Halo 2 Hints (Xbox)

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Defeat final boss easilyContributed by Chase Bowen (39) on Feb 22, 2005.

When you encounter the last ditch of Brutes that you must defeat in order to get to the control room, just kill them any way you like. Then, look for two Brute Plasma Rifles and duel wield them, but make sure to still have a Carbine or Brute Shot with you! Once you regain control after the cinematic, take out the Carbine or Brute Shot and kill the Brutes. Then, Duel-Wield your Plasma rifles again and jump where the boss jumps, and when the Sarge knocks out his shield fire your Plasma rifles until they overheat, wait again for the shields to be disabled and fire on him again. This will only take 2-4 times to kill him.

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