full of super soft-core porn that should only appeal to pubescent boys needing "jaxor" material or to immature grown men who get far too excited over the repetitive flashing of mammary glands.