Halo 2 Hints (Xbox)

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Boost a Ghost Incredibly High on HeadlongContributed by Jester236 (39) on May 02, 2005.

You can actually do this on any multiplayer level that supports heavy and light vehicles, though i've found that it is easiest on Headlong. First off create a new game mode. Put overshields and damage resistance on. Make your primary light vehicle's ghost's, and your primary heavy vehicle's wraith's. On Headlong someone get in the wraith, and someone else in the ghost. There is a wall just below and in front of where the wraith spawns. Have the person in the ghost position themselve's facing away from the wall, but with the back of the ghost against the wall. Have the wraith line up opposite to the ghost, but facing it. Have the person in the wraith boost into the ghost. The overshields and damage resistance will keep you from being "splattered." If done correctly the ghost should go insanley high and off in a different direction which should land it somewhere high above the level on top of a building. When up here be careful. Sometimes you can just be driving around and you will suddenly die because you "fell to your ." You can also be splattered upon impact if your'e going to high and to fast in the ghost.

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